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NFL Family Legacies: The Mannings

The Matthews may have the largest family in the NFL, but the Mannings are on their tail. This family also contains some of the best quarterbacks in NFL history.

One day we might see a Manning vs Manning playoff. Just imagine how the latest NFL odds would be affected by such an event!

So what is their family legacy?

First Generation – Archie Manning – Quarterback Retired

Archie Manning started off this family of stars. He attended college at the University of Mississippi and quickly became the starting quarterback for Ole Miss. He was inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame in 1989 almost 20 years after he left the school.

In the NFL, Archie was picked 2nd overall, which was a fantastic start. He played for the New Orlean Saints for 10 seasons.

Although Archie entered the Pro Bowl twice, and the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame, he never saw the playoffs, and his team never reached a winning record.

Despite being a fantastic quarterback, Archie didn’t experience the NFL to its fullest. No wonder he encouraged his children to play.

Second Generation – Cooper Manning – Injured At College Stage

Since his early childhood, Cooper wanted to be just like his dad. He committed to the same university after his high school team ranked him as a high prospect.

Cooper was on the road to stardom when he felt numbness in his toes and fingers. He was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, which is a narrow spine and a pinched nerve.

This meant Cooper was not healthy enough to play football professionally. Although this was a personal blow, Cooper continues to enjoy the sport and support his family.

Second Generation – Peyton Manning – Quarterback Retired

Copper and Peyton were both soaring to success at the same time. Because of their two-year age gap, they were able to play together in high school and planned to play together in their college teams too.

Cooper’s medical issues put Peyton in a rough spot, and instead of joining Ole Miss, he was picked by the University of Tennessee instead.

However, Peyton soon became the star he dreamed of being. He was a Super Bowl Champion twice and even became the Super Bowl MVP – surpassing his father by miles.

To this day Peyton still holds the record for the most passing touchdowns in a season (55), and the most passing yards in a season (5,477).

Second Generation – Eli Manning – Quarterback Retired

Eli Manning, the youngest brother, retired recently in 2019. During his 2004 NFL draft, this quarterback was picked first which was a surprise to no one.

Like his brothers, he created an amazing impression through school, and due to both his skills and Peyton’s skills, the Manning family got back into the Ole Miss good books.

Eli was considered a folk hero to the university and earned multiple awards with the school.

In the NFL, Eli also won two Super Bowl championships and became the MVP in both games.

To this day, Eli still holds the record for the most passing yards in a single postseason (1,219) and the longest touchdown pass ever (99 yards).

Third Generation – Arch Manning – Quarterback In College

Arch Manning is just 18 years old and has recently joined Texas University. Although he went to visit Ole Miss, in the end, Arch made his choice based on his own needs rather than his family legacy.

So far Arch’s future’s looking bright. His high school career has a total of 8,539 yards, 115 touchdowns, and 33 wins compared to 9 losses. His stats are looking even better than his father’s and his grandfather’s.

Hopefully, he will continue his family’s success. 2023 is his first college football year, so this will be a great way to see how he has developed.

The Other Manning Children

More Manning children could join the NFL legacy, but most don’t seem interested or skilled enough for the sport.

Cooper has 3 children, Heid, Arch, and May. Peyton has 2 children, Marshall and Mosley. Elie has 4 children, Ava, Lucy, Caroline, and Charles.

Although they might not all be interested in football, we hope the children explore other sporting activities.

The Mannings Family Legacy

This family has been through so much. They believe in hard work, helping each other, giving respect to everyone, and being grateful for what you have.

These ideals come through in each Manning we have seen so far. They help each other out especially when it comes to negative moments in their life.

When Peyton turned down Ole Miss, he was attacked by so-called fans, but his family helped Peyton feel safe and protected. If someone fumbled the ball or made a bad play, the family would reassure him.

This is their legacy and the heart of their game.

Final Thoughts

Our hope is that Arch can affect the NFL odds right from the moment he enters the drafts. We can’t say too much about him yet, as Arch has only just entered into a more public domain, but we have hope for him.

No pressure kid, but it’s your time now.

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