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Best Punishments for Losing a Bet

The punishments for losing a bet could be anything. It may range from simple activities like drinking three or more water glasses to terrifying punishments like eating extremely spicy food.

We have managed to assemble a list of the best and funniest punishments for losing a bet.

5 Punishments for Losing a Bet

So, are you ready to find out? Let us dive in.

Music video punishment

The bet winner gets to pick any music video, and the loser should recreate it as best as they can. The loser should then publish the recreated video to all social media platforms without any captions – leaving the video open for ridicule from friends and followers.

Funny haircut punishment

There are several ways to punish bet losers via a haircut. Most barbers would even offer to do it at no cost.

Grandpa’s haircut is one of the funny styles to cut a person’s hair after losing a bet. Drag the loser to the barbershop and request a haircut that makes him appear bald. The punishment here is to have the loser carry this hairstyle for some days.

Wearing the punishment shirt

It’s not unusual for someone to wear a particular shirt for a week or two. But it’s a huge deal if the shirt has a humorous inscription on it. The winner gets to choose what will be written on the shirt, and the loser has to wear it. It doesn’t matter how weird the inscription is.

Eating spicy noodles punishment

If you are betting with a friend who doesn’t love spicy dishes, use the spicy food punishment as the stake for losing a bet. The loser is forced to consume a plate of spicy noodles cooked by the winner.

The winner can choose to add pepper and other spices to make the food super hot. Remember to record the entire ordeal and have it shared online.

Wax the legs punishment

If the bet loser has plenty of hair on their legs, you’d love this punishment. Again, don’t forget to capture the hilarious moments, how the loser reacts as the hair gets pulled. Again, share the video on their Instagram or Facebook page!

The playbook punishment

If you have watched “How I Met Your Mother” TV show, you will know what the playbook is and how silly some of the plays in the book are. The winner chooses an idea out of the book, and the bet loser performs it in front of their friends. Humiliating, right?

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There you have it, the best punishments for losing a bet. Take any of the above punishments and modify them. Make them more tough and hilarious for the bet loser. But if you lose, be prepared to face the punishment as well.