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5 of the Best Fake Sports Betting Apps

It would be in no way an overstatement to refer to sports betting as a double-edged sword. In one moment, you feel euphoric because your predictions came to pass, you’re winning real money, and you’re on top of the world; the next, you’re wondering where everything went wrong. 

The terrain of sports betting can be difficult to navigate and scale through without any financial and psychological casualties. But the risk associated with riding a bike doesn’t stop you from wanting to learn how to do it. All you need are training wheels to practice with and help you build confidence before moving on to the real deal. 

And that is what fake sports betting apps offer a lot of prospective gamblers – a risk-free introduction to the world of sports betting. Over the last few years, fake sports betting apps have become increasingly popular. This article discusses the best fake sports betting apps to try in 2023.

How Do Fake Sports Betting Apps Work?

Fake sports betting apps work just like the real thing. Fake betting sites simulate the same experience you would get from using a real betting platform, from how you would typically register and create an account on a betting site to providing algorithm-generated or real-life data-backed odds for various events across several sports such as football, basketball, NFL, horse racing and so on.

Fake sports betting sites allow you to explore various betting options and bets like moneyline, over/under, or points spread. The key factor in using fake sports betting apps is that beyond familiarizing yourself with how the platforms work, the act of gambling in itself, which involves you placing bets, is done with virtual or fake money. 

Fake sports betting is like using a flight simulator where you’re comfortable knowing you won’t be left in a dire life-or-death situation if you make any mistakes. This way, you can bet with fake money and learn how to place bets on your predicted outcomes of events, how to make parlays, and how multipliers work. 

You get to experience and understand the thrill of placing bets, the euphoria of winning, and the despair of losing to a degree because, let’s face it, using fake money won’t draw the same amount of emotional response as when you’re risking real (maybe even hard-earned money), but more on that later.

You probably already know that sports betting can be profitable with the right strategies and approach. Fake sports betting apps also allow you to take an analytic approach to gambling by helping you practice betting strategies and track your results.  

Interestingly, however, not everyone uses fake sports betting apps to practice how real sports betting works. There’s always that one person who still enjoys riding bikes with the training wheels on just for the fun of it. 

You have the opportunity to test your sports knowledge without risking actual money. And if you’re the competitive type, some fake sports betting sites even offer social contests with leaderboards and chat features as you compete against your friends and other users. 

Best Fake Sports Bettings Apps 

Several sports betting apps on the market are useful for different reasons. You may need an app that simulates real games and odds you can bet on with “fake” virtual currencies. Other times you may be looking for sites with interesting virtual games that can give you a good kick at no cost to your wallet.

The good thing about learning to know your way around fake sports betting sites is that because they share an interface with most real sport betting apps, your experiences will transfer.

The following fake sport betting apps combine high-quality user interface and experience, core functionality, and valuable incentives to stand out as the best of the pile:

1. WagerLab 

WagerLab is another excellent platform for prop betting and betting with friends. There is no option for real-money gambling. You can bet on sports for free against the house or wager for fun with other people on one of the most widely used social betting platforms. You use fake money units to predict, purpose, tally and settle bets. The app tracks and tallys your bet and balance.

WagerLab lets you gamble for fun against the house(with non-monetary units), propose wagers, track your bets, manage your balance, and win weekly cash prizes. The app is a solid introduction to how online sportsbooks work, with over 40 leagues and betting categories available. 

Asides from the popular leagues like NFL, MLB, NBA, and UEFA Champions League football, you can also bet on interesting social topics such as the Oscars, US Presidential elections, the stock market, and more.

WagerLab makes sports betting fun and easy for beginners to practice, and it is absolutely free.


Android Fake Betting app

iOS Fake Betting App

2. BetUp

BetUp allows users to place free bets using real-time odds from 1xbet. Once you complete the sign-up process on BETUP, you are awarded virtual money in the form of 1000 bet coins to place bets on up to 25+ sports and esports. 

The app offers a virtual tour of how wagering works to help you find your way around using the platform so you can enjoy the thrill of gambling even as a complete beginner. 

The social betting feature on the BetUp site works to that end as well as you can copy what other users/tipsters are betting on. You can bet against friends in daily, weekly, and monthly leagues with worldwide rankings of users available.

BETUP makes the experience of online sports betting easy and fun for users; however, your winnings on the app cannot be exchanged for real money. The app is available on iOS and Android.

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3. PaperBet

PaperBet is a nice little fake sports betting platform that allows you to test your sports knowledge by making paper bets on real events across the NBA, NFL, AFL, UFC, Boxing, Football, Tennis, and more without risking real money. You can use the site as a guest for one-off bets or register for free to track your progress. 

PaperBet has a multiple scorecard feature which is particularly interesting because it lets you track your progress when using more than one betting strategy. You can see which works best for you with a scorecard for each strategy. Although no current social betting feature lets you challenge friends, there are plans to integrate that soon.


Register on Paperbet

4. DraftKings Fantasy Sports: 

DraftKings Fantasy Sports is a household name in online sports gambling. On DraftKings, gamers stand a chance to win cash prizes and real money by playing for free. With fantasy contests available in various sports, including:

  • NFL Football
  • NBA Basketball
  • MLB Baseball
  • NASCAR Racing
  • PGA Golf
  • MMA
  • College Sports (in eligible states)

DraftKings has fantasy contests for everyone. 

You sign up for free, choose your sport, draft your lineup of real-life players, and compete against friends in private contests or against other users worldwide in public contests. 

You can watch your team accumulate points for real-life performances, climb up exclusive leaderboards, and edge closer to your chance to win real money. DraftKings Fantasy Sports allows complete beginners to compete against other beginners until they learn the ropes.

 For players who feel up to the challenge, you can also enter contests with real money to win even more money.

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5. FanDuel

FanDuel Fantasy Sports operates similarly to the DraftKings Fantasy Sports platform allowing you to play for free and select your favorite players into your fantasy lineup for a chance to win cash prizes. 

A key difference between the two apps is that there is no salary cap on the real-life players you can draft into your team. 

With Friends Mode, FanDuel allows users to create custom contests and invite friends to compete in a traditional fantasy league for real money. 

Best Fake Sports Betting Apps

Conclusion – Downside of Using Fake Sports Betting Apps

There are a number of benefits of betting with fake money. It does not seem like a lot could go wrong with betting with fake money, especially when, in some cases, you can win actual cash prizes. However, it’s important to note that using fake sports betting apps and enjoying success with them does not directly translate to how you would fare when betting with real money on an actual gambling site.   

Fake sports betting apps are a great place to learn about online gambling, hone your skills, and test strategies. But the stakes of betting with real money come with psychological and emotional effects that affect people differently. Learning to remain calm under pressure and proper risk management – important skills you need to avoid unfortunate outcomes – are only possible from betting for real.

So before taking the training wheels off, you should know that riding a real bike may not be automatic. And that does not mean you don’t still know how to ride a bike; it just means you may need some time to get used to it. 


Download the WagerLab app here: Android Fake Betting app and iOS Fake Betting App. Always remember to gamble responsibly. 

5 Fake Money Sports Betting Sites

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