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Benefits Of Sports Betting With Fake Money

In this article we highlight some of the benefits of sports betting with fake money or points. 

Have you ever wondered how to bet successfully, but you’re unsure, and you’re stuck staring at your screen at thousands of numbers with sweaty palms, not knowing what the next steps to take? We’ve all been there. It is easy to succumb to nerves when betting as a novice. The good news is that it gets easier. 

Thankfully, several sites have systems that help bettors get through this stage and hone their skills and impulses to a fine edge. It is often the case that you may stumble on an app that uses a native token that allows you to place bets using virtual cash or another one that awards you with deposit or no deposit bonuses that are redeemable at very tight odds. 

There are several advantages to betting with fake money. This article will be discussing.

  • What is Fake Money, Really?
  • 8 Benefits of Betting with Fake Money.

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What is Fake Money, Really?

Fake Money

Fake money refers to virtual cash that is given to customers by certain sites either

  •  As a welcome bonus that is available upon signing into an account;
  •  A deposit bonus where you are awarded money after making an initial deposit above a certain threshold;
  • A native token that is available to all members of an app indefinitely upon fulfillment of certain obligations.

For instance, if you deposit in certain sports betting sites like Fanduel, you are awarded an instant no-deposit bonus after creating an account, which is available for a short period. In most cases, the wager will be retrieved only at almost unrealistic odds of 25-50 times the wager amount.

Other times the fake money is available after the payment of a small amount of money, usually about $10, on other sites like 1xbet, and you are rewarded with about $1000 in fake cash that you can use to bet as freely; however, you can withdraw this money subject to several wagering requirements.

The final category belongs to sites where virtual money is provided to users as a native token unconvertable to cash. Sites like Wagerlab have this option available.

8 benefits of betting with fake money

Betting with fake money is a great way to enjoy the thrill of gambling without financial risk. This section will explore the eight benefits of using fake money when betting.

From improving your skills to trying out new strategies, you’ll see why betting with fake money can be a smart choice for anyone looking to dip their toes into gambling. So, let’s dive in and discover the advantages of using fake money for betting.

1. Helping you better navigate the ecosystem

Many fake money betting sites are notorious for having several menus that can confuse a new bettor. With so many sports and betting options, it is only natural. However, it would be pretty unfair if a bettor is required to place bets on options on his new account without any prior history.

That is why most sites give fake money bonuses to encourage new bettors to experiment with and understand the platform’s ecosystem better.

2. Reducing bad blood

There are several issues with betting, especially when creating a pool with friends. Can you imagine what betting on Monopoly with real money will feel like? It will be like that famous episode on Blackish where there were tantrums and jealousy among the players.

Fake money eliminates this problem. Betting with fake money allows players to focus enjoying the game without focusing too much on what they stand to gain or lose.

3. Ethical betting

Due to either religion, morals, or the legislation in the area where you stay, it may be inappropriate to place bets with real money if you find yourself in one of those areas or bound by a moral constraint you want to get out of. Betting with fake money is an interesting loophole to explore.

4. Honing strategies

Betting with fake money is an excellent strategy to get yourself out of paying a considerable amount to learn betting strategies.

You can place bets on some of your favorite athletes and teams and watch statistical probabilities play out for you in the long run.

You can also learn how often certain plays come through and the average amount of money or plays you need to calculate to stay ahead of the bottom line.

5. Promo

Free betting cash is an excellent way to promote a site. Bookkeepers take advantage of this promo to entice customers and retain them. 

Similarly, if you want to show your buddy a demo of how the market works or you want to invite him to take a dive himself, free bets are a compelling way to do so.

6. Recreational betting

Not everybody would like to bet for money. Even seasoned bettors may agree that taking a break occasionally is alright, especially if you find yourself on a losing streak. It is a great idea to blow some steam off someone else’s credit. Fake money allows you to enjoy betting without worrying about financial constraints.

7. Keeping up with the latest results at no risk to your pocket

Betting helps sports enthusiast maintain their interests throughout the season. A seasoned bettor used to getting updates through a betting app may be tempted to reach into their savings even when they have promised themselves otherwise.

Fake money helps with this. For instance, in an app like Wagerlab, you can safely place bets without reaching into your coffers.

8. Curing nerves

One of the biggest factors influencing gambling and making it so exciting for consumers is its tendency to be very exciting. It has soaring highs and crashing lows that keep bettors hooked in a cascade of emotions. However, when playing at the table to win, emotions are about as useful as a roller coaster ride is to a driving lesson.

A lot of betting successfully involves controlling your emotions and making rational decisions. Betting with fake money is like using training wheels. Sure, your emotions are guaranteed to be more intense when you use money. Still, key fundamental principles will help you train your nerves when betting with fake money that you can translate to actual betting scenarios.

sports betting with fake money


There are several advantages to betting that do not pertain to spending money. Betting Has several social and psychological advantages that bettors. 

Thankfully, certain betting apps focus on creating value for people who bet with fake money. With Wagerlab you can create betting pools and participate in sweepstakes without paying real money. To sign up, download the Wagerlab  on either Android  Betting App or iOS Betting App to enjoy betting with fake money today.