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What are some good bets to make with friends?

There are a lot of good bets to make with friends. Here are a few examples of the best bets to make with friends:

Physical challenges – who can cycle up a hill the quickest, training for a marathon etc.

Fantasy leagues – Fantasy sports are increasingly popular, why not place a wager on the winner of your private league?

Sports futures – picking a pre-season Super Bowl winner or wagering on who wins The Masters.

Betting on a game – Fancy your chances at Monopoly? Confident in your Madden skills? Wagering on board or videos games can spice up the competition.

Eating challenges – create your own Man vs Food.

What should I bet on with friends?

It’s not just sport that can provide good bets to make with friends. Betting markets go way beyond live sports action.

Wagers can be placed with friends on television, movies and awards. Reality TV markets are increasingly popular for programmes including talent shows and dating programmes.

When sport was shutdown in 2020, there was a surge of interest in sports video game simulation. Betting on simulations on Madden, FIFA or NBA 2K became a popular pastime.

Some bookmakers have been known to take bets on the weather. Specials for it to snow at Christmas or rain at Wimbledon are fun wagers to make with friends.

What are good ideas for a bet?

Betting can go beyond financial reward. A wager can be settled with a drink, paying for a meal or cooking something specific. Other options can involve the loser eating a painfully spicy food or having to do something they don’t enjoy, like singing karaoke.

The ‘payment’ for a bet can be adapted depending on the situation. Perhaps a wager with a colleague means the loser has to take on the more tedious task at work. A bet with a friend could mean the winner gets to choose which bar you go to next weekend.

Other good ideas for a bet could include a forfeit, such as re-naming your fantasy team for a week or donning a particularly outrageous shirt for your next night out.

What’s the best way to win bets?

There’s no surefire way to win bets, but there are some keys to consider. Focusing on singles rather than parlays is important. Parlays are tempting, and can bring some sizeable winnings, but they are not a sustainable betting strategy.

Be sure to shop around, too. Some books will offer better odds than others, and it’s important to keep track of the best offers.

Make sure to take emotion out of any betting decisions. Maybe this means not betting on games including the team(s) you support. Or perhaps consulting the best sports tips apps can help make calculated rather than emotional decisions.

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