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NFL Rookies To Watch

Soon after the NFL draft, attention turns to the best rookies for fantasy football.

Whether in a dynasty league or playing on a year-by-year basis, fantasy football planning never stops.

The draft is one of the biggest moments in the NFL fantasy calendar – here are the top rookies to watch as they settle into their new surroundings.

5 NFL Fantasy Football Rookies To Watch

Najee Harris

There’s no question Najee Harris is among the best rookies for fantasy football in 2021. Comparisons to Le’Veon Bell might be ambitious for his first-year impact, but with Ben Roethlisberger ageing, Harris is going to have plenty of opportunities to make an impact.

It’s not too farfetched to suggest Harris can leap into the top fantasy football running backs immediately. The talent is there. He’s on a team which should put him in a position to post big-time numbers.

Pittsburgh like to run the ball. The ground attack is going to become even more prevalent as Roethlisberger’s arm continues to fade, and Harris will also be an occasional passing option out of the backfield. There’s no rookie in a better position to thrive from a fantasy perspective in the upcoming NFL campaign.

Ja’Marr Chase

Reuniting with Joe Burrow in Cincinnati, Ja’Marr Chase has the familiarity at quarterback that some rookie receivers take months to develop. The chemistry is already there.

Chase was tabbed by many as the top wideout in the class. Whether he ends up delivering on that promise will not be discovered for years yet, but his career at LSU demonstrated that the Bengals are getting a player who can terrorize opposition defenses.

Joining the elite receivers in his rookie year is a big ask, but don’t be surprised if Chase is among the top 10 or so in fantasy production.

Amari Rodgers

This pick relies on Aaron Rodgers staying with Green Bay. If the reigning MVP is still a Packer come Fall, Amari Rodgers is going to be one of the rookies to watch in fantasy football in 2021.

The need for wide receiver depth in Green Bay is obvious. It was again a surprise that the Packers waited until the third round to bolster their options on the offensive side of the ball, but that means Amari Rodgers could be in for a major role in this offense.

Coming from Clemson, a keen eye should be kept on this Rodgers and Rodgers partnership in the coming months. It has the makings of a fantasy feast, and the rookie receiver should get some work on special teams, too.

Trevor Lawrence

Locked in as the Top Prospects of the 2021 NFL Draft for months, Trevor Lawrence is officially a Jaguar. It’s unclear if he’ll have to fight for the job or be handed it from the off, but he should be starting within three or four weeks at the latest.

Joined by Travis Etienne in Jacksonville, Urban Meyer is seemingly going to use Etienne as a mix of a running back and receiver. With D.J. Chark and a decent offensive line, there’s plenty on this Jags roster to suggest Lawrence can put up some solid numbers.

A healthy chunk of play action should make his life easier. Putting up a fantasy campaign similar to Justin Herbert’s is well within reach.

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DeVonta Smith

The uncertainty at quarterback may put some off DeVonta Smith as one of the best rookies in 2021 NFL fantasy. The other way to look at it, though, is that Smith goes into an Eagles offense which is effectively a blank slate.

There is room for growth. There’s space for Smith to become an integral part of Philly’s offensive unit, and to quickly become the number one option for second-year quarterback Jalen Hurts.

The Eagles might be bad in 2021. They might be tanking by the second half of the season. If Smith and Hurts are fit, however, there’s a chance to put up some hefty fantasy numbers.

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