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Set up a free sport pools on our App. Play against friends, family or other sports fans. Simply pick the winner or get more in-depth with spreads, over/unders and more.

How It Works

WagerLab is an easily navigable mobile app that lets you create pools for a range of sports from anywhere you like. All you need to do is follow these steps:

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The #1 Sports Pools App. NFL, NCAAF, NBA, MLB, NHL and Soccer!

Join or Create Pools and Leagues

Join one of our public pools or create your own sport pool league or pickem pool. Wide range of custom pool options.

Customize options

Choose your sports, choose your points, choose your bets.

Invite Your Friends

Get your friends and office to join your pool. Show off your prediction skills. Bragging rights to whoever has the most points.

Track Results

WagerLab tracks all of your and the pools wins and losses and lets you know who's up and who's down. You can test a new strategy, improve your global ranking, or just trash talk your friends. WagerLab is completely free and no money is exchanged in the App.

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WagerLab is a free social, sports pool app.

#1 App for Pools

You can use WagerLab to create pools for sports, TV shows, events & more.


We automatically track all the predictions and rank your pool based on these results. See who is winning and who has the wooden spoon.

100% Legal

WagerLab is completely legal in all 50 United States as well as all additional countries where the app is offered.

Get the #1 App for Friendly Sports Pools.

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