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Most Innovative Apps of 2021

There’s an app for everything. We have identified five of the most innovative apps of 2021.

Innovation knows no bounds when it comes to apps. What is achieved through smartphones is the stuff of sci-fi-level imagination from just a couple of decades ago. There are gimmicks, and the focus on the biggest apps in the world, but often the driving force is start-ups.

We all know what Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have achieved. As 2021 begins, though, in a world still in the midst of an historic pandemic, true innovation is not at the top. It comes through problem solving, through creating apps that meet a need no one had addressed yet.

5 Most Innovative Apps of 2021 | Best Apps of 2021


Arbob Mehmood had quite a 2020. SoloCoin was an overwhelming success and Mehmood’s other app, Bramble, has done well.

SoloCoin is an app for COVID times. The base principle is to reward people for staying at home. Tokens are handed out and they can be exchanged at multiple high-profile services including Netflix and Amazon, perfect for those weeks stuck at home.

Download: SoloCoin Google Play, | SoloCoin App Store

Safe Queue

No one likes queueing. The Safe Queue app enables businesses to create a virtual queue. They can then control the queue, how many people join it and manage everything one could want to.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyday life, innovation has been important. Safe

Queue allows customers to queue virtually, providing they are within 1000 feet. They can simply start queueing and will be notified when it’s their turn – a QR code is then issued by the app which is presented upon entry.

As the coronavirus surges, and new strains emerge, Safe Queue is going to remain a vital app deep into 2021.


Although not the most innovative in this article, Asana has grown exponentially in 2020. With so many people thrown into home working as a result of the pandemic, Asana has become a must-have for companies to organize workloads.

A collective platform for task management isn’t ground-breaking, but Asana is the best of the bunch. They are constantly tweaking the product and looking to add new features to what is already a comprehensive and easy-to-use app.

Download: ,,Asana Google Play, ,| ,,Asana App Store


Everyone is familiar with the popularity of sports betting. New bookies are appearing all the time, offering free bets and an array of deals. It’s a saturated market, a market of companies offering the same thing.

WagerLab is different. This is an app for people who want to bet with friends, to keep track of bets, or to enjoy the thrill of betting without placing their hard-earned cash on the line.

Download the WagerLab app and you can browse through countless betting markets. You can take on your friends or you can place a wager (for however many units you fancy) against the house.

WagerLab is truly unique – it’s a different take on the flourishing world of sports gambling.

Download: WagerLab Google Play | WagerLab App Store

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My Label

My Label enables customers to buy products that correspond with their values. There are 20 criteria to choose from, including health and environmental factors. App users simply tick the categories they want their purchases to fulfil and scan products through the app.

My Label will then give a smiley face if it’s an appropriate product or a red emoji if it is not. Handily, the app throws up suitable alternatives if it does need deem a product to mee the requirements.

There are similar apps on the market, but My Label is leading the way.

There you have it, five of the most innovative, and perhaps most important, apps of 2021.