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Ready to turn up the excitement with your very own sports betting pool? Look no further than our awesome sports pool betting app!
WagerLab Sports Pool App is your go-to destination for all things sports pools. Whether you’re setting up an office pool, organizing a sports pool with friends, or just looking to have some fun, we’ve got you covered.
Challenge your friends, family, or fellow sports enthusiasts to join in on the action. Keep it simple by picking the winners, or dive into the details with spreads, over/unders, and some wacky player props!
You can bet on a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, soccer, golf, and tennis.
And the fun doesn’t stop there – with our handy sports pools leaderboard, you can keep track of who’s scoring big and who needs a little extra pep talk. So what are you waiting for? Get in on the action and download our App now!

Pool App and Hosting

WagerLab is an easily navigable sports pool app that lets you create and host pools for a range of sports. Simple and easy to use:

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The best sports pool hosting and app for football, baseball, basketball, soccer and more.

Create and Host Pools and Leagues

Create and host your very own sports pool league, office pool, or pick'em pool. With a diverse array of customizable pool options available, the excitement is limitless!

Set Pool Options

Choose your sports, choose your points, choose your bets types and set pool duration.

Invite Your Friends

Invite your friends and family to jump into your fun sports pool. Showcase your prediction prowess and ascend the leaderboard.

Climb the Leaderboard

WagerLab sports pools app automatically tracks all pools predictions, victories and defeats, with a points based leaderboard. Bragging rights to the leader with some friendly banter with pals.

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100% Free

WagerLab is a free social, sports pool and hosting app.

#1 Sports Pools Hosting App

You can easily use WagerLab to create and host sports pools.

Ranked Leaderboards

We automatically track all the pool predictions. Watch the leaderboard to see who is on top and who has the wooden spoon.

100% Legal

WagerLab is fun and legal in all 50 United States as well as internationally where the app is available.

Download the Best Sports Pools Hosting App.

Create and Host Sports Pools

Get WagerLab’s Sports Pools App and Hosting and create your own lively and fun sports pool. Its an absolute must for any sports fan.

The Ultimate Sports Pool Betting Experience

Gather your friends and family for some good-natured competition and predict and pick from a range of sports including football, golf, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis and MMA.

With WagerLab’s Sports Pools App, you can bet for fun against your pals on a range of betting options, igniting lively discussions and crafting memories that will linger long after the season finale.

And the best part? It’s all above board and risk-free! So why wait? Round up your crew, download WagerLab, and let the games begin!