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WagerLab is an easily navigable sports pools app that lets you create pools for a range of sports from anywhere you like. All you need to do is follow these steps:

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Join one of our public sports or football pools or create your own sport pool league or pickem pool. Wide range of custom pool options.

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Choose your sports, choose your points, choose your bets.

Invite Your Friends

Get your friends and office to join your pool. Show off your prediction skills. Bragging rights to whoever has the most points.

Track Results

WagerLab tracks all of your and the pools wins and losses and lets you know who's up and who's down. You can test a new strategy, improve your global ranking, or just trash talk your friends. WagerLab is completely free and no money is exchanged in the App.

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WagerLab is a free social, sports pool app.

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You can use WagerLab to create and host football and sports pools.


We automatically track all the predictions and rank your pool based on these results. See who is winning and who has the wooden spoon.

100% Legal

WagerLab is completely legal in all 50 United States as well as all additional countries where the app is offered.

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Football Pools App

Running your office football pool using WagerLab is excellent for building team spirit and social interactions in the workplace. The increased social interaction and entertainment help to reduce boredom and help your workers become more productive. 

Additionally, betting against other workers helps to improve the team spirit at the workplace. Of course, there’ll be a few-bucks’ loser and winner virtually every time. But having a platform that subtly forces everyone to think creatively and analytically creates more hang-out time at the workplace. That alone boosts the team spirit at your organization. 

100% Free with No Deposits or Credit Card Requirements

WagerLab is one of the best sports betting apps for social casinos and team sports. Besides being available all across the United States of America and several other countries, WagerLab lets you and your teammates create an account without needing to make a deposit. The hosting platform runs a virtual ‘units’ system where users can’t exchange real money on the app.

Easy to Set Up and Run

Perhaps one factor that sets WagerLab apart from other office pool apps is that it’s easy to set up. Setting up WagerLab in your office is as easy as installing the software and creating a pool where employees can show off their prediction skills. It also has highly flexible usage terms that you can readily adapt to in your office or workplace.

Allows You to Bet on Anything

Perhaps the most exciting part of WagerLab, compared to other NFL social betting platforms, is that you and your co-workers or employees can bet on any topic out there. Yes, the NFL is great, and the Super Bowl is about the most-watched sporting event in North America – with no signs of dropping in popularity anytime soon. But not everyone in the office will be an NFL fan. At other times, folks would rather banter on the Oscars or the outcome of another potential Trump vs. Biden Presidential election rumble.

What’s more? WagerLab lets the financially-savvy workers argue over the future of the stock markets or their favorite TV shows like The Bachelor. Talk about unending entertainment over relaxed and mentally engaging software. Talk about WagerLab.

Tracks Your Wagers and Manage Outcomes the Way You Want

If your co-workers are highly active and wager often, they’re likely to place a slew of wagers over various NFL events or other news via the social casino. That’s why WagerLab helps you keep track of your winnings (and, of course, losses). Even more, the beautifully designed website allows you and your employees to choose how they want to reward winners or punish losers.

You don’t want to know the plethora of weird or funny ways you could punish a losing employee – especially if they’re on the losing side quite often – from trash-talking peeps to putting them on the spot at the next social event at work. And if the entire staff agrees, you could choose to reset your tab any time, forgive all offenders, and tentatively begin with a new slate. Talk about having a highly personalized workplace social betting experience.

100% Legal 

Unlike real-money betting, one of the benefits of social betting is that it is legal in 50 US states and many other countries. By installing this legal social betting software to set up your office football pool, you and your teammates get to bet for fun without risking your hard-earned salary or earnings.

Of course, that creates room for a more relaxed atmosphere as superiors and subjects engage in friendly arguments, banters, and wagers, and even win in some way – without getting themselves or the organization on the wrong side of the law.

The Bottom Line

With the offseason underway and a new rave of live action coming to fans’ screens in a matter of weeks, there’s probably no better time to onboard a seamless, exciting, and functional Office Football Pool hosting platform like WagerLab. The app is easy to set up, 100% legal, and excellent for building workplace interactions and team spirit, while helping you track your wagers on virtually any sport, including the NFL, and any topic of your choice.

Remember, even if you don’t install the WagerLab app to host your office football pool, your co-workers may still find other personal ways of engaging in various entertainment activities, which could include NFL fantasy games. Worse still, they may do so during working hours, especially if they think their organization is being mean. Visit WagerLab now and install the app to take your coworkers on an adventure. Watch as everyone relishes the crests and troughs of all the rave of the NFL on and off-season and create an intriguing community where collaboration, harmless contests, and friendly banter are the order of the day.

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