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Best Punishments for Last Place in Office Football Pool

It is the last game of the season, and you are there again with the rankings locked in for your office football pool bet, and you are wondering if it will be the same dull affair again this year.

 Asides from a winner’s trophy, you want to introduce something fun to keep the people at the bottom of the league on their toes.

Have you considered a punishment for losers of office football pools bets? Don’t fret. We are not introducing anything too sinister. In this article, we will be discussing.

  • What are Office Football Pool Bets?
  • 9 Best Punishments for Last Place in Office Football Pool.

Let’s begin!

What are Office Football Pool Bets?

An office football pool bet describes a situation where an office decides to bet on the outcome of a football game or league by creating a money pool, and each interested office member participates in creating the pool by putting a fixed price of money into a pot and assigning their donation to a bet on a particular outcome. 

From the money put into the pool, a certain “Tax” or “Vig” may be deducted by the “House”- A person who is in charge of coordinating the pool. However, depending on the pool’s size, this amount may be negligible or nonexistent.

 For instance, A pool to determine the winner of the 2023/ 2024 Fantasy premier league could cost $40 to enter. If there are 20 participants in the pool, the total amount, “the office pool,” would be worth $800. The house could charge $100 as the vig, then first, second, and third place could win $300, $200, and $100, respectively, with the remaining $100 for performance-based rewards like “Highest Points in a Gameweek” or “Highest overall FPL score.”

Sometimes, when there are runaway winners in the middle of the season, there is little motivation for the rest of the league to keep up the pace other than personal pride. However, introducing punishments for the last three places in the office pool can make the competition tighter.

9 Best Punishments for Last Place in Office Football Pool

Punishments for finishing last in the Office Football Pool

There are many creative ways to make losers in the league pool want to avoid that spot as much as possible. Some methods are pleasant and light-hearted, Others are hilarious, and some are just downright cruel. 

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Here are some innovative ways to ensure nobody wants to lose the office football pool in 2024.

     1. Picking up the tab

This is one of the most common office punishments. Making the losers pick up the tab on a night out can be a great bonding moment, a moment to rub one in, or a hilarious moment depending on the loser’s temperament and attitude throughout the season.

Depending on the setting, the bottom three places may share the tab to ease the burden. The great thing about this punishment is that the scale is limitless, from a night out to a holiday vacation.

     2. Rivals Jersey

We all fall victim to brand loyalty; nowhere is it more common than in sports. Nothing can be more embarrassing than telling a Pirates fan he has to purchase and, even worse(puke!), wear a home Kaizer Chiefs Jersey. The agony is too much to bear.

That’s exactly what happens in this punishment. The loser has to purchase and wear a rival team’s jersey for a time.

     3. Laundry

Punishments for Last Place in Office Football Pool

There’s the pain of picking up after your peer’s laundry if you lose a league serving as a deterrent to you. But that pain is nothing compared to the ecstasy of not being in that position at the end of the season. The joy of handing over three weeks’ worth of laundry is such a relief. 

The laundry punishment makes the league even more competitive. The mid-table positions with a complementary laundry wash are enough for guys to hop in, and the “Laundryman” banter in the making is already so delicious—chef kiss.

     4. Car Wash

car wash for losing an office pool

This punishment’s different variations can make it cruel, fun, or interesting. On a superficial level, It can be a simple dare where one person must wash another’s car, but on another level, there can be an end-of-the-year party where the loser of the office pool has to wash a car. Throw in a car wash coupon, and it’s an opportunity to hire a few bikini-clad models to do the washing.

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     5. Free Labor

This office bet punishment is simply a free coupon for any office task. The office may ask the loser to pick up a brief or run some errands on behalf of a work colleague. What a way to add some insult to the injury of losing money and coming in last place.

     6. Donate to a charity.

Not all punishments should be to rub losses in the face of your less fortunate opponents. Sometimes, it’s for the good of all of us for you to improve society. 

The group can ask the bet loser to donate to a charity on behalf of the office. Doing so will help the office gain some goodwill from society, and a good turn is usually well repaid.

What’s better than doing something for the children or the society, eh? 

     7. Last place trophy

Punishments for Last Place in Office Football Pool Giving a last-place trophy to the people who come in last place is a funny way to reward them for their efforts throughout the season. 

Of course, no one wants a loser’s trophy, but it’s nice to have to keep a conversation piece and a friendly reminder that you work with a group of people who keep you in their plans even when you are not performing at your best.

     8. Chaining Day

Ah, who doesn’t like some bling? The chaining day is when a loser’s medal is assigned to the losing positions, and they have to wear the medals around for a time. 

This, punishment for last place in the office football pool, is embarrassing and hilarious when you consider that “the chain” could be a shiny 15-inch plate around your neck labeled “Loser”!

     9. Spin a wheel.

What is a better way to check if bad luck is a thing? Just make sure that the bad luck that got them here in the first place will help them choose the worst item on the wheel.

The loser gets to spin a wheel of “mis” fortune that picks the office bet punishment they have to perform.


Office football pool bet punishments are a fun way to keep players engaged throughout the season. At some point, demanding workloads can make the office dull. However, incorporating office games that people really don’t want to lose helps create a lighter atmosphere in the office.

Furthermore, they help build interpersonal relationships in the office and create healthy competition.

There you have it, the 9 best punishments for last place in office football pool.

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