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NFL Week 1 2020 Picks

This week’s top pick is:

LA Rams +3 points

The full set of picks for Week 1 of NFL’s 2020 season are:

  1. LA Rams +3 (vs: Dallas, confidence score: 77.42)
  2. Chicago +3 (vs: Detroit, confidence score: 77.35)
  3. Jacksonville +8 (vs: Indianapolis, confidence score: 77.29)
  4. Carolina +3 (vs: Las Vegas, confidence score: 76.88)
  5. Tennessee +0 (vs: Denver, confidence score: 75.98)
  6. New England -6.5 (vs: Miami, confidence score: 74.97)
  7. Green Bay +3 (vs: Minnesota, confidence score: 72.72)
  8. N.Y. Giants +6 (vs: Pittsburgh, confidence score: 70.08)
  9. Philadelphia -6 (vs: Washington, confidence score: 69.10)
  10. N.Y. Jets +6.5 (vs: Buffalo, confidence score: 63.71)
  11. Baltimore -8 (vs: Cleveland, confidence score: 63.22)
  12. San Francisco -7 (vs: Arizona, confidence score: 60.10)
  13. Houston +9 (vs: Kansas City, confidence score: 59.46)
  14. LA Chargers -3.5 (vs: Cincinnati, confidence score: 57.19)
  15. New Orleans -3.5 (vs: Tampa Bay, confidence score: 54.75)
  16. Seattle -1.5 (vs: Atlanta, confidence score: 52.02)

These picks are made by combining the picks of dozens of other models into a single set of consensus picks. It’s all open source too, so you can view, modify, and even run the code yourself here: wagerlab/model-aggregator

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