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Fair Moneyline
Denver Nuggets
at Charlotte Hornets
Tue, May 11
11:10 PM UTC
Charlotte Hornets +5.5
Denver Nuggets -5.5
Minnesota Timberwolves
at Detroit Pistons
Tue, May 11
11:10 PM UTC
Detroit Pistons +7.5
Minnesota Timberwolves -7.5
Miami Heat
at Boston Celtics
Tue, May 11
11:40 PM UTC
Boston Celtics +1
Miami Heat -1
Los Angeles Clippers
at Toronto Raptors
Tue, May 11
11:40 PM UTC
Toronto Raptors +11.5
Los Angeles Clippers -11.5
Dallas Mavericks
at Memphis Grizzlies
Wed, May 12
12:10 AM UTC
Memphis Grizzlies +2
Dallas Mavericks -2
Philadelphia 76ers
at Indiana Pacers
Wed, May 12
12:10 AM UTC
Indiana Pacers +6.5
Philadelphia 76ers -6.5
Brooklyn Nets
at Chicago Bulls
Wed, May 12
12:10 AM UTC
Chicago Bulls +5.5
Brooklyn Nets -5.5
New York Knicks
at Los Angeles Lakers
Wed, May 12
2:10 AM UTC
Los Angeles Lakers -5.5
New York Knicks +5.5
Oklahoma City Thunder
at Sacramento Kings
Wed, May 12
2:10 AM UTC
Sacramento Kings -10.5
Oklahoma City Thunder +10.5
Phoenix Suns
at Golden State Warriors
Wed, May 12
2:10 AM UTC
Golden State Warriors +5
Phoenix Suns -5

NBA Preview and Predictions


Wednesday May 5th and Thursday May 6th 2021 are the focus of this week’s NBA preview. The contest for seeding spots in both conferences is fierce as we approach the final couple of weeks of the NBA regular season.

A matchup between the Lakers and Clippers headlines our weekly NBA predictions.

Let’s get started with the Phoenix Suns and Atlanta Hawks, who meet at State Farm Arena on Wednesday.

Phoenix Suns vs Atlanta Hawks, Wednesday

Still in a rough part of the schedule, the Phoenix Suns continue to pick up wins. At the time of writing, Monty Williams’ team stand atop the Western Conference.

Atlanta is dealing with a depleted roster. That feels like it’s been the case all year long, which is a testament to Nate McMillan’s work. They rarely have the same rotation available game to game.

At full strength, this would be a fun matchup. The backcourt talent on show is phenomenal, and the Deandre Ayton versus Clint Capela duel is an intriguing clash of flourishing fives. The Hawks are desperately missing their young wing talents, though, and that will make it very hard to back them against this Suns team.

Only the Knicks have a better cover rate than the Suns this season. Phoenix are putting their foot down to take the one seed – this is a very winnable game for Chris Paul and co.

New York Knicks vs Denver Nuggets, Wednesday

On a 9-1 run, the Denver Nuggets have suddenly moved into the top three in the Western Conference. Nikola Jokic, Aaron Gordon and Michael Porter Jr are just playing incredible basketball right now.

The Knicks, however, are one of two teams with a better net rating than Denver over the last 10 games. New York is shooting lights out. They are slowly making the four seed their own in the East, guaranteeing homecourt advantage in the first round.

If fully healthy, Denver will likely be favored for this game. It’ll only be a small spread, though, which should make Jokic’s team the better value given their standards of late.

Brooklyn Nets vs Dallas Mavericks, Thursday

The race for the top seed is still on. Brooklyn doesn’t have James Harden, but they are still within touching distance of Philadelphia. It will be interesting to see how hard the Nets chase the top spot. Kevin Durant’s availability for Thursday’s game with Dallas will be an indicator of their priorities.

Eighth in net rating since the break, the Mavs have turned things round. Up to fifth in the West, avoiding the play-in has become a reasonable expectation, though they are still under severe pressure from the Blazers and Lakers.

These are two offense-first teams. The firepower is impressive, and it should lead a lot of bettors to backing the over. Anywhere up to around 240 could still represent value – the over has hit in 62.2% of Brooklyn’s games as favorite.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers, Thursday

As of Monday, the Lakers are in something bordering turmoil. With the Nuggets on Monday night and Clippers on Thursday, it can all change quickly, but right now, the Lakers are under pressure. Avoiding the play-in is the priority, and there’s clearly tension throughout the roster with LeBron James, Kyle Kuzma and Anthony Davis notably irritable after Sunday’s loss to Toronto.

The Clips are comfier in the four seed. It isn’t where they hoped to be, of course, having been overtaken by the Nuggets and seen the Suns cruise into the distance, but sitting four with the Lakers down in seven is a good deal for Ty Lue.

As with every game, availability could decide this one. These teams are still difficult to split when playing at their best, but it’s unlikely all four of the superstars will be on show. It’s a game the Lakers need more, and that could make them the best bet here, particularly if the Clippers rest players.

How to read NBA odds​

Those new to NBA betting can find the odds pages confusing. Getting to grips with the terminology is important before placing your first NBA wager – bettors need to know how much they can win and how to identify value.

Betting an NBA game usually involves the spread, moneyline and points total. The spread will often be the first thing visible on a bookies’ page. This is a way to level the betting market between two teams, effectively handicapping the favorite. Teams will be listed with a plus or a minus – for example, if the Lakers are -7.5 against the Clippers, they need to win by eight points for the bet to cash.

In this example, the Clips would cover as the ‘dogs’ if they are within seven points of the Lakers when the game ends.

Moneyline and points total bets are more intuitive. The moneyline is a straight up wager on who wins the game. Moneyline odds on NBA games can be extreme – it’s not uncommon to see teams as short as -1000. This is why betting against the spread is such a popular way to bet NBA games.

Points totals are a case of betting the over or under on a set line. These will often be paired with the moneyline for a parlay.

NBA odds movement

The availability of NBA odds varies. With games on everyday during the regular season, bettors often don’t have much time to place their wagers. Despite a small window to get bets in, NBA betting lines will still move significantly.

Keeping up with the latest NBA news is important for any NBA bettor. Lines can shift significantly if a star player’s availability changes, and teams will often leave it late to announce their starting line-ups.

Recent changes have forced teams to make their team news public earlier than previously, but bettors will often be unsure of injury news until three hours before tip-off.

As with any sports betting, major money can shift the betting lines, too. If there’s significant betting confidence in the Lakers at -7.5, the spread could grow towards -10.

NBA playoffs betting

Everything in the long NBA regular season is building towards the playoffs. Over half of the league make the postseason, and the introduction of play-in tournaments means even the nine and 10 seeds in each conference have a chance at featuring in the first round.

Bettors will place bets on the playoffs before and during the season. NBA fans are constantly weighing up who their favorite is to come out of the respective conferences, and which team they ultimately fancy to win it all.

Just like Super Bowl or World Series odds, the betting markets on NBA Finals and playoff success will vary throughout the year. Backing your Finals pick after a couple of losses can be a good way to find better value.

NBA betting strategy

The availability of key players is obviously so important in the NBA. Kawhi Leonard sitting out drastically changes the Clippers’ chances. Subscribing to reliable sources for constant NBA injury news is a must for bettors.

Recent performances are important, too, though be wary of the circumstances of those games. It’s often more useful to look at season-long trends such as how teams have fared on the road, on back-to-backs or how their defense has managed against certain types of offense.


Perhaps more so than other sports, specific matchups are key, also. If Joel Embiid has repeatedly dominated the opposition’s center in their recent encounters, that’s a factor that must be taken into account.

The more information the better when it comes to betting on the NBA.

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