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9 Fun Super Bowl Bets To Have With Friends (Forfeits & Cash)

This 2024 Super Bowl is set to take place at the Allegiant Stadium, and like every other year, the occasion is going to be fantastic, exciting, and perfect for placing bets with your buddies.

This article will provide you with nine fun Super Bowl bets to have with friends; you can bet for fun, pride, forfeits, or cash, and you can involve as many people as you want.

Fun Super Bowl Bets To Have With Friends

The Super Bowl is always a spectacle,  so now’s the time to start thinking about the friendly Super Bowl bets you’re going to have.

That being said.

Here they are.

Taylor Swift Super Bowl Bet

For this years super Bowl a fun a popular prop bet relates to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. There are so many fun bets to have with your friends around this.

  • Will Taylor Swift be seen mouthing curse words? Yes/No
  • Will Taylor Swift beSwift wear Travis Kelce’s jersey number during game? Yes/No
  • How long after kickoff Taylor Swift is shown game clock? Over/Under 7 minutes
  • Will Tavis Kelce catch more than Taylor Swifts Grammy nominations of 6? Yes/No
  • Who will Taylor Swift hug first after game? Andy Reid/Patrick Mahomes
  • Will the Super Bowl MVP mentioning Taylor Swift during his speech? Yes/No

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Coin Toss (Win Or Shame)

NFL Coin Toss

Let’s start with the coin toss; obviously, there are only two likely outcomes, so this will be between two friends. 

The 50-50 chance is a simple bet to make, and all you need to do is decide which team you think will win the coin toss. You can even toss a coin yourselves before to see who gets to choose first.

Although this is a simple bet, you could make it extra important by having the loser perform a forfeit. For example, you could make them pay for the pizza or the drinks, or if you want to make things more fun, maybe have the loser shave his hair right in the room where they’re watching it.

You could have the clippers and camera ready, plugged in, and prepared to shave before the kick-off. (What a start to the game!)

How Many Songs Will There Be Sung At Half Time?

Another light-hearted friendly Super Bowl bet that is easy to place. You and your friends all predict how many songs will be sung by the singer during the halftime entertainment.

To make it fair, I suggest you have two choices — 2 and under, and over 2.

The loser has to sing the last song that the singer sings on the karaoke after the game.

How Many Touchdowns?

This bet can be for cash. You all throw in 10 bucks and draw out a number of touchdowns in sweep style format.

With the average touchdowns per game averaging around 5, you would need to have at least 7 of you involved in this bet, or less if you’re allowing multiple purchasers.

This will offer a nice little earner for the winner. A super fun bet with friends. 

A fun app to place and track these friendly Super Bowl bets is WagerLab

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Create Super Bowl Betting Pool

Super bowl pool betting

A Super Bowl betting pool is great if you want to involve many people. I’m talking 5, 10, maybe even 50 people all in the betting pool competing against each other.

You can create the pool using the WagerLab app, and this will track the points and provide the winners automatically. All you need to have is a cell phone and the free app.

The betting pool will consist of multiple bets and outcomes for the game, the player who scores the most points will be the winner.

The questions (bets) can range from “How Many Penalties,’ to ‘How Many Touchdowns,’ and you can even add some silly bets to the pool like ‘Will the winning coach cry?’

That’s the beauty of betting pools; you can customize them to include whatever you want.

You could charge a fee to enter, and the winner takes the money.

How Many Tweets?

How Many Tweets Betting

There’s always that celebrity who likes to Tweet during the game, and whether they annoy the hell out of you or not, you can use this as a fun Super Bowl bet with your friends.

You all predict how many times the celebrity will tweet during the game.

Will There Be A Proposal?

Proposal during the super bowl Wager

Let’s be honest; marriage proposals happen a lot during big games. Not as many as divorces, but you know, they happen. 

This bet is a simple yes or no chance to have with your friend — will somebody propose to their partner live on air?

Yes, or No?

Maybe the loser of this bet should have to propose to their partner (No, ignore that, that’s a terrible idea.).

Penalty Frenzy.

When will the first penalty in the game be? That’s part one of this three-scoring bet.

Part two is ‘how many penalties will there be in the game’? And finally, ‘ How many missed penalties will there be?’

You could set this one up as a simple wagering betting pool if you wish, using a wagering app.

The winner is the player who gets the most points for the three bets combined.

How Long Will The National Anthem Last?

Every year the national anthem is sung at the Super Bowl, but I bet you don’t know how long it takes to sing it.

You and your friends will need to predict a time in minutes and seconds for the time it takes the singer to finish the national anthem.

Whoever gets the closest is the winner.

Who Will Need To Use The Bathroom First?

The final fun Super Bowl Bet is slightly off the cuff (and silly) because it doesn’t involve what happens on the pitch.

If you’re together with your buddies, all drinking and enjoying the game, then sooner or later, one of you will need to go and pee.

The person who has to go first is the loser and will have to perform a forfeit. This could be anything from buying lunch to dying their hair!

Just remember not to pee yourself, or dying your hair will be less embarrassing.

Have a look at this video of fun Super Bowl bets to have with friends.

Which Fun Super Bowl Bet Are You Using?

You have nine fun Super Bowl bets to have with friends at your disposal; which one are you going to choose, or are you going to do them all? Looking to play with the whole family then check out some fun kid friendly Super Bowl bets. 

Some are silly; most are bets that thousands of others will be placing on the game. Your job is to set them up to make the Super Bowl a night to remember.

You could run a betting pool and have as many entrants as you can for big rewards, or you could simply place the bets with a select few friends to add a bit of excitement for the night.

But remember.

Whatever you do, enjoy the game because it’s a fantastic occasion, and if you want an app to track the bets, download the free WagerLab App — it’s free, cool, and makes things easier when betting with your friends.

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