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7 Free Sportsbook APIs to Consider This Year

Sportsbook APIs have significantly changed how we get live data nowadays. Before, when creating a platform, developers would have to add all the information from scratch, a process that would have taken a significant amount of time. Now, all it takes is an API integration, and you get access to all the details you need.

With that in mind, some of these tools run at quite a high price and finding a cost-effective one can be challenging. While paid plans are understandable, there needs to be a free version that allows developers to try out the API. In this article, we will look at some free sportsbook APIs that developers can try without full commitment.

What Are Sportsbook APIs?

API is short for Application Programming Interface. This tool allows programmed algorithms to deliver data between two apps, sending the details to the users. It can be handy for developers, offering live score notifications, player details, or information on events related to a game.

These sports betting APIs work as intermediaries within the web systems and applications. Whenever a query is made, the API will process the data on the user app’s behalf and narrow it down for the users. Developers often use APIs to reduce the need for their own data leveraging, acting as a library.

Top Free Sportsbook APIs to Consider

There are plenty of free sportsbook APIs to consider, depending on your focus and preferences. These are some of the most popular options:

1.     Sports Game Odds

Sports Game Odds (SGO) is a fast and reliable sports API that can be swiftly incorporated into a sports betting platform. It integrates various sport types, from traditional to eSports, offering results and scores for multiple odds.

General Features

SGO covers all the major sports, from football to ice hockey and even eSports, such as CS: GO tournaments. The API offers spread, moneylines, and totals, along with quarters, halves, and periods. Users could also use the in-game live betting features and numerous player props.


Sports Game Odds (SGO) comes with a free trial where users can enjoy the app’s basic features. With that being said, there are different plans that you could opt for, depending on the expected number of requests per minute and month. Plan prices start at $99 monthly for Rookie, but you could also go for the Pro and All-Star Plan, depending on the coverage you need.

Website: https://sportsgameodds.com/ 

2.    Pinnacle Odds

Pinnacle Adds is a popular sportsbook API renowned for live odds and pre-matches. It can be used to see the history of target odds, live scores, and results. Covering a wide array of markets, this API has a reputation for offering competitive odds.

General Features

Pinnacle Odds offers access to various sports, including traditional options such as tennis, basketball odds API, or football. That said, eSports is also an option for those who wish to offer the service.


Pinnacle Odds offers a free plan to those who want to try the app without making significant investments. Features such as access to fixtures, live odds, and limited history data can be provided in this option. The paid plans start at $10 per month, depending on the features you want to use. One advantage of Pinnacle Odds is that it uses a revenue-sharing model, where developers can integrate odds and earn commissions through referrals. Depending on the activity, the plan might just pay for itself.

Website: https://www.pinnacle.com/

3.    API-Football

API-Foorball offers a comprehensive list of sportsbook APIs that developers can use to keep their visitors informed. It can provide real-time sports odds, data, and analytics. Its focus is on football (soccer in particular), providing historical data that can be displayed to users.

General Features

API-Football offers a general schema that developers can use to draw live scores, line-ups, pre-match odds, and statistics. It can also be used to gather data on events and standings, along with player stats and data. It’s one of the APIs with the broadest coverage, drawing data from more than 960 premier and major leagues.


API-Fotball comes with a free plan that developers can use, which contains all the basic features. This is often a good option for beginners who do not need much customization. However, if you want to go for a paid plan, these start at $19 per month, depending on the options you go for.

Website: https://www.api-football.com/ 

4.    FlashLive Sports

Flash Live Sports offers fast scores with detailed statistics for more than 300 sports. The API can be translated into 25 languages, depending on the preferences of the developer, making it a flexible tool.

General Features

This API can offer multi-search options for rakings, teams, tournaments, and more. With FlashLive, you get real-time data from sports events that can be easily integrated into various platforms, regardless of the preferred programming language.


Flash Live offers a free plan that developers can use without committing to it. Those looking for premium scores can opt for the paid plan, which begins at $12 per month.

Website: https://www.flashscore.co.za/

5.    Sportradar

Those interested in multiple technological benefits could consider Sportradar. It offers a comprehensive suite of APIs that can be easily integrated with the platform, keeping visitors informed.

General Features

Sportradar offers a variety of features that make it an attractive choice for the industry, including real-time data, customizable data feeds, analytics, and insights. It is a mobile-friendly platform that can be accessed from any device once integrated.


Sportradar offers a free tier where users can access basic features such as schedules, live scores, and basic odds. The paid plans start at around $500 per month, offering more detailed data sets.

Website: https://sportradar.com/

6.    FantasyData

Those interested in free sportsbook APIs for MLB, NFL, NBA, and even NASCAR might want to consider the FantasyData API. The API is standard and straightforward to use, providing automated data feeds.

General Features

Fantasy Data offers various features such as different API formats, historical data, fantasy, and odds fees. You also get core feeds, which include information on teams, standings, stadiums, and even potential injuries.


Fantasy Data allows developers to access research tools and other features free of charge. A free trial also allows for testing of all the features. However, for comprehensive plans, the prices start at $599, depending on the number of API calls you need.

Website:  https://fantasydata.com/ 

7.    The Rundown

The Rundown API offers numerous real-time odds for sports such as soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball, and more. The data is pulled from various popular sportsbooks, delivering real-time data for those wishing to access it.

General Features

With The Rundown API, you get access to comprehensive sports coverage, including a football odds API, along with live scores, updates, and more. Depending on your needs, you might also obtain access to historical data, but this only applies to the higher-level plans.


The Rundown comes with a free plan that offers basic data such as schedules, live scores, and sports odds. The data is limited, making it efficient mainly for those looking for a simple design. Prices begin at $49.99 for the paid plan, where you have no limitation on the features that can be used. The final cost will depend on how big you need the data volume to be.

Website: https://therundown.io/api

The Bottom Line

Regardless of your niche or the features you need, there are some free sportsbook APIs that you could use. The APIs we presented can retrieve significant amounts of data without necessarily sacrificing your budget. So, you can give them a try and see which one works for you.

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