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11 Funny Punishments For Losing A Bet

Do you want to make a bet more interesting?

If you do, then this article will be right up your street, but a word of warning.

You’re going to have to do everything you can to avoid losing the bet because what I’m about to share with you will make the loser a laughing stock.

I’m talking about tears rolling down my eyes here.

Are you up for it?


Below are 11 funny punishments for losing a bet; they’re all hilarious and will make you look stupid if you’re the unfortunate loser.

So, Don’t Lose.

Here they are in no particular order.

Bare Bum Shots (Not What You Think)

Bare Bum On Show Picture

I’m not talking nude pictures of your backside plastered over the internet (although this could be added to the list). Instead, I’m referring to the loser having to bend over, drop his pants, and be the target for ten free shots with a soccer ball.

I say ten shots, but if the bet is between a few of your friends, then maybe limit this to 2-3 strikes each, unless you’re really want to make the punishment more severe.

Here’s how it works.

The loser has to stand there with his bare bum on show (bending over). The winner or winners all take aim with a soccer ball from 10 yards and hit the ball as hard as you can — yes, you’re aiming for their but.

If you miss, you miss; however, if you hit smack bang on the target, you’re going to laugh your socks off, the loser won’t be laughing mind you.

Run Around The Block In A Pair Of Speedo’s

funny punishments for losing a challenge

This funny punishment for losing a bet is exactly as it sounds.

The loser of the bet has to strip down to a pair of swimming trunks and run around the block. Now, you want to make sure they’re doing this at a busy time, so aim for the daytime, or better still, choose a busy block, like one in the city.

Go To Work Dressed As The Opposite Sex

This funny punishment for losing a bet is bound to get a few laughs. The loser has to go to work for a full day dressed as the opposite sex.

We’re living in a world where people can choose to dress how they want, so this is a doable punishment and easy to organize.

The winner gets to choose the clothes, so think long and hard about what they’re going to be wearing.

Sing Carol Songs In The City (In July)

This can be done in any month as long as it’s nowhere near Christmas time.

If you lose the bet, you have to knock at three of your neighbour’s homes and start singing Christmas carols.

No laughing or joking from the loser; they’ll have to keep a straight face and convince those listening that they’ve finally lost the plot.

You could take this a step further and get them to sing the carols in the city centre surrounded by shoppers all looking and laughing at them.

Shave Your Eyebrows Off

We’re starting to get a bit serious now with this one

This is up there with the big ones that you most certainly don’t want to lose; I mean, you’re going to lose your brows.

It’s as simple and sinister as it sounds. Yes, the loser has to shave off their eyebrows.

To take this a step further, you could agree before the bet takes place that you have to shave off one eyebrow only — now you will look stupid.

Dye Your Hair Green

best punishments for losing a bet

The loser gets the pleasure of dying their hair green or blue; even orange will do; you get the picture here?

How silly are they going to look rocking around the street with green hair?

The aim with this one is to set a time limit, say 7 days before they can wash it out.

Or you could full on and make them keep it for six months, but remember, you could be the loser and the one walking around the street looking like the incredible hulk.

Hold A BillBoard Saying “I’m Sexy, And I Know It.”

Yes, they have to wear a billboard in a busy place saying, “I’m sexy, and I Know It.” Of course, this will embarrass the hell out of you.

I don’t care if you’re sexy either; you’re going to look like a right idiot wearing this.

Wear A Mankini On A Night Out

funny punishment for losing a bet This forfeit is for men only (obviously).

You have to wear one of those Makini’s on a night out. If you’ve never had the displeasure of wearing one of these before, then trust me, they’re uncomfortable, revealing, and make you feel like a clown.

Go In A Mall And Bark Like A Dog For 5 Minutes

Granted, you might get sectioned for this one, but jeez, it’s going to make you laugh so much.

The bet loser has to go into a Mall during a busy time, get on all fours and start barking like a dog for five minutes.

This funny punishment for losing a bet has a slight advantage as you might get a few treats if you’re a good dog, but no peeing and no get too friendly with the other dogs.

Grow A Mustache For 6 Months

Image of a classic moustache

You have to grow a mustache and keep it for six months. I’m talking a full-on caterpillar on your lip here, or you could even suggest the half a mustache look, which will make you look even more stupid.

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No Haircut For 12 Months

funny punishments for losing a bet

Yes, you can’t get your haircut for 12 months. The loser is going to look like a tramp by the time 12 months is over.

If you’re betting with someone who already has long hair, then yes, you’ve guessed it, they have to get it shaved off (or dye it green).

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Are you Brave Enough To Suggest A Funny Punishment For Losing A Bet?

You now have 11 funny punishments for losing a bet at your disposal. All of them are going to make you look stupid in one way or another.

The question is, are you brave enough to suggest the bet and punishment to your friends? If you are, you could set the bet up using the WagerLab betting app, and that way, you’ll be able to keep track of how the bet is going.

I wish you luck — you might just need it.

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