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The 6 Best Casino Apps

Whether you’re just looking for a bit of fun, or want to hone your knowledge, we have got you covered. You are able to find casino apps that do practically everything, from teaching you the basics of the games to providing in-depth strategies and even blocking out casinos altogether. 

In this article, we will explore our choices for the 6 best casino apps. Most of the apps featured here are available for iPhones and Androids, making it possible to enjoy them across platforms. 

1. Blackjack Trainer

For those who crave the thrill of blackjack, the Blackjack Trainer is an essential app. This free simulator, featuring a comprehensive suite of training tools, is ideal for both novices and experts.

The app is developed by Bojoko.com, which is one of the leading affiliate sites for online gambling providers.

With a practice mode using play money, a basic strategy drill, a card counting drill, a rules tutorial, and a strategy chart, this app is your ultimate companion for mastering the art of blackjack. The realistic table design replicates the atmosphere of a real online casino.

2. Roulette Trainer

Roulette enthusiasts look no further! The Roulette Trainer by Bojoko offers an accessible and engaging roulette simulator that includes European, French, and American game variations. 

This app is perfect for learning the rules and experimenting with various strategies before taking the plunge with real money. The captivating visuals keep your focus on the game, making it an excellent tool for honing your roulette skills.

3. Video Poker Trainer – Jacks or Better

Video Poker Trainer, developed by Ron Schweitzer, is a versatile app that serves as a card analyser, trainer, simulator, and strategy guide. Downloading the app will cost you £1.99, but the game is easily worth it. Also, note that it’s only available for iOS devices.

The app specialises in teaching the fundamentals of the Jacks or Better video poker game, making it suitable for newcomers and seasoned players. The app boasts a stylish retro design that adds a touch of nostalgia.

  • iOS app: Yes, download here
  • Android app: No
  • Free to download and use: No (£1.99)
  • In-app purchases: No

4. Baccarat Dealer

Baccarat fans can now immerse themselves in the world of this popular casino game with the Baccarat Dealer app, developed by Gage Swenson. 

This user-friendly app provides an opportunity to learn the basics of baccarat from the comfort of your own home. You can shuffle the cards and adjust the number of decks to tailor your learning experience. Though simple, this app is highly effective for mastering the game. The game costs less than a pound, so it’s a good deal.

5. Slotomania Slots Casino Games

If you’re into slot games, Slotomania Slots Casino Games is your ultimate mobile destination. 

Developed by Playtika, this app offers an extensive selection of colourful slot machines that will keep you entertained for hours. While the app is free to play, it does offer in-app purchases for players who don’t want to wait for free chips to drop.

6. Gamban: Block Online Gambling

For those who prefer to steer clear of real money gambling, Gamban offers a valuable solution. 

This app, available for iOS and Android, is free for UK residents through TalkBanShop. With Gamban, you can block access to thousands of online casinos, helping you maintain control over your gambling habits. 

The app also provides progress tracking and valuable resources to support responsible gaming.


These apps are a must-try for anyone of legal age interested in casino gaming – for fun or for learning the basics. With simulator apps like Blackjack Trainer or Roulette Trainer, it’s easy to hone your skills in specific games, and the slots of Slotomania provide tons of fun for dull moments. 

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Finally, remember that gambling should be for fun. When the fun stops, stop. If you ever start to feel like you are gambling too much or you are no longer enjoying it, consider using Gamban to strip away unnecessary temptations.