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Best bets to make with friends

Betting doesn’t have to be taking on the bookmaker. Wagers can be made with friends or family over sporting events or a life challenge.

Making bets with friends can result in some hilarious outcomes. Maybe the loser has to get a tattoo, maybe they just face the shame of defeat.

The internet is awash with ridiculous bets people have made with friends. Some have taken years for the winnings to be paid up.

5 Bets to Make with Friends

Here are five of the best type of bets to make with friends.

The Physical Challenge

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? A friend challenges you to do something, and you’re absolutely adamant you can prove them wrong. It could be anything from jumping into freezing water to a triathlon – invariably, the prospect of a friendly bet on it will serve as further motivation.

Whether trying to complete a run, cycle or swim in a certain time or something less gruelling, a bet with friends throws down the gauntlet. It gives purpose to something you might not have bothered doing.

Straight Up Game Bets

You’re settling down to watch the big game and everyone’s talking up their predictions. Someone’s got a particularly outrageous shout for the underdog to win, and more often than not, they’re unjustifiably confident about it.

Before long, someone has suggested a bet on it. These are probably the most common bets between friends, especially those who watch sport together. Placing a wager is regarded as the ultimate test of confidence in the loudly spoken pre-game predictions.

WagerLab is the best sports betting app for friendly bets and the perfect place for sports bettors to keep track of their game bets with friends. Rather than losing it in the midst of history, WagerLab can serve as a reminder that your overly confident friend is, more often than not, wrong with his wild predictions.

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The Food Challenge

A monster hot dog? A burger you can barely pick up? There’s something about eating challenges that tempts people into a bet.

Eyes bigger than your belly comes to mind. Many of us can be susceptible to thinking we are living in our own Man vs Food world. The food that looks delicious at the start can become a chore, an endless mountain to climb, as the motivation of money to win or a free meal sits at the end. This is one of the most popular bets with friends.

Betting on food is a popular way to win money off friends. Of course, taking on a 96oz steak or tackling a tower of pancakes isn’t for everyone.

Tournament Winner

The same questions are asked between friends at the start of every season. Who’s your pick for the Super Bowl? Who wins the World Series? You know the drill.

Disagreements follow. Discussion flows until someone suggests a friendly bet. Money gets put on the line for the Yankees to win the World Series or Chiefs to go back-to-back, and it’s a long, long wait to find out who was right.


Fantasy Leagues

Fantasy sports continue to grow. From Fantasy Premier League through to long-running dynasty leagues for MLB or NFL, the world of fantasy sports is an industry of its own. Some take it extremely seriously; others play for fun.

Plenty of fantasy leagues offer financial incentives. Daily fantasy games and office football pools have grown in popularity over the last few years, too.

Participating in fantasy sports doesn’t have to be so formal. It can take the form of a simple head-to-head bet between a couple of friends or an agreed prize pot for your own mini-league.

Putting a bit of cash on the line is a good way to spice up your fantasy leagues – it might help to keep those flaky team owners more engaged, too…

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Fun Bets with Friends that are not money related

Betting doesn’t have to be about putting your hard-earned dollars on the line.  Here are our five best non-monetary bets…

  • Changing team names
  • Cooking a meal
  • Loser buys
  • Gift cards
  • Charity donations

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6 of the Best Punishments for Losing a Football Bet

The punishments for losing a football bet could be anything. It may range from simple activities like drinking three or more water glasses to terrifying punishments like eating extremely spicy food.

  • Loser Gets a Haircut from the Winner
  • Forfeit a collector’s item
  • The Errand Man
  • Open Mic Comedy
  • Make a Music Video
  • Wax the legs punishment

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5 of the Best Sports Bets to make with Friends

If you are looking for some sports type bets to make with friends then we have you covered too.

Here are five of the best sports bets to make with friends…

  • Win Totals
  • Tournament Winner
  • Individual Games
  • Award Winner
  • Player Props

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Long-Term Bets with Friends

Long-term bets with friends can be truly unique experiences for your friend groups. The purpose of making these wagers for a gambling enthusiastic group goes beyond the thrill of winning or losing.

  • Weight Loss Challenges
  • Savings Goals Bets
  • Learning and Skill Development Challenges
  • Bucket Lists Challenges
  • Personal Development Bets

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Sport Pool App with Friends

Another great way to bet with friends is in a sports pool. You can set one up in a football pools app and add player props, game winners and more, you then decide on the prize or punishment fo the winner and losers.

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