Bet Balance Tracking App

WagerLab is a free, peer-to-peer betting app that allows you to create and track bets with your friends using virtual units. Check out the odds and place your bets on the latest sports, pop culture, TV shows, politics, and more!

Best App for Bet Balance Tracking

All the fun without the financial risk! WagerLab lets you create bets against friends, family, and other betting leagues across several topics. There are no costs involved, you simply check the odds, pick a winner, and then WagerLab will keep a tally of all your virtual unit wins and losses. Take the hassle out of betting leagues with WagerLab, the ultimate app for bet balance tracking.

Bets and Tracking

This user-friendly social app is the perfect way to engage with friends and family in a fun, competitive platform. You can also meet thousands of other WagerLab users with all bet tracking done on the app.

Get The App

This bet balance tracking app is free to download, and free to use – no deposit, credit cards, or debt! All bets on WagerLab are virtual units, so there is no real money exchanged. Simply sign up and get started anywhere in the world.

Range of Betting Categories

Whether you’re an avid sports fan or enjoy betting on the outcome of the latest reality TV series, WagerLab has a topic for you. Sports, popular culture, politics…WagerLab has it all

Start Tracking Bets

WagerLab is the #1 betting app in Texas because it’s easy to use, free, and fun! Just sign up and either invite friends to bet against, meet new friends in WagerLab, or even bet against the house.

Best App for Tracking Bets

WagerLab ensures everything is fair and square by monitoring your wins and losses across various leagues and betting categories. You can always see how you’re doing, try out new betting techniques, or simply reset when you’ve had enough.

Get the #1 Sports Betting Tracking App.

Fast App Set-up

WagerLab requires no deposit and doesn’t deal in any real money, simply download the app, enter your name and email, and get betting.

Various Betting Categories

There are thousands of categories you can bet on using WagerLab including sports fixtures, TV shows, popular culture events, politics, and more!

Track Those Bets

You will never forget a bet – or the result – with WagerLab. This #1 friendly betting app in Texas will track all your bets and tally them up at the end of the season. Because there is no real money involved, you can agree to reset the tab at any time.

100% Legal App

You don’t need to operate through a VPN or bet in secrecy – WagerLab is 100% legal in all 50 United States and all countries where it's offered. No money exchanges hands in this social betting app so it’s all good fun.

Betting App to Track Bets and Balances

The user-friendly interface of WagerLab makes placing a bet simple, and tracking the bet even simpler. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can immediately get started by placing bets on a range of get categories using virtual units. WagerLab offers accurate betting odds across various sports, shows, and more. All results are carefully calculated and, once the bet is done, simply reset and start afresh.

How to Track Betting Balances with WagerLab?

There’s no need for manual bet tracking in your social leagues anymore – WagerLab will do it all for you, free of charge. Set up your league, invite your friends, and place your bets. WagerLab will display everyone’s standing in a simple and intuitive user face. WagerLab will also track your betting history on summarized dashboards, public and private pools, and betting leaderboards. This shows how your predictions compare to other users, and balance trackers to help you stay on top of your winnings.

Get the #1 Sports Bet Tracking App.

Other Options to Track Bets

Social and peer-to-peer betting leagues are lots of fun, except for the person tasked with tallying the scores! Rather than opting for manual bet tracking, use the WagerLab app to automatically track your bets and ensure the scores are tallied accurately.