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Best Sports Betting Picks Apps of 2021

We have looked at the best sports betting apps in a crowded marketplace. For those looking to make regular profit from sports wagers, it’s important to make use of top betting picks, too.

Gathering information is the key to sports betting. Whether you’re gambling with friends or taking on the bookie, collecting as much information as possible is vital.

Betting trends, injury news and expert advice are all crucial to a bettor. The internet is awash with websites and apps offering supposedly the best tips and expertise.

5 of the Best Sports Betting Picks App

Here are five of the best sports betting picks apps…


Oddschecker is still making its mark in the US, but it won’t be long before it’s among the premier odds comparison apps. Oddschecker is a good place to keep up to date with all the latest betting promotions and deals, too.

Click on a game or market and Oddschecker will take you to a comprehensive list of bookies. Just a glance through will find the best price on a given wager.

Like many odds comparison platforms, Oddschecker produces a catalogue of daily betting tips and features. It’s a brilliant place for betting information as you ready your wagers.

Download: Oddschecker Google Play| Oddschecker App Store

Sports Betting Dime Odds

Aiming to provide bettors with all the information they need, SBD Odds has the latest odds, standings, and betting trends. They pride themselves on keeping up to date and claim to use artificial intelligence to make their predictions.

SBD’s future trackers are one of the best betting services around. Every major futures market has a tracker to show odds movement. Their betting trends features go beyond the surface level details, providing an insight into returns on investment rather than straight win-loss figures.

Beyond their AI predictions, the SBD app and website are also loaded with daily picks articles from obscure props to futures odds changes.

Download: SBD Google Play | SBD App Store


A different slant on betting tips, SharpSide is a community-based picks service. It prides itself on transparency, with every user’s betting record being available for any other app user to analyze.

Bettors can place picks on a massive list of totals, spreads and moneylines. This is then shown on the app in extraordinary detail to scroll through – it’s a means for bettors to get an understanding of what others are thinking on a larger scale and with more detail than what we are used to seeing elsewhere.

SharpSide is a great way to focus in on bettors with successful track records in the sports you are most interested in. It’s a breath of fresh air amid the murky waters of many picks websites.

Download: SharpSide Google Play| Oddschecker App Store


Similar to Oddschecker, BettingPros’ main aim is to enable bettors to compare prices. Open any intuitive page and it will immediately become clear which book is offering the best price on a given wager.

Team trends and betting percentages are easy to find, too. It’s not the flashiest app around, but BettingPros gives all the information in a clean, informative layout.

There’s a vast array of tips on the app as well as betting guides for those still getting used to the world of sports gambling.

Download: BettingProsGoogle Play | Betting Pros App Store


PaylayIt! does what it says on the tin. It’s a simple app, but a very useful one for bettors who fancy their chances at a parlay. The main function is to calculate the odds of parlays, with the potential to add up to 12 legs.

Odds can be entered in American, decimal or fractional format. There’s an alternative calculator to help hedge your bets across multiple bookies, too.

It’s on Android and Apple at no cost – it’d be silly not to download ParlayIt! if you are searching for the best parlay bets.

Download: Google Play

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