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Types of Office Football Pools

Discussing fantasy football, NFL on-season games, Super Bowl, draft possibilities, whether at the office or elsewhere, gets more exciting when there’s something on the line. It doesn’t matter if it’s just some bragging rights or a negligible part of your hard-earned money. However, starting your football pool can be challenging – unless you find a seamless and highly flexible office football pool app like WagerLab, or similar other platforms.

A credible hosting platform and pools app allows NFL fans and enthusiasts to set up office football pools and set unique gaming conditions for an entire team of players in a highly immersive and entertaining online atmosphere. While you consider which hosting platform to use for your workplace pool, here’s a straightforward explainer on the various office football pool options you can decide to set up.

Each form of corporate pool is a potentially amazing way to get members of your team or colleagues to develop some interest in social sports betting and instigate friendly contests between employees across office cadres, demography, and official job specifications. Your office might just be about to get more lively and fun-filled.

7 Types of Office Football Pools to Try 

The following list isn’t exhaustive, and the hosting platform you install may call them by a slightly different name. However, you’ll find a general overview of the various pool options that you and your colleagues can choose from to track the NFL or other popular sports events here.

Football Survivor Pool

Survival pools are one of the most renowned office football pool types in recent times. You might find the survival pool under different names like suicide, knockout, eliminator, last man standing, or king of the hill pools. 

Here’s how it works. Players can only choose a specific team once every season; and one NFL team every week. If their choice wins their game during a particular week, the player remains in the pool for next week’s round of football events. Otherwise, if their team loses, the player gets ‘knocked out’ from the pool. The last man standing wins the pool.

Football Pick’em Pool

Think of Pick’em Pools as the conventional football office pool variety. That’s because they’re so simple anyone could play it.

Here, players predict the winner of every NFL game, week-in, week-out. The player gets a point for every winner they predict correctly. When a choice ties or loses their NFL game that week, the player has no point. The player with the highest number of points at the end of the season wins the pool.

Football Squares Pool

Super Bowl squares contests are common across the United States of America. These contests are also called grid pools, block pools, or box pools. However, The Big Game comes up only once annually, leaving NFL fans to enjoy their squares only once every February. But that doesn’t have to be the case anyway. Thanks to the football squares pool, NFL fans can enjoy their squares contests every week.

Here’s how it works. Choose an NFL game and begin with a 100-square grid, each axis containing a list of numbers 0-9. Each player claims squares on the grid in a draft or random assignment. When the game is over, the player whose name is in the square that matches the last digits of each team’s score wins the pool.

Football Margin Pool

A football margin pool is an offshoot of the first two office pool types – the Pick’em and Survivor pools. It features the ‘one pick, each week’ protocol but doesn’t include the weekly elimination threat. Consequently, bettors can stay engaged all season in the pool.

In a football margin pool, players choose one NFL team per week, but only one particular team each season. If the player’s choice wins, they receive a point equivalent to the victory margin of the winning team in the event. When the season ends, the participant with the most points wins the pool.

Football 33 Point Pool

Football 33-point pools are similar to NFL square pools because of their randomness. Both are forms of random contest formats and can be excellent office football pool options for individuals who know little about the game or don’t want to spend so much time making picks every other week.

Here’s how a football 33-point pool works. The pool assigns up to 32 players to an NFL team every week. If a player’s assigned team scores 33 points that week, they get a point in the pool. The player who gets the most points when the season is over wins the pool.

Football Confidence Pool

One exciting feature of office football pools is the variety of gaming options and flexible gaming terms they offer you and your co-workers or employees. For instance, you can further spice up your potential social NFL betting experience and get a little diversion from the conventional pick’em pools in what’s called the Football Confidence Pools. These office pool types have become so famous that they have their specific niche.

In this type of office football pool, each player predicts the winner of every NFL game every week. But here’s where it gets more thrilling: they have to also assign a ‘confidence value’ to every team choice. Every choice that wins earns the player several confidence points they assign to the choice. At the end of the season, the pool collates the number of confidence points each player accrues and declares the player with maximum points the winner.

Football Credits Pool

Football credit pools are also called share pools. They allow you to go all-in on games whose outcomes you are certain about. Think of them as a cross between pick’em and the conventional sports betting games.

In football credits, players get several fixed credits when the pool begins. Every week in the NFL, the player can wager some, all, or none of their credits on their preferred team. If their pick wins, they return the amount of credits the player wagered on it. At the end of the season, the pool summarizes the number of credits each player has and declares the player with the most number of credits the winner.

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While some pundits are still hoping to have Super Bowl Monday as a public holiday so you don’t struggle to work a day after the Big Game, you can relish the fun of The Big Game squares and other pool types week-in, week-out in an office pool. Whether you’re a pro-NFL fan or just starting to gain some interest in the league, playing in an office football pool is pretty straightforward and engaging.

Corporate football hosting platforms allow you to express your passion for football and the NFL in various ways – by offering you different types of pools to try. Meanwhile, you don’t have to do all the hard work of setting up an office football pool yourself – while also trying to meet up with work duties. With a straightforward and seamless app like WagerLab, you can readily install a corporate football pool and up the excitement and fun in your office to a whole new level.

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