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Super Bowl Betting Strategy

Here are our five keys to perfecting a winning Super Bowl betting strategy… The Super Bowl is the biggest sports betting event of the year. It’s the culmination of months of NFL drama, it’s the opportunity for legends to be made. A whole season of weekly picks and a slate loaded with games comes down to one game. The analysis which goes into the Super Bowl supersedes any other game in American sports – the betting markets are just as plentiful. Finding value for the Super Bowl isn’t easy. Such betting attention means a lot of money wagered. Everyone has a season of information on the two teams involved, and they are two great teams going head-to-head. It’s very rare there is a surefire Super Bowl winner. 5 Key Super Bowl Betting Strategy Don’t overvalue the regular season Just as winning 100 games doesn’t guarantee a World Series, owning the better regular season record doesn’t secure a Super Bowl. It can be an indicator ahead of the Big Game, but this shouldn’t be the basis of your betting decisions. Ultimately, the regular season is history by the time the Super Bowl rolls round. Regular season games are weeks away, teams are playing differently and they might have gained or lost players to injury since then. With a good Super Bowl betting strategy all eyes should be on their most recent displays. How did they fare in the championship game? What went well? What did they get wrong? This is where we can get an indication of Super Bowl performance levels. Consider big-game pressures Of course, even those should be taken with a grain or two of salt. The championship game is immense pressure, but it is not in the same stratosphere as the Super Bowl for intensity. Jared Goff froze in the Super Bowl. He’s not the first and won’t be the last. Experience is invaluable when millions of eyeballs worldwide are watching. Having been there and done it unquestionably makes a difference. Even the greatest often have to lose on the biggest stage before they win their first ring. An important Super Bowl betting strategy is to always consider how a team or star player will cope with pressure. Matchups matter Team performance is useful. How a quarterback has dealt with certain coverages or how they have performed against their Super Bowl opponent in the past is good to know and important to keep in mind when betting on the Super Bowl. Big games in any sport often come down to one-on-one performances. How a star corner copes with the deep threat receiver is key, as is how well the best pass rusher has broken through this offensive line in the past. One game can turn on a big play. It can be a punt returner, a timely sack or a wonder catch. Previous matchups between two players is useful, and there’s plenty of data to absorb about every player, but sometimes it will just come down to gut instinct. Delve into player props Bookies will offer more bets than usual for the Super Bowl. Some offers and ‘boosted’ odds are a trap, but it also means more markets for bettors to explore in the never-ending search for value. Player props are a fun market to get involved with in general for NFL betting and a good part of an effective Super Bowl betting strategy. With the extra time to analyze the markets, and a season of data to work with, player props are often the best way to go with the Super Bowl. Enjoy the game Betting the Super Bowl should enhance the experience. It’s the finale of the NFL season – it’s one of the highlights of the sporting calendar. Placing a few wagers on the Big Game shouldn’t take away from the spectacle itself. As always, don’t bet more than you’re comfortable with and don’t chase losses from earlier in the season. Read More: NFL Picks, Predictions and Lines Make sure you can spend the final game of the NFL season relaxed rather than tense over reckless bets. Keen to bet on the Super Bowl with friends? WagerLab is the best Super Bowl sports betting app for friendly bets and the perfect place for sports bettors to keep track of their game bets with friends. Download: WagerLab Google Play | WagerLab App Store

Non-Monetary Bets To Make With Friends

Betting doesn’t have to be about putting your hard-earned dollars on the line. There are ways to enjoy betting with friends that don’t require financial outlay (or not directly, at least). Whatever you’re betting on, wagers can be placed without risking your money. It changes the dynamic of the bet, of course, but it can also be a means to make the bet friendlier and more engaging. We have covered the best sports bets to make with friends. This time round our focus is on the stakes – what’s your favorite way to bet with friends? Fun Bets with Friends Here are our five best non-monetary bets… Changing team names It’s common in fantasy sports for gameweek or season winners to be able to change their opponent’s team name or avatar for a set period. This is a fun way to spice up the weekly matchups without the pressure of money. It’s an extra little incentive, and it will be particularly tense in weeks when your opponent is going to be especially cruel with your team name. Got a fantasy rival who adores the Celtics and despises the Lakers? Place this wager and make his team a tribute to LeBron James’ champions for a week. There is a natural competitive edge in fantasy sports – this is a great way to add a little more to it. Cooking a meal Whether betting with someone you live with or not, this is a nice way to incentivise a bet. It doesn’t require any extra financial outlay – the winnings are your friend’s effort rather than depleting their bank account. There are obviously variations on this theme. It can be hosting a movie night, drinks or a barbecue. The general idea is about treating the ‘winner’ of the bet to an evening and ideally making sure they do not have to go the effort of playing host. Be careful, though, you don’t want to be ‘winning’ a meal off your friend that can’t cook… Loser buys Okay, this one is bending the rules a bit as it’s technically monetary. It’s not cash changing hands straight up, though, so we think it’s probably okay to include. It could be paying for that weekend’s takeaway. Maybe you go out for a meal or the ‘loser’ has to buy the first round of drinks when you’re watching the game at the bar. Perhaps the winner of the fantasy league is bought a jersey of their choice by the rest of the league. There are countless directions you can go with this one. Gift cards Again, this involves money, but it’s a slight twist on a straight up cash reward. It could be a gift card to spend on whatever they want on Amazon or a voucher for their daily coffee at Starbucks or Costa. Gift cards are a good way to personalise the winnings rather than handing over cash. (Remember to agree the value of the card/voucher before you agree to the bet…) Charity donations It’s becoming increasingly popular to gift charity donations for birthdays or Christmas. This is a trend that can be utilised in betting with friends, too. The donation amount should be agreed before any wager, of course, but then there’s relatively free reign. Both could agree on a specific charity in advance or the ‘winner’ can pick a charity of their choice. Winning a bet and making a contribution to a charity of your choosing seems like a very good outcome.

Common Sports Betting Mistakes

Sports betting mistakes are common. It’s easy to go flying into the world of gambling without an understanding of what is required to be successful. Sure, there’s more than a dollop of luck in landing one of the biggest sports betting wins, but to be profitable day-to-day, there’s a blueprint to succeed. Focused on betting with friends or beating the bookie, it’s important to avoid these frequent sports betting mistakes. 5 Sports Betting Mistakes 1. Not being impartial Even beyond the teams we have supported through thick and thin, we all have our favorites. It’s impossible not to as a sports fan. There are teams, players or coaches we prefer over others. This can be a trap. Bettors need to think clearly when placing wagers. Betting decisions need to be thought through clinically rather than emotionally (for the most part, at least). Forcing impartiality isn’t easy. There are always biases at play when humans make decisions, and the same goes when picking which bet represents value. A solution to this mistake could be to simply not bet on games that involve your favored teams. If that proves too restrictive, it might be worth outweighing your favored teams/athletes… 2. Insufficient data Data is the bedrock of successful sports betting. More data is more knowledge and it should allow a more informed betting decision. Exploring the numbers further can help take your mind away from preconceived notions of a team and place a wager based on reality rather than perception. Sites like team rankings provide loads of helpful information for bettors. The Sports Reference pages are a must to spot trends as you cast your eye over the latest sports odds. Some gamblers will rely far too heavily on gut instinct. The best sports bettors will base their decisions on the numbers. There are several sports betting tips apps that provide you insightful data which can inform your betting decisions in a variety of ways. 3. Getting too ambitious We’ve all seen the viral stories. A bettor chucks $100 on an 11-fold parlay and they’re waiting in anticipation of the last couple of games. Winning a life-changing sum is the dream of every sports bettor, but lengthy parlays are a mug’s game. They can be good fun, though should never be a staple of sports bettor looking to make money. Parlays are tempting. The massive odds lure in wagers, dreaming of what could be if this seemingly reasonable set of events plays out. Stick to shorter odds bets, stick to singles and maybe stretch it to a double on occasion if there’s a particularly tantalizing option. 4. Reckless with money A key to sports betting is to not chase losses. Obviously, it’s important to only bet what you can afford, but it’s also crucial to keep to your set units per bet. Having a sports betting profit is about regular wins even if the individual returns aren’t going to break any records. Even bets that seem like overwhelmingly good value will lose on occasion. Going ‘all-in’ might seem like a good idea, but if that misfires once or twice, it can take a long time to make up for that misjudgement. Be wary of what you’re betting. Don’t throw money at bets when you suffer a couple of losses. 5. Being too busy Another symptom of chasing losses, sports bettors can sometimes place too many wagers. Rather than searching for value, they are too easily convinced of any bet as a sensible wager. Of course, it depends on the time you have to put into it, but there’s a finite amount of time for research. If you are placing too many, they are not all going to be well-researched decisions. There’s a desire to have plays all over the place on a particularly busy day of sports. That’s fine, but be wary of overdoing it. Read More: 5 of the best sports betting apps

Best Sports Betting Picks Apps of 2021

We have looked at the best sports betting apps in a crowded marketplace. For those looking to make regular profit from sports wagers, it’s important to make use of top betting picks, too. Gathering information is the key to sports betting. Whether you’re gambling with friends or taking on the bookie, collecting as much information as possible is vital. Betting trends, injury news and expert advice are all crucial to a bettor. The internet is awash with websites and apps offering supposedly the best tips and expertise. 5 of the Best Sports Betting Picks App Here are five of the best sports betting picks apps… Oddschecker Oddschecker is still making its mark in the US, but it won’t be long before it’s among the premier odds comparison apps. Oddschecker is a good place to keep up to date with all the latest betting promotions and deals, too. Click on a game or market and Oddschecker will take you to a comprehensive list of bookies. Just a glance through will find the best price on a given wager. Like many odds comparison platforms, Oddschecker produces a catalogue of daily betting tips and features. It’s a brilliant place for betting information as you ready your wagers. Download: Oddschecker Google Play| Oddschecker App Store Sports Betting Dime Odds Aiming to provide bettors with all the information they need, SBD Odds has the latest odds, standings, and betting trends. They pride themselves on keeping up to date and claim to use artificial intelligence to make their predictions. SBD’s future trackers are one of the best betting services around. Every major futures market has a tracker to show odds movement. Their betting trends features go beyond the surface level details, providing an insight into returns on investment rather than straight win-loss figures. Beyond their AI predictions, the SBD app and website are also loaded with daily picks articles from obscure props to futures odds changes. Download: SBD Google Play | SBD App Store SharpSide A different slant on betting tips, SharpSide is a community-based picks service. It prides itself on transparency, with every user’s betting record being available for any other app user to analyze. Bettors can place picks on a massive list of totals, spreads and moneylines. This is then shown on the app in extraordinary detail to scroll through – it’s a means for bettors to get an understanding of what others are thinking on a larger scale and with more detail than what we are used to seeing elsewhere. SharpSide is a great way to focus in on bettors with successful track records in the sports you are most interested in. It’s a breath of fresh air amid the murky waters of many picks websites. Download: SharpSide Google Play| Oddschecker App Store BettingPros Similar to Oddschecker, BettingPros’ main aim is to enable bettors to compare prices. Open any intuitive page and it will immediately become clear which book is offering the best price on a given wager. Team trends and betting percentages are easy to find, too. It’s not the flashiest app around, but BettingPros gives all the information in a clean, informative layout. There’s a vast array of tips on the app as well as betting guides for those still getting used to the world of sports gambling. Download: BettingProsGoogle Play | Betting Pros App Store ParlayIt! PaylayIt! does what it says on the tin. It’s a simple app, but a very useful one for bettors who fancy their chances at a parlay. The main function is to calculate the odds of parlays, with the potential to add up to 12 legs. Odds can be entered in American, decimal or fractional format. There’s an alternative calculator to help hedge your bets across multiple bookies, too. It’s on Android and Apple at no cost – it’d be silly not to download ParlayIt! if you are searching for the best parlay bets. Download: Google Play

10 of the Biggest Sports Betting Wins of All Time

Whether it’s an ambitious parlay, a bizarre prop or an extreme futures bet, we all remember hearing those stories of gargantuan sports betting wins. It’s what sports bettors dream of, the day a wager comes in with a life-changing sum. Often, they are the result of sports betting shocks. Sometimes it’s a peculiar chain of events that leads to a longshot parlay cashing. The biggest sports betting wins used to just capture headlines. Now, they are viral internet sensations with interviews and heavily retweeted bet slips. Here are 10 of the biggest sports betting wins ever… Winning over $1 million on The Masters Betting on Tiger Woods to win The Masters has been a reasonable proposition for much of the last quarter of a century. That wasn’t the case in 2019, however, when James Adducci placed an $85,000 wager on Woods at 14/1. Adducci has since claimed this was his first wager, and it was a record breaker. He received William Hill’s biggest ever futures payout of around $1.2 million. Royal pay out Dave Oancea had quite a 2015. It was capped off by an outrageous $140,000 bet on the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series at 30/1. Spread across multiple casinos, as they wouldn’t accept such a stake, Oancea had to wait months after placing the bet. It was worth the wait – he won $2.5 million. Whiteley’s monster return A free ticket to the races ended in an historic jackpot for Steve Whiteley. A £2 bet pocketed Whiteley £1.5 million. It was a six-fold parlay, including a horse which had lost all of its previous races. Fair to say this one was more luck than judgement! Charles Barkley’s big bet Back in 2002, the Patriots were hefty Super Bowl underdogs against the Rams. No one gave New England a chance, but that didn’t stop NBA legend Charles Barkley betting half a million on them. Of course, the Pats won the Super Bowl. Barkley received $800,000 and New England’s dynasty went from strength to strength. Darren Yates backs Dettori Placing £62 on Frankie Dettori winning all of his seven races at Ascot was bold. Darren Yates might not have committed as big a stake as others, but the rewards were just as handsome. Dettori obliged with the magnificent seven. Yates won an extraordinary £550,000. Gibbs’ parlay A roofer by trade, Mick Gibbs hit one of the longest odds parlays in history. 15 matches combined for odds of 1,666,666/1, and Gibbs placed 30p on it. With the first 14 matches coming in, Gibbs was reliant on a penalty shootout between Bayern Munich and Valencia. It went his way, and he won half a million. 15-leg NFL winner Tayla Polia made just her second ever bet. A 15-leg NFL parlay with nine favourites, five underdogs and a points total, Polia placed $5 on the 2,000/1 longshot. The results trickled in and it was looking good. It must have been quite a celebration when Polia realized she had turned five dollars into over $100,000. Leicester’s 5,000/1 Premier League glory Mentioning Leicester’s preseason odds of 5,000/1 has become commonplace when discussing their against all odds title. Of course, not many actually backed them at that price. A few Foxes fans did, but the highest profile was a bettor who walked away with £200,000 as Leicester clinched the most improbable of Premier League titles. Hopkins backs Hamilton Richard Hopkins first saw Lewis Hamilton when his own son was racing the future world champion in karts in 1998. Hopkins was in awe of Hamilton’s talent – he placed £200 on him win a Grand Prix before he turned 23 at odds of 300/1. He placed the same stake on Hamilton to be world champion before the same age at 500/1. Of course, both of these things happened. Hamilton is now a seven-time world champion and Hopkins’ hunch was rewarded with £165,000. Mickelson’s Ravens Phil Mickelson was optimistic about the Baltimore Ravens ahead of the 2000 NFL season. So much so, he wagered $20,000 on them to win the Super Bowl at 22/1. Baltimore shone through the playoffs, winning the Big Game. Mickelson pocketed a useful $560,000.

Five Betting Predictions for 2021 Australian Open

The 2021 Australian Open will take place from February 8th through to the 21st. This is three weeks later than originally planned due to COVID-19 – Novak Djokovic and Sofia Kenin are looking to defend their titles. Djokovic once again opens as the tennis betting favorite. The women’s field is much more open with world number one Ashleigh Barty, Serena Williams and 2020 US Open Naomi Osaka all in contention. For the first time in his decorated career, Roger Federer will miss the Australian Open as he continues his recovery from knee surgery. Australian Open Betting Predictions Here are five betting predictions to look out for when the tournament finally gets underway… Expect upsets There has been opposition from players about the required quarantine. Only one member of their team can go with them to the venue and they must practise with the same partner throughout their initial stay in the country. Just as we witnessed with the NBA’s bubble, these unique circumstances are challenging from a mental as well as physical standpoint. Athletes are being tested in ways unfamiliar to them. Some will be more comfortable than others. Some will be able to get into tennis rhythm quicker. Some will find the whole experience to be detrimental to their mental health. Upsets are inevitable at Grand Slams – never more so than this year. Veterans to benefit The 2020 tour was a disrupted one. A lot of high-profile players opted out of events, and many more were postponed/cancelled. The frustration at not playing will have been universal across the WTA and ATP, but for some of the veterans, could those extra weeks to recuperate have proved beneficial? Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal are among the favorites regardless of preparation, but the circumstances might help them. Where their younger counterparts have seen their development halted, the elders of the tennis world can return to Australia with less mileage over the last 12 months. Watch out for Rublev Achieving a career high ranking of eighth and winning five tour titles, Andrey Rublev is an up and comer in the men’s game. The big-serving Russian made the last eight at Roland Garros and the US Open in 2020 – he’s hoping to take another leap forward in 2021. The 23-year-old is prone to inconsistency. Aggression makes him fun to watch, but just as prone to slip ups. If he hits a good run of form, though, he has the game to beat anyone on the planet. Watch out for Rublev in 2021 – he could make a deep run at the Australian Open. Bounce back Bencic 2020 was a lost year for Belinda Bencic. Her only Grand Slam entry was in Australia, and it ended with an embarrassing third-round loss. A couple of tour titles and a run to the US Open semis in 2019 gave a springboard for success. Bencic is still ranked 11th in the world ahead of the 2021 campaign, though, and heads to Australia as an interesting longshot betting option. Bencic, with just four career titles, is yet to deliver on her undeniable talent. Could 2021 be the year the 23-year-old breaks through? New generation Dominic Thiem and Alexander Zverev battled in the 2020 US Open final. Two players tabbed as the successors to Nadal and Djokovic’s thrones have struggled for consistency – the same can be said for Daniil Medvedev, who beat Thiem to win the ATP Finals in November. Djokovic’s early exit and Nadal’s decision to opt out left the door wide open for Zverev and Thiem. The 2021 Australian Open will be an early indicator of how competitive the top of the men’s game now is. There’s some great young talent – will any of them asset themselves in the way Naomi Osaka has in the women’s game?

2020 NFL Rookie Analysis

The 2020 NFL Draft was like no other. Completed remotely, Roger Goodell was talking into a camera from his home rather than addressing an audience of thousands. While the draft process was different throughout, moving from college athlete to NFL star was the same for the draftees. Joe Burrow, selected first overall, was met with the same pressure. The attention on each high pick was every bit as fierce, and front offices were judged with the same harshness as they are in normal seasons. With the 2020 NFL regular season wrapped up, let’s look back on the rookie seasons of some of the 2020 Draft’s biggest names. Joe Burrow Taken first overall by the Cincinnati Bengals, Joe Burrow had the hopes of a franchise on his shoulders. The Bengals were terrible in 2019, and their reward was a Heisman Trophy winner who possessed elite passing accuracy and poise in the pocket. Burrow shone as a rookie before a brutal knee injury cut his campaign short in late-November. Multiple ligaments were damaged, ruling the Bengals quarterback out long-term, but there was enough in his brief taster of NFL action to show he can lead Cincinnati onto a brighter future. Chase Young Solid in run defense and spectacular as a pass rusher, second overall pick Chase Young will be getting a taste of playoff football to end his rookie season after Washington Football Team clinched the division. Young registered 12 quarterback hits in his 15 games and 10 tackles for a loss. His 7.5 sacks was only bettered by 21 players – Joey Bosa and Bradley Chubb sat level with Young in total sacks. Washington’s rookie star set high standards in his rookie year, though inconsistency crept into his game. How good will he be in 2021? Tua Tagovailoa Injuries saw Tua Tagovailoa’s draft stock fall. Once the consensus first overall pick, Tagovailoa fell to the Miami Dolphins at fifth overall. Miami opted to start with the rookie as backup to Ryan Fitzpatrick until his Week 6 debut. The Dolphins fiddled with their quarterback situation more often than most, resulting in a Week 16 fourth quarter benching for Tagovailoa. His performances in general were impressive, and he’s shown sufficient talent to be considered a franchise QB, but it will be fascinating to see how Miami manages the situation next season. Justin Herbert The heavy favorite to win NFL Rookie of the Year, Justin Herbert was sixth in the league in passing yards through his rookie year as a Charger. An average of 7.3 yards per pass put him among the game’s elite, just behind Russell Wilson (7.5) and comfortably ahead of Ben Roethlisberger (6.3). After years with Philip Rivers, the Chargers have their long-term quarterback in Herbert. He’s combined accuracy with solid arm strength even on a subpar Chargers team. Comparisons to Burrow and Tagovailoa are inevitable – will Herbert be the best quarterback from the class of 2020? Clyde Edwards-Helaire Selected with the final pick of the first round by the Kansas City Chiefs, Clyde Edwards-Helaire took to the NFL like a duck to water. He immediately became an important component in Kansas City’s league-best offense. Ranking 19th in rushing yards isn’t exactly spectacular but given the Chiefs’ firework passing game led by Patrick Mahomes, the rushing of Edwards-Helaire was more supplementary than foundational for their offense. The 32nd overall pick fared well in yards per rush, too. His 4.4 mark was better than Kareem Hunt, Phillip Lindsay, Josh Jacobs and Ezekiel Elliott. Kansas City is Super Bowl betting favorites – Edwards-Helaire’s regular season was cut short by injury, but he should be back in time for their playoff push.

2021 Golden Globes Betting Predictions

The 2021 Golden Globes will take place on the date originally set aside for the Academy Awards. Sunday February 28th will see the best of American film and television in 2020 honored, a year when billions have people have spent more time in front of their screens than usual. Golden Globes betting is a popular pastime for entertainment experts and hobbyist bettors alike. The qualification period runs from January 1st 2020 through to December 31st – there are several different rules for eligibility, including that films must be 70 minutes long and screened for at least a week in the Los Angeles area. Golden Globes Betting Predictions There are 27 different awards handed out at the Golden Globes every year. Let’s do a quick run down of the main contenders for the high-profile awards. Best Motion Picture Variety has identified the five most likely nominees, including ‘Borat’, ‘The Prom’ and ‘On The Rocks’. Rumors circle that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association really likes ‘The Personal History of David Copperfield’, and some are suggesting ‘Emma’ could earn a nomination. One of Disney Plus’ biggest releases, ‘Hamilton’, will be in the mix. Netflix’s ‘Jingle Jangle’’ and ‘Happiest Season’ from Hulu are also going to be speculated of as contenders for Best Motion Picture. ‘The Prom’ is the likely frontrunner for this award at the time of writing, but don’t be surprised to see a run from Armando Iannucci’s ‘The Personal History of David Copperfield’ – the film won Best Screenplay at the British Independent Film Awards. Best Actor In A Motion Picture Sacha Baron Cohen won this award back in 2006 for the original ‘Borat’. While his latest release hasn’t been met with quite the same enthusiasm, Baron Cohen is still considered the early frontrunner for this award. Jamie Dornan’s performance in ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ will warrant considerable attention in this discussion, too. While barely comparable to Baron Cohen as Borat, Dornan was superb. It’s exactly the kind of performance that is often rewarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. If ‘The Personal History of David Copperfield’ proves to be popular with the HFPA, Dev Patel is going to be there or thereabouts for Best Actor. It’s not impossible to envisage a very successful evening for Iannucci’s film – could they take home Best Actor and Best Motion Picture? As usual, there are big names aplenty who will be eyeing up this award. Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon could earn nominations for ‘The Trip To Greece’, while Pete Davidson could be a good longshot bet for his performance in ‘The King Of Staten Island’. Seth Rogen in ‘An American Pickle’ and Will Smith in ‘Bad Boys For Life’ are no more than outsiders at this point. Best Actress In A Motion Picture Meryl Streep owns the Golden Globes. The most successful person in the history of the awards with seven, Streep is a lock for yet another nomination (extending another record she already holds). Streep’s performance in Netflix’s ‘The Prom’ is set to go head-to-head with Michelle Pfeiffer in ‘French Exit’. Pfeiffer has previous Golden Globes success, winning once before and earning six other nominations. Many bettors would consider her the favorite at this early stage, though a lot can obviously change between late-December and February. Emily Blunt’s performance alongside Jamie Dornan in ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ makes her a sure-fire contender for Best Actress. Expecting a nomination for Best Motion Picture, ‘On The Rocks’ could also see Rashida Jones rewarded with a nomination in Best Actress. Beyond the leading quartet, it’s a wide open field. Kristin Scott Thomas is deserving of recognition for her performance in ‘Military Wives’, and there will be clamor for Margot Robbie to receive a nomination for ‘Birds Of Prey’. For now, though, this looks as though it’s a straight shootout between Streep and Pfeiffer. Streep may well be the betting favorite given her history of success with the HFPA.

Most Innovative Apps of 2021

There’s an app for everything. We have identified five of the most innovative apps of 2021. Innovation knows no bounds when it comes to apps. What is achieved through smartphones is the stuff of sci-fi-level imagination from just a couple of decades ago. There are gimmicks, and the focus on the biggest apps in the world, but often the driving force is start-ups. We all know what Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have achieved. As 2021 begins, though, in a world still in the midst of an historic pandemic, true innovation is not at the top. It comes through problem solving, through creating apps that meet a need no one had addressed yet. 5 Most Innovative Apps of 2021 | Best Apps of 2021 SoloCoin Arbob Mehmood had quite a 2020. SoloCoin was an overwhelming success and Mehmood’s other app, Bramble, has done well. SoloCoin is an app for COVID times. The base principle is to reward people for staying at home. Tokens are handed out and they can be exchanged at multiple high-profile services including Netflix and Amazon, perfect for those weeks stuck at home. Download: SoloCoin Google Play | SoloCoin App Store Safe Queue No one likes queueing. The Safe Queue app enables businesses to create a virtual queue. They can then control the queue, how many people join it and manage everything one could want to. As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyday life, innovation has been important. Safe Queue allows customers to queue virtually, providing they are within 1000 feet. They can simply start queueing and will be notified when it’s their turn – a QR code is then issued by the app which is presented upon entry. As the coronavirus surges, and new strains emerge, Safe Queue is going to remain a vital app deep into 2021. Asana Although not the most innovative in this article, Asana has grown exponentially in 2020. With so many people thrown into home working as a result of the pandemic, Asana has become a must-have for companies to organize workloads. A collective platform for task management isn’t ground-breaking, but Asana is the best of the bunch. They are constantly tweaking the product and looking to add new features to what is already a comprehensive and easy-to-use app. Download: Asana Google Play | Asana App Store WagerLab Everyone is familiar with the popularity of sports betting. New bookies are appearing all the time, offering free bets and an array of deals. It’s a saturated market, a market of companies offering the same thing. WagerLab is different. This is an app for people who want to bet with friends, to keep track of bets, or to enjoy the thrill of betting without placing their hard-earned cash on the line. Download the WagerLab app and you can browse through countless betting markets. You can take on your friends or you can place a wager (for however many units you fancy) against the house. WagerLab is truly unique – it’s a different take on the flourishing world of sports gambling. Download: WagerLab Google Play | WagerLab App Store Read More: Best Sports Betting Picks Apps of 2021 You may also like: 5 Sports Betting Tips Apps My Label My Label enables customers to buy products that correspond with their values. There are 20 criteria to choose from, including health and environmental factors. App users simply tick the categories they want their purchases to fulfil and scan products through the app. My Label will then give a smiley face if it’s an appropriate product or a red emoji if it is not. Handily, the app throws up suitable alternatives if it does need deem a product to mee the requirements. There are similar apps on the market, but My Label is leading the way. There you have it, five of the most innovative, and perhaps most important, apps of 2021.

Best iOS Betting Apps in 2021

Mobile betting continues to grow. The power of smartphones has made betting accessible wherever you are and whenever you please. Sports betting apps have improved, offering more features and in-play options than ever before. Having a functioning and reliable iOS app is a must for any betting company. Giving bettors the best app is at least as important as a good website – for many sports gamblers, the app is their main platform. Get it right, and it can win over customers. Get it wrong, and gamblers will be frustrated. Here are our seven best iOS betting apps. Points Bet As the name suggests, Points Bet’s app is focused on points betting. They offer expansive fixed-odds options, too, and provide bettors with an app as easy to use as any on the market. Quick to load across the board, and with a smart black and red color scheme, Points Bet is one of the premier names in American sports betting and it’s easy to see why. An average of 4.6 stars on over 2,000 App Store reviews is seriously impressive. Bet 365 The biggest betting company in the world by many metrics, Bet365 is arguably the most recognizable brand in sports betting. With such a reputation comes an impact on the industry. Bet365’s decisions and strategy shape many sports betting trends – they boast thousands of live streaming events every year and odds on every sport any bettor could wish to place a wager on. Their iOS offering is solid and intuitive. It’s not ground-breaking, but it doesn’t need to be when you’re as successful as Bet365. Bet Rivers The first online sportsbook and app in Illinois, Bet Rivers’ iOS app has received mixed reviews. The headline is the bonuses for this one, though. Bet Rivers have run several major promotions, including a $250 bonus for customers in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Illinois. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of market share Bet Rivers establishes as sports betting is legalized across the US. Bet MGM Bet MGM’s iOS sportsbook app has an average rating of a whopping 4.8 on the app store from almost 10,000 reviews. The company best known for casinos has leapt into the sports betting marketplace and done so successfully to date. An aesthetically pleasing and smooth-functioning app, Bet MGM is already one of the predominant forces in US sports betting. William Hill William Hill’s app is straight forward to navigate. Its loading times are better than most. Where William Hill excel, though, is their range of odds. From the #YourOdds parlay builders to hundreds of price boosts, bettors have endless options in the search for betting value on William Hill. The company, ranked as the fourth-largest betting business in the world, also offers bingo, casino and poker apps on iOS. Draft Kings As with any bookie, Draft Kings’ iOS reviews feature more than a handful of customer service complaints, but the majority are from very happy punters. Since expanding from daily fantasy into a sportsbook app, they have received an average of 4.8 on the App Store. In-plays are a big part of Draft Kings’ promotional efforts – they offer more options than many of their competitors. Their boosted odds are good value too, and they are clear to see on the app. Withdrawing funds is quick and easy – unfortunately that’s not the case for every sportsbook app. WagerLab WagerLab is a different angle from the others in this article. Built around betting with friends, Wager Lab enables bettors to place wagers with no financial risk and it is an increasingly popular tool to keep track of bets. Want to take on the House for this weekend’s NFL slate? Want to challenge a friend on the Lakers’ win total? WagerLab has you covered.

College Football Playoff Preview

Bring in 2021 with college football – New Year’s Day has the two semi-finals for fans to dig their teeth into. Alabama Crimson Tide face Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the first of the two games, kicking off at 4pm EST. Clemson Tigers match up with the Ohio State Buckeyes in the night game in New Orleans. The Tigers are looking to make up for their loss in the final last year, and they will be hoping to repeat last season’s success over Ohio State. Early college football betting odds unsurprisingly favor the Alabama and Clemson to make the championship game – here are two quickfire previews of the January 1st headliners. Alabama Crimson Tide vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish The Crimson Tide made history in a disrupted 2020, becoming the first team to go 10-0 against their SEC rivals. Arriving in the semis as the top seed, Alabama are the undisputed favorite to win this game – some spreads go into the high-teens in their favor. There’s a marked talent gap between these two teams, despite Notre Dame’s strong season. Some experts predict as many as six of this Crimson Tide roster will be selected in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. The Fighting Irish are short on top end talent, but they have a good offensive line and in Ian Book, they have a quarterback with a stellar record (30-4, second most passing yards in school history). As impressive as Book has been at times, Notre Dame’s chances in this game may well come down to their running game. It will allow them to dictate the pace and keep Alabama’s dangerous offense off the field. How will the Fighting Irish’s offensive line fare against the Tide’s powerful front seven? The Tide are the favorites to win the championship. It’s easy to see why – they have a complete team, and recorded a brilliant win in the SEC Championship game. Alabama would have to suffer a meltdown, or lose key players, for this to be a close game. Betting them to cover 19 points is a bit ambitious, though, so let’s back a high-scoring game. Pick: Over 66 points Clemson Tigers vs Ohio State Buckeyes These two teams played out a thriller at this stage in 2019. Trevor Lawrence earned MVP honors thanks to an inspired performance, leading Clemson to a comeback win after falling 16-0 behind. Lawrence, the consensus first overall pick in next year’s NFL Draft, will duel once again with Justin Fields. Clemson have one loss all year. That came to Notre Dame when Lawrence was sidelined after a positive COVID-19 test. The Tigers saw off the Fighting Irish in the ACC Championship game last weekend – Lawrence amassed 322 yards and a brace of touchdown passes. It’s hard to get an understanding of how good Ohio State is. A late start to the campaign, and multiple COVID-19 cancellations, have seen them play just six games this season. That was, controversially, enough for the three seed, booking their New Year’s Day date with Clemson. All eyes are on Fields for this one. Matching Lawrence might be an impossible task, but his draft stock could plummet if he struggles. The Buckeyes quarterback has had issues against elite defenses this season, and the two second half interceptions when these teams met in 2019 are still relatively fresh in the memory. Unfortunately, the competitiveness of this game could come down to the coronavirus. Ohio State were without several key players for their last game – they must be at full strength to have a chance of victory. Clemson have sufficient pass rushing talent to put Fields under pressure. If Lawrence keeps up his lofty standards, they should win this easily. Pick: Clemson -7

5 Major Changes to the NBA Season

The NBA offseason was not as dramatic as its 2019 counterpart, but there were sufficient changes to shake up the 2020/21 campaign. While the Lakers remain NBA betting favorites, the league is wide open beyond them. Stars returning from injury, coaching changes and big trades will see a different NBA in 2020/21 from what we witnessed in 2019/20. Here are five major changes to follow ahead of the new NBA season, which tips off on December 22nd with the Golden State Warriors and Brooklyn Nets. NBA season: Five major changes The Warriors are back Maybe it would be more accurate to include a question mark with that heading. Golden State have Steph Curry and Draymond Green healthy (though Green will sit out the season opener), they drafted James Wiseman second overall and traded for Kelly Oubre. Projections for the Warriors present a wide range of outcomes. Some have them missing the playoffs, others envisage Curry carrying the team towards a top four seed. After what was effectively a year off, Golden State hopes to be in serious contention once again. It’s potentially a big season for Curry’s legacy. New-look Nets Much like the Warriors, the 2019-20 season was a lost one for Brooklyn. Kevin Durant was out all year and Kyrie Irving was dealing with injury issues throughout. The Nets might not have traded for a third star, but this is a different Brooklyn from the one that made the playoffs a couple of seasons ago. Kenny Atkinson has been replaced by Steve Nash, with Ime Udoka and Mike D’Antoni leading an All-Star coaching cast. Durant and Irving will play their first NBA game together on December 22nd. The futures of Caris LeVert, Jarrett Allen and Spencer Dinwiddie are uncertain as James Harden trade rumors rumble. Van Gundy & Zion Jrue Holiday was flipped to the Milwaukee Bucks. Alvin Gentry was replaced by Stan Van Gundy. Steven Adams arrived from Oklahoma City. There was change aplenty in New Orleans as the Pels try to build a team around Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson. The defense was cataclysmically bad last season. Van Gundy has a track record of top tier defensive teams, but his teams also tend to play slow. This Pels team needs to get out and run, as their halfcourt offense is woefully lacking in shooting. Most of all, though, how many games will Zion play? What shape will he be in? New Orleans are a very hard team to evaluate. One thing is for sure, though – Zion’s short- and long-term health will determine the future of this franchise. Doc tries to fix Philly Just like Brooklyn, everything with the Sixers must be qualified by their involvement in any Harden trade talks. Flipping Ben Simmons for the former MVP changes everything. As of the time of writing, the Sixers have reshaped their roster without an overhaul and have made a change on the bench, hiring Doc Rivers to replace Brett Brown. Danny Green and Seth Curry bring much-needed shooting to space the floor for Simmons and Joel Embiid. First-round pick Tyrese Maxey impressed in preseason. It’s easy to get lured into the Sixers as a concept. It’s time for the concept to become reality or it will be the end of the Simmons and Embiid duo. Westbrook and Beal team up Did Russell Westbrook request a trade because he knew Harden wanted out? Was Bradley Beal fed up with John Wall? Whatever the prelude, the outcome was John Wall and Russell Westbrook being traded for one another. The Wizards are trying to be competitive. They know they are under pressure to give Beal a winning team. Westbrook and Beal are the best backcourt in the Eastern Conference, but this Washington roster is perilously lacking on the defensive end. This should be a fun offense. How good can they be with a below-average defense? Anything less than the top-half of the play-in and the Wizards will be sweating on Beal’s future.