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Best Fantasy Quarterback Picks 2021

Fantasy football is a year-round endeavour. Committed fantasy football players do not switch off when their league finishes. The research, the bargain hunting, is a permanent factor in their consumption of NFL news.

As notes are made for drafts, NFL fans will be delving deep into the league, searching for difference-making secondary receivers and value tight ends. We have already covered the best Fantasy football picks for wide receivers as well as running back picks. Our focus here, though, is on the best available fantasy football quarterbacks for the 2021 NFL season.

Fantasy Football Quarterback Picks

Here’s an early look at the best fantasy quarterbacks for 2021.

Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford has been released from a frustrating few years in Detroit. Stafford joins a Rams team which ranked 13th in passing yards per game last season with Jared Goff under center.

Only three players in NFL history have recorded more passing yards per game than Stafford. He’s been a fantasy football factor even on struggling Lions teams. With better weapons in Los Angeles and with Sean McVay’s play-action-led game, Stafford is a candidate to lead the league in passing yards in 2021.

The Rams went all-in to get an upgrade at quarterback. They are going to do all they can to build an elite offense around Stafford – there’s no question he has the talent to be one of the top three fantasy football quarterbacks.

Deshaun Watson

No one knows where Deshaun Watson will be playing in 2021. As such, it could be argued his strength as a fantasy football quarterback is unclear.

The counter point to that, though, is that Watson ranked fourth in points in 2020 even on a poor Texans team. If he does get traded, his new team will have gone all-in and will be far more committed to giving him weapons than Houston has been.

Watson led the league in passing yards. Just two players, Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, made 30 or more touchdown passers with fewer interceptions than Watson’s seven. A great pick for this years fantasy football.

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Josh Allen

Only Cam Newton and Kyler Murray had more rushing touchdowns than Josh Allen in 2020. Per FFToday, he was the league leader in points from quarterback. Allen is a candidate to go first overall in many leagues – the Bills offense went from strength to strength last season, and the key players should return for 2021.

Allen was fifth in passing touchdowns and yards. He registered just 10 interceptions on the season.

His fantasy football credentials are strong. The Bills might not be Super Bowl betting favorites, but they are set for another strong campaign. Allen could well be in the MVP mix again.

Patrick Mahomes

Don’t let the Super Bowl LV performance fool you, Patrick Mahomes is still number one for fantasy football in 2021. The Chiefs will prioritize offensive line improvements this offseason.

Mahomes will have his main weapons back for 2021 in Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. It remains to be seen if the Chiefs make a move to re-sign Sammy Watkins.

The former MVP topped the NFL in passing yards per game. In fact, he’s number one all-time in that category. He owns a 6.8% career passing touchdown rate, a record only bettered by quarterbacks from 1970 and earlier.

The numbers will be every bit as gaudy in 2021. Mahomes and the Chiefs might have been disappointed at Raymond James Stadium, but they will be back, and they will be racking up the points again.

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Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is as reliable as fantasy football quarterbacks come. His 2020, even by his Hall of Fame standards, was sublime. The 48 touchdowns and five interceptions, and just under 4,300 passing yards, was only good for fourth in points per game, however.

Rodgers’ ability to look after the ball and march his team downfield means he will always rack up the points. A lack of rushing game perhaps gives him a lower upside than some of his younger peers, though.