Betting App for iPhone

WagerLab is the #1 betting app for iPhone that lets you bet against friends and family on a range of fun categories – free of charge! This mobile betting site is easily navigable on your iPhone and lets you place a bet on your favourite topic or team, anytime, anyplace.

The #1 App for Sports Betting on iPhone

The easy-to-use WagerLab sports betting app can be downloaded onto your iPhone so you can make those last-minute bets wherever you are. This social betting app doesn’t require any deposit, and no real money is used on the site – simply bet virtual units among family and friends on any of your favourite topics!

iPhone Betting App

This #1 sports betting app has already welcomed thousands of social bettors on iPhone from around the world looking for the best odds in a fun setting.

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WagerLab is free to download, requires no deposit, and uses no real money on the site – it’s all about fun! Simply download onto your iPhone and sign up for free wherever you are in the world

Betting Categories

All the major sports leagues including NFL, NBA, MMA, soccer and more feature on WagerLab, alongside trending pop culture topics, political happenings, and social events!

Place that Bet

Having downloaded the sports betting app on your iPhone and signed up, it’s time to get betting! WagerLab allows you to invite friends to bet against, to meet new friends on the mobile site, or to bet against the house.

Create a Betting League

If you have an office pool of friendly league, just move it onto the WagerLab mobile site. Here you can bet on a range of fun topics and sports to earn those virtual units and bragging rights!

Results Tracking

With WagerLab on your iPhone, you can track your sports betting results through the app, accessing them at any time wherever you go. This sports betting app will also let you compare your results with other users, play around with improving your technique, and then reset whenever you need to.

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Quick Set-up

WagerLab is a free sports betting app that you can download onto your iPhone in a matter of seconds. Once you’ve entered your name and email, you can immediately start betting.

Bet on Sports and More

If you’re a sports betting fan, then WagerLab has the best odds and sports fixtures to scratch that betting itch! There are thousands of games, shows, current events, and more to bet on.

Track Results

Your betting league results will be tallied by the WagerLab app which you can access on your iPhone in real-time. Keep a watch on how you’re doing against friends and family, in leagues, or against the house. If you’re done, simply reset the tab and start again.

100% Legal

WagerLab is completely legal in all 50 United States as well as all additional countries where the app is offered.

Betting App For iPhone

WagerLab is a free social sportsbook that allows you to place bets and engage with friends and family on your iPhone. This sports betting app offers great odds, despite no real money being exchanged, with a range of betting pools and leagues to join – or simply bet against the house. Bet on TV shows, politics, pop culture, sports and more from anywhere you are on your iPhone using WagerLab.

How to Use WagerLab to Place Bets?

Download this sports betting app on your iPhone, sign up, and check out the various betting options. For iOS users, WagerLab lets you share bets with friends and invite them into leagues and other friendly competitions. WagerLab betting is done with virtual units, not real money, with the results constantly tallied on the app.

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