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NCAAF Picks, Predictions and Lines

Looking for this week’s college football betting lines, picks and predictions?  Get this week’s NCAAF point spreads, money lines and over/unders and enjoy predictions and picks for selected games.

We’ve got several ranked matchups featuring in our NCAAF Week 9 picks. The Big Ten and SEC standings will look very different come next Monday.

Let’s dive into our upcoming college football picks.

Ole Miss @ Auburn

Despite a 3-1 conference record, Ole Miss is a narrow underdog for their Week 9 contest with Auburn. The road team has won three games on the bounce, which allows them to carry confidence into this SEC matchup.

Auburn recovered from their loss to Georgia with an emphatic performance against the Arkansas Razorbacks. Bo Nix completed 21 of his 26 passes as the offense picked the Razorbacks defense apart.

This could become a shootout – we like the points over even with a high line.

Pick: Over 66 total points

Michigan @ Michigan State

Michigan is favored by just 3.5 points for their duel with Michigan State in Week 9. It’s the first time these two rivals have matched up while both being inside the top 10 since the 1960s. The stakes are high and the atmosphere is bound to be intense.

Both sitting at 7-0 on the season, Michigan hammered Northwestern last weekend with a run-heavy performance. They rank fifth in the country in rushing yards per game.

Michigan State’s run defense hasn’t been anything special, and we can expect a very physical game with a lot of time in the trenches for both teams. The week off for the Spartans could prove a major advantage in what is likely to be a bruising affair.

With five wins in the last eight games of this rivalry, there’s value on the Spartans to cover the spread this weekend.

Pick: Michigan State +3.5

Penn State @ Ohio State

Coming off a thumping 54-7 win over Indiana last time out, Ohio State is getting 17.5 points as favorites for their matchup with Penn State.

Penn State has a win against Auburn to its name in 2021, but they narrowly fell to Iowa earlier this month and suffered an historic defeat to Illinois last time out.

The Nittany Lions have lost back-to-back games and must be low on confidence right now. Ohio State is among the best teams in the country and has the firepower to take this one in a blowout. They should cover the big spread.

Pick: Ohio State -17.5

How to read college football odds

Those unfamiliar with college football betting might not know what they’re looking at when it comes to NCAA odds. That’s fine, because a lot of odds on a phone screen or laptop can be a bit of a maze.

First of all, you will likely be taken to the spread. This is a way of handicapping each team. In college football, this will be by a number of points, and there will often be large spreads when there are mismatches. For example, the underdog could be +10, while the favorite would be -10.

This means the favorite needs to win by more than 10 points for the bet to win. If the underdog can keep it within 10, they will win against the spread.
Beyond that, there will be a moneyline and the total points. The moneyline is simply betting on which team will win.

For instance, if Alabama is -500 on the moneyline, a bettor will win $10 from a $50 bet if they win the game. If they are ‘plus’ odds of +500, a $50 bet would return $300.
The total points is set by the bookie with an over and an under. The odds on either the over or under are usually close to evens, though bettors can search for value on alternate total points lines.

College football odds movement

With plenty of time between college football games, timing is important for bettors. The markets will usually open several days before kick-off. Odds movement is a factor to consider, with bettors often able to find improved value as the odds shift.

A surge of money on one of the teams can see their moneyline shift. The same goes for the spread. If Team A is -5 and bookies receive a wave of bets on them, they could become more heavily favored. As a result, should a team look like good value on the spread, it’s often worth backing them early before the spread moves.

College football odds movement is also sensitive to injuries and team news like in any sport. One key player missing out can see a drastic change to the betting markets.

College football playoffs betting

The college football playoffs provide some of the best atmospheres in sport. It’s also one of the best betting events of the year.
Whether looking for an unusual prop, building a parlay or making picks against the spread, the college football playoffs are as fun as it gets in sports betting. There are upsets to be found. There are big winners every week.

Futures betting is huge. It’s an area to find the longer odds, perhaps keeping you invested in a team you might not have usually followed.

College football betting strategy

Much of the basics to college football betting strategy are the same as the NFL. For many, though, more research will be required before placing a wager. Bettors should always take on as much information as possible, but that’s especially key in college football, where many of the names are less well-known and there’s less of a track record to base your betting decisions on.

With players departing or heading to the draft on a yearly basis, long-term head-to-head records don’t tend to be useful. There’s plenty of data to take in, however, and weighing up the talent and schemes of each team should be a staple of college football betting strategy.

Home advantage can be big. Some schools have remarkable records on their home field, and when the stands are full, it’s obviously going to make a difference.
There are various publications which will help to keep up to date with injury news. Make sure to find out about all the key players involved before placing a wager.


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