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Long-Term Bets with Friends: 5 Inventive Ideas

Betting with friends can be an exciting way to motivate yourself toward achieving various goals and aspirations. For a betting enthusiastic group, placing wagers on your activities together is fun, and it can even get you to go on to meet your targets. Betting and staking something (it could be anything amongst friends) adds a sense of accountability and friendly competition that can seriously spur you on. 

While short-term bets are popular for making activities more memorable, long-term bets with friends provide a unique opportunity to embark on transformative journeys together. In this article, we explore some creative long-term bets to try with friends that go beyond the realm of staking on sports and games. 

Weight Loss Challenges

Weight Loss Challenges

Weight loss bets are popular among friends and even coworkers. Have you or your friends been considering losing some weight? Getting others involved can give you extra motivation to do so. You can set a long-term bet with friends towards a weight loss goal and establish the rules and guidelines for the challenge.

 The most straightforward setup for a weight loss bet is to create a staking pool where everyone puts in a certain amount. Whoever loses the most weight by a certain period takes all. However, specific individuals might want to lose fewer pounds than others, and you may have to compromise.

 Weight loss bets among friends can be flexible even if you’re betting for real money. Due to its long-term nature, creating milestone targets is an excellent way to remain engaged in this type of bet. You can use creative tools such as a custom betting league to track the bet and celebrate reaching milestones with your friends. 

You can even add fun pick’em pools to weight loss challenges, like wagering which person you think loses the least weight at the end of the betting period. You can also bet on the first person to drop out of a diet plan. This helps to keep things interesting in the short term.

Savings Goals Bets

Savings Goals

Betting on financial goals with friends can be a powerful motivator to help you save money and reach specific financial milestones. Suppose you have an objective that requires you to gather financial resources over a period; wagering with friends towards this target is one way to help you get there.

Ironically, gambling is generally associated with losing money, but a long-term savings goal bet with friends can be a great source of financial accountability. Clearly define your financial objectives, such as saving a certain amount of money or paying off debts, and set a timeline for achieving them.

Place bets with your friends on who reaches certain targets at set milestones and discuss strategies to do so. The winner of the challenge gets a reward which can be a small percentage of the other participant’s stakes (or target saving figure). You can even set fun punishments for losers. 

And if everyone reaches their targets? It becomes a void bet with no losers at the end. So, bets such as “loser take everyone out to dinner” would fall under this category. Although the sense of friendly competition contributes towards helping you achieve your targets, the purpose of a savings goal bet is not to win or lose but to help you develop better financial habits. It fosters a sense of shared responsibility and encouragement among your friend group.


Learning and Skill Development Challenges

Learning Challenge

Long-term bets focused on skill development can be a transformative and enjoyable experience. If you and your friends have a skill or hobby you’re interested in, such as learning a musical instrument, acquiring a new language, or mastering a sport, betting on the outcomes of your learning journeys can help you retain an interest in the endeavour for the long term. 

Set specific milestones of what each participant should have achieved over time, and track your progress together. You can even arrange group practice sessions or classes to enhance learning and provide support. 

Place wagers on who gets to certain milestones first or if participants get there at all. For example, a fun bet for friends trying to pick up a new sport is if, come a certain point of the season, they can name every player on a starting team while watching a game. Wagers help you go further in trying to learn new things because no one likes to lose bets.

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Bucket Lists Challenges

bucket lists


Bucket list bets are an exciting and adventurous way to try new things with friends while crossing off items from your personal bucket lists. Participants can create their own bucket lists and place bets on completing specific items within a given timeframe.

 Fun bets include “Who completes the most activities” and “Who completes the least.” Some bucket list goals may be easier to cross off than others, so you may have to specify a specific number for each participant. 

Regularly share progress with your friends, and track how the bet goes through the WagerLab betting app or spreadsheets. Bucket lists bets add the excitement of gambling as you try thrilling new activities and create unforgettable memories with your friends.

Personal Development Bets

Personal Development Bets

Wagers can be powerful motivators toward achieving individual goals for self-improvement. Want to read more? Bet on who completes books first with your friends. Trying to improve your physical fitness? Bet on who can complete the most reps of an exercise or run the best 5km time over a certain period.

 Other personal development targets such as improved time management skills, adopting healthier habits, and reducing how much you use certain words can be worked towards by placing bets on them with your friends. 

Through private leaderboards and other useful features, WagerLab allows you to track these long-term bets with friends and regularly check in to see each other’s progress. Personal development bets promote personal growth and add a fun gambling twist to your goals.


Creative long-term bets with friends offer a unique way to pursue goals, foster personal growth, and strengthen friendships. Whether it’s weight loss challenges, saving plans, learning, skill development bets, bucket list challenges, or personal development bets, incorporating an element of gambling into any of these endeavors interestingly provides added motivation, opportunities for mutual support, and accountability toward achieving them. 

Much like creative short-term bets, you come up with to try with your friends. Long-term bets with friends can be truly unique experiences for your friend groups. The purpose of making these wagers for a gambling enthusiastic group goes beyond the thrill of winning or losing. Hence, it’s essential to clearly define the rules of these bets to allow participants to gamble responsibly. Limit your stakes and wagers to reasonable amounts and keep punishments for losing light and fun. So what are you waiting for? Try any of these creative long-term bets with friends today and have a blast.

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