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Best Kid Friendly Super Bowl Bets

These kid-friendly Super Bowl bets are great to keep the little ones entertained without them betting for money. They can be great for parties, sleepovers, or even just a family night of fun.

Although the adults can add money to the bets if they wish, the idea is to bet for prizes and treats that kids love.

They are easy to understand, easy to track, and hopefully add a little bit more excitement for the kids when watching the super bowl.

Here they are.

How Long Will The National Anthem Last For?

Stopwatch to time the bets

Let’s start with a straightforward bet that the kids can make a guess on. Before taking any guesses, you will first need to set a few ground rules:

  • No Googling
  • You Can’t Change Your Mind
  • Crying Is Banned If You Lose.

Each child will write down how long in minutes and seconds the national anthem will last on a piece of paper. The child with the closest time will win the bet.

A grown-up can time the anthem using a stopwatch on their cell phone and determine the exact time the song takes from start to finish.

Time Of The First Touchdown

First Touchdown

As simple as it sounds, the winner for this bet is the person who gets the closest time for the first touchdown during the game.

Write all the selections down next to the child’s name. You can set it up, so they pick a time for the whole game or separate it by quarters to make it easy for them to choose a time.

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Who Will Score The First Touchdown?

Separate the kids into two groups and tell them they have 5 minutes to discuss who they think will score the first touchdown with their group. They must all agree on one player, and they will be competing against the other team.

The team to select first will be determined by the toss of a coin, and if the other team has the same player, they will have to choose again because you need two different players for this bet.

With this being a team bet, you might want to have a prize for this one. Maybe a packet of jelly sweets or a little gift.

This will keep them thrilled during the game, and just watch how competitive they get!

Cooper KuppNumber Of Touchdowns

Each child must write down how many touchdowns they think there will be during the game. The child closest to the amount will win the bet.

You can make this more interesting by splitting the quarters up, so how many touchdowns in the first quarter, second quarter, and so on.

You could even bring in a special prize for the child who guesses the exact amount correctly.

How Many Penalties

Each child predicts how many penalties there will be during the entire game. You can then run another game where they decide how many penalties for each quarter.

The winner could be whoever gets the prediction correct for the entire game or each quarter.

That’s up to you to decide.

NFL Coin Toss

Who Will Win The Coin Toss

Again, this bet will work better if you split the children up into two groups. The best way to determine who gets to choose first for the team they want is to “yes; you’ve guessed it,’ a toss of a coin.

Now, children can get frustrated when it comes to a toss of a coin, so you can have two rounds of best of three to make it fair.

So one team gets to go heads for the best of three, and the other team gets to go heads for the following best of three.

The team who gets to 2-0 first in sets decides which team they want to win the coin toss.

It’s a lot of hassle just to let them choose a team first, but believe me, it matters to kids, and if nothing else, it will keep them occupied for 10 minutes or so.

How Long Will The Half-Time Singer First Song Last?

Half time betting

Yes, this is a carbon copy of the national anthem bet earlier in the article, but this time they will be betting on how long the first song from the pop star will last during the half-time entertainment.

The good thing about this bet is that it will keep them entertained when the game is not playing.

As with the national anthem bet, this will be open to every child, and the winner is the one who gets the closest — oh, and make sure an adult times the song on his stopwatch.

Prizes For The Bets

I don’t think you’ll be taking money bets of the kids, although I bet most of them would like you too! However, you can add a layer of fun to the bets by offering prizes to the winners.

You can offer sweets to the group winners, prizes like coloring books, bubbles, fidget spinners, and so on to single winners, and even an overall prize to the person who wins the most bets throughout the game.

This could be the champion better of the day, and you could make this an annual event every year. You could even buy a small trophy for a few bucks and have it engraved ‘Super Bowl Betting Champion.’

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The Bottom Line  (Enjoy The Super Bowl)

The Super Bowl is a special occasion where friends and family can come together for a night of fun and laughs.

Having a party that involves kid-friendly bets and adult prop bets is a fantastic idea for almost any setting and will make the get-together even more enjoyable.

These kid-friendly super bowl bets will keep the children occupied and interested during the super bowl, which is great because it gets everyone involved and creates memories that last a lifetime.

If you’re having a Super Bowl party, the kids will love it, even if they don’t like football, and if there are adults also at the party, you could get them involved with the bets for real money, or even forfeits like having to make impressions, or sing a song — the kids (and adults) will love it!

If the adults want to track their bets, then the WagerLab app will do that for you and make things even easier, leaving you to concentrate on enjoying yourself during the Super Bowl.

Download the free WagerLab App — it’s free, cool, and makes things easier when betting with your friends on the Super Bowl.

Above all else, have fun and enjoy the game.

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