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Best Sports Betting Tips Apps

Sports betting can be straight forward, but bettors should be wary of just diving straight in without research. A good sports betting tips app can assist with information that can help to inform a bet, together with many strategies and betting approaches that need to be considered.

A bit of background research is useful before placing any wager. This can be a simple search for team news or you can scour the internet for the leading sport’s tipsters. Thousands profess to be experts on sports betting, claiming they can guarantee massive returns on your bets. The accuracy of those claims varies, of course, but reading the thoughts of others on a game or competition can be useful.

8 Sports Betting Tips Apps

Collecting info is key for any sports bettor. These 8 Sports Betting Tips apps can all help inform your betting decisions in a variety of ways from locating the best value to getting top sports betting tips.

Footy Accumulators

For those looking to bet on soccer, Footy Accumulators is one of the best sports betting tip apps around. It collects all the best offers and provides comprehensive odds comparison. One of their headline features is AccaTracker, which allows bettors to monitor your accumulators in one place.

There’s plenty of tips and football data to get stuck into, too. A tool called ‘Smart Acca’ helps find the interesting trends that can identify the good value bets, and perhaps help to get an advantage over the bookie.

Betting App for tips

Download: Footy Accumulators Play,, |,, Footy Accumulators App Store

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Betting with friends is becoming more and more popular. WagerLab’s app provides gamblers an opportunity to place bets risk-free, to enjoy the experience of gambling without the financial risk or to go up against friends betting on any market you fancy.

Whether using the betting app to test your own sports betting tips and keep track of hunches or challenging your friends, WagerLab is a must-download for sports gamblers.

One of the best features of Wagerlab is there is no vig in the odds.

fun betting app

Download: WagerLab Google Play | WagerLab App Store


An average rating of 4.6 out of 5 on the App Store from over 6,600 ratings, OLBG’s Sports Betting Tips app is one of the favorites tips apps for bettors. They have thousands of experts across all the major sports and prioritise showing app users the most popular tips and most profitable tipsters.

Gamblers also have the option to turn notifications on and ‘follow’ their favorite tipsters and share with friends.

Racing, Premier League, NBA, NFL or MLB – OLBG has you covered.

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betting tips app

Download: OLBG Google Play | OLBG App Store


The leading name in odds comparison, Oddschecker does exactly what it says on the tin. Before placing a wager, take a glance on Oddschecker to make sure you’re getting the best price.

Their sports betting tips app also compiles all the best bookmaker offers for new and existing customers.

If you’re looking for tips, Oddschecker covers the majority of major sports and will run daily picks throughout the NBA, NFL and MLB seasons. It’s well worth keeping an eye on their coverage.

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app for betting tips

Download: Oddschecker Google Play,, | Oddschecker App Store

Bet Calculator

A lot of sports betting tips apps offer a form of bet calculator. A quick search on the App Store will throw a load of options up. This is an important tool to have at a bettor’s disposal.

Experienced gamblers will get used to converting odds and calculating implied probabilities, but we’d all rather get a calculator to do it for us, wouldn’t we?

These can be used to work out the total price of a monster parlay, switch between American and fractional odds or to see how you will benefit from a bookmaker bonus.

betting app calculator

Download:Bet Calculator Google Play | Bet Calculator App Store

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Overlyzer is one of the best football prediction apps designed to offer bettors accurate data for effective and complete game analysis. It covers most professional football leagues, such as the Premier League and Champions League. 

With the live metrics, you can monitor how a game is progressing, which side is pressing, and has the best odds for scoring or winning the match. 

The dynamic filters also allow users to adjust the displayed games to suit their preferences. This feature is primarily embraced by fans who follow multiple matches which may occur simultaneously.

Besides live betting, gamblers can also utilize the over and under tool to predict the results before a game. This is a robust algorithm designed to assess the capabilities of each team using all the available metrics and show the winning probabilities. 

Download: Overlyzer Google Play | Overlyzer App Store

BetMGM Sportsbook

A brand revolution in the sports betting industry that gives bettors access to real-time odds as games unfold. Gamblers can place a bet from anywhere using the mobile application even after a match has kicked off. If you follow a variety of sports, then this is the right betting tip app. BetMGM covers a wide selection of sports, including Football, Hockey, Baseball, and Basketball. Some popular professional sports covered are the NFL, NHL, NBA, and College Football. 

Gamblers can turn on notifications to get updates on goal scores and other alerts while in action. The “edit my bet” feature is available for changing bets instead of cashing out to increase stakes. Also, BetMGM has incredible offers starting from a generous sign-up bonus to regular ongoing promos in the form of free wagers, risk-free bets, or parlay bonus. 

betting tips site

Download: BetMGM Google Play | BetMGM App Store

Mighty Tips

Mighty Tips collects and provides users with objective betting views by experts. That includes odd comparisons and betting predictions for different competitive sports like football, horse racing, and basketball.

The tipsters, who have gambled in most of the top world sports, provide bettors with well-known options, and the best winning chance. Users can as well filter the tips to suit their most preferred leagues.

Mighty Tips also offers sportsbook reviews on the best football betting options to guide gamblers on ways to bet smart. Some of the details analyzed include how well matches are covered, the value of a bonus, and how good browser-based betting is for mobile apps.

Download:Mighty Tips  Google Play

Another great way to have fun while betting is in a sports pool with friends. Check out this awesome football pools app and start the fun.

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