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5 Fake Money Sports Betting Sites

Betting on sports personally or with your friends is an expensive venture that can cause some hurt to your pockets, leaving you frustrated and unhappy. That is why fake money sports betting sites are recommended for novices. 

A good alternative is looking for tipsters to help you pick successful bets based on their experience and strategies. However, this is not foolproof, as tipsters often make wrong predictions.

What if you want to learn to bet on your own? Imagine you have excellent betting strategies you want to test out but have no money to burn endlessly or don’t want to risk the wrath of the missus by spending on “frivolities.”

If any of these sounds like you, perhaps you should try a fake money sports betting app or website. In this article, we have selected 5 of the best fake sports betting sites and apps based on a plethora of factors, including reliability, security, and betting option. These sites will be introduced with the following outline.

  • What are fake money sports betting sites? 
  • 5 best money fake sports betting websites.

What are Fake Money Sports Betting Sites?

Fake money betting

Fake money sports betting is betting on actual sports betting events using virtual money that is not based or loosely based on any real-life currency. The potency of this idea lies in the fact that you can place more bets without fear or worry of losing actual money, giving you more time to explore betting sites and concepts.

This is a massive advantage for betting strategists because it means you have virtually unlimited resources to learn how to beat the market. 

And for the average Joe just looking to create group betting events without flaring anybody’s emotions, this is also a great advantage.

Similarly, anyone looking for respite from betting can use fake money sports betting sites to enjoy betting without any financial loss during the period.

5 best fake money sports betting websites

Data privacy is one of the biggest concerns of bettors globally. Everyone would like a site where their personal information is safe from malicious third-party interlopers, and their bets are free from hidden charges.

 Here are some of the best fake money sports betting websites available for download in 2023.


  1. Bet Up

This app is developed by UPapp, and it is available and free to download for iOS and Android. Upon signing up with Bet Up, users are rewarded with 1000 Betcoins – the game’s virtual Token that allows them to bet on live sporting events.

You can enjoy up to 25 sports with hundreds of leagues. On Bet Up, users have access to eSport events.

The site has several impressive features, including the ability to copy public bets. The betting app does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

2. SBD Play

SDP Play is a free-play sports book that gives users $500 worth of virtual currency weekly. In the app, users compete against others to rank top in a weekly leaderboard. Winners of the leaderboard earn $25 at the close of each week. 

You can create weekly contests with friends using the SBD Play Groups feature. Groups allow you to create smaller tournaments to compete against other Play users and your friends with a dedicated leaderboard.

With SBD play, you can track your progress and know how you have improved. The app is available for download on Android and iOS.


3. Wagerlab


Wagerlab is a free sports betting app and web platform available on iOS and Android that allows users to propose and track betting events with friends or play for fun against the house. The app is very user-friendly and is designed with novices in mind. 

You can place bets within the app or on their website, but the money is virtual and can not be exchanged with actual money. 

With WagerLab, you can create custom betting leagues and pick ’em pools with over 25 leagues to choose from.


4. Betting Pros

Betting Pros is a sportsbook available on Android and iOS that allows you to integrate all your sporting accounts under one roof. With advanced data analytical features, you can track all your bets and see how they stack up against competitors in a leaderboard.

New bettors stand to benefit from this site with regularly provided expert tips and advice.


5. Action Network

Action is a sports betting site on Android and iOS that allows you to follow picks from verified experts with instant alerts. Users can view real-time odds both in-game and pre-game.

You can also access a personalized bet analytics dashboard that tracks your wagers with projected win probability. The app is designed to use in-app units to track your bets with no actual money involved.



Sports betting apps have evolved beyond the concept of playing to earn. Many betting sites operate like social and gaming apps focusing on other important aspects of betting. The benefits of using fake money sports betting sites are numerous and a must for any social bettor. 

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