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Best Punishment for Losing a Football Bet

There’s no greater feeling than sitting together with your friends and family when it’s game time! The high-pitched banter, lighthearted disagreements, the mere spectacle and visual appeal of opposing team jerseys, passing the popcorn around and the bets placed.

Whether you’re watching the game live with your friends or organizing a virtual football tailgate, it doesn’t hurt to incorporate a bit of fun in the mix. The mere idea of facing a bit of punishment after losing a friendly bet is bound to keep everyone on their toes throughout the game.

There’s that small problem of choosing an excellent punishment for whoever loses their bet. Something daring, fun-filled, and at the same time, not over the top.

6 of the best punishment’s for losing a bet

Thankfully, we’ve curated some of the best punishments for losing a friendly football bet. Check them out:

1. Loser Gets a Haircut from the Winner

Think about it for a bit. Imagine getting a haircut from your best friend who cannot distinguish between a clipper and a shaving stick. That’s what makes this bet interesting. No one fancies the idea of an inexperienced barber cutting their hair.

The loser might be recorded while getting their hair cut and the clip saved for future purposes to make it even more interesting. You and your friends may discuss how long they’d keep their new haircut. It could be anywhere from several hours to days if you’re being nice.

2. Forfeit a collector’s item

The pride of a football fan in the collector’s items and paraphernalia picked up over the years. The mere idea of losing that in a friendly football bet would check and crosscheck their predictions before placing their bets.

The item at stake could be a vintage jersey or an inexpensive item. And, of course, there should be a buy-back option in the mix. You don’t want to lose a bet and lose your best friend in the process.

3.The Errand and Cleaning Man

Basic chores can sometimes be exhausting. But when you dangle it as punishment in a friendly bet?

Whoever loses the bet gets offers a cleaning service to take out the trash, trim the lawn, clean the garage, do the dishes, make grocery runs to the mall, pick up the kids from school (if there are kids), and whatever simple chores they do for a limited time.

We are not saying this is a time to start piling your dirtiest socks, grossest underwear. But if you’re looking for a way to clean them without physically being involved, this is your chance.

4. Open Mic Comedy

Everyone thinks they’re hilarious until they’re made to stand in front of a bunch of total strangers at open mic comedy. This punishment is interesting because the winner gets to experience the thrill of watching the loser make a mess of themselves in front of strangers and friends.

This is a make-or-break punishment for the loser. If they balk last minute, more punishment could be meted out. And if they agree to do it, get your camera ready!

5. Make a Music Video

This is a daring punishment; that’s why we selected to be the last. The winner gets to choose a music video for the loser to recreate. The budget for the video should not be more than $10.

The loser gets to utilize everything at their disposal to pull it off and post it on a social media platform for public viewing. The video should be uploaded without a caption to not give context to everyone who’d comment on it.

And the loser should be banned from replying to comments.

6. Wax the legs punishment

If the bet loser has plenty of hair on their legs, you’d love this punishment. Again, don’t forget to capture the hilarious moments, how the loser reacts as the hair gets pulled. Again, share the video on their Instagram or Facebook page!

These are just a few of the best punishments for someone who loses a football bet. You just need to keep in mind that you can be the loser as well, so think twice before you bring these ideas to life. Have fun!

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