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NFL Picks, Predictions and Lines

Looking for this week’s NFL betting lines, picks and predictions? Get this week’s NFL point spreads, money lines and over/unders and enjoy predictions and picks for selected games.

NFL Picks and Predictions

What a postseason it’s been. After a jaw-dropping Divisional Round, we were treated to a thriller between the Bengals and Chiefs in the AFC title game, and a tight-fought affair in the NFC.

Super Bowl LVI Preview

Ultimately, it’s down to Cincinnati and Los Angeles for the Lombardi Trophy in 2022. Here’s our Super Bowl LVI preview and free picks.

Bengals Defense

Joe Burrow’s offense wasn’t why the Bengals were doubted. The defense has been average-to-bad all year long, and the consensus was it would get picked apart by the Chiefs. That was exactly how the first half played out, but Cincy found a winning formula in the second half of the AFC Championship game.

The Bengals are four-point dogs again for Super Bowl LVI. If they are to upset the odds in Los Angeles, they need to be able to harass Matthew Stafford as they did to Patrick Mahomes.

Lou Anarumo blocked out Mahomes’ options downfield, allowing his pass rush to go after the former MVP. They were no better than average in hurrying the quarterback in the regular year, but Cincinnati recorded four sacks at Arrowhead. While the Rams run a very different offense from the Chiefs, the secondary needs to be just as faultless in cutting out Stafford’s favored pass catchers.

Maybe the Bengals give up the run as they did to the Chiefs. How Los Angeles runs the ball will be pivotal – how inventive will Sean McVay be to get the ball in the hands of his stars? Does Anarumo risk blitzing Stafford?

Playmakers On Offense

Both teams are stacked with playmakers on offense. Ja’Marr Chase wasn’t at his most explosive in the Conference Championship game, yet the rookie phenom still came up with a couple of big plays. Tee Higgins keeps the defense honest. Odell Beckham Jr has starred in this postseason. Cooper Kupp is as reliable as it gets.

Kupp and Chase are tied at 18 targets each in this postseason. Kupp has one more ‘big play’, but Chase hasn’t exactly been quiet with 16.1 yards per reception. The quarterbacks can power the ball downfield, but it could be those crucial yards after the catch that make the difference at SoFi Stadium.

Both teams scored 27.1 points per game in the regular season. The Rams only had a narrow edge in passing yards. Los Angeles’ offense is more well-rounded, most notably with a far superior offensive line. When it comes to quarterbacks, though, Stafford has had some postseason hiccups. Burrow has played Mahomes-esque football, proving he can control games even with a flimsy O-line.

Super Bowl LVI prediction

The Rams are the better team. Their defense is star-studded with a pass rush that could leave Burrow with no time to work his magic. Their offense is effective if lacking a ground game.

Still, weighing up a Super Bowl LVI prediction is tough. Can we really bet against Burrow after what he’s achieved? Do we trust the Rams enough to take them at +4?

With Cincinnati’s defense, there’s going to be a lot of love for the over with a seemingly low line at 49. The passing game is going to lead the way for both teams – perhaps this descends into a shootout.

Alternatively, the Bengals’ defense showed its best performance of the season in Kansas City. Sure, the Chiefs crumbled in embarrassing fashion, but that was brought on by Cincinnati’s defense.

The range of outcomes here is vast. Cincinnati could go down like the Chiefs did last year with an O-line that cannot cope. There’s also a scenario where Burrow, Chase and co are simply unstoppable.

There’s no wrong answer. A compelling argument can be made for either team, but we’re going with Burrow to complete an historic run.

Super Bowl 2022 pick: Bengals +4

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How to read NFL odds

NFL betting odds can be daunting. There are plusses and minuses all over the place, different numbers and jargon that doesn’t make immediate sense.

The first thing bettors are likely to see is the spread. This is effectively a way of levelling the betting market out between the two teams. For example, if there’s a point spread of five, the favorites will be listed as -5 and the underdogs will be +5.

It’s pretty straight forward from there. The favorites need to win by at least five points for the bet to cash in, while the dogs ‘win’ if they are within five points at the end of the game.

The other main markets – moneyline, total points – are more obvious. Betting the moneyline is a straight up bet on who wins the game, and the points market is a bet on the combined points of the two teams.

Moneyline NFL odds will vary depending on the teams involved. It’s not uncommon to see teams heavily favored on the moneyline. For example, a -200 moneyline price means a $10 bet would return a $5 profit.

NFL odds movement

NFL game odds usually open several days before kick-off. The odds will alter during that period as information about the two teams comes out and money is wagered.

If a team starts as five-point favorites, and they get a lot of money behind them at that price, the point spread can increase to -6 or -7. Team news can, of course, produce major swings in the odds.

Possible odds changes are something for bettors to be wary of. It’s rare that the opening price will stay the same throughout the build up to a game – bettors should keep an eye on odds movement to find the best value

Super Bowl betting

The NFL season is all about one thing: The Super Bowl. It’s one of the biggest events in the sporting calendar, a game watched around the world. Legends are made in the Super Bowl, and it naturally attracts a massive amount of betting attention.

NFL fans will place Super Bowl futures bets months before the big game. The majority of Super Bowl outright betting will be on the winner, but there are alternatives like backing a team to come out of their conference. As the game nears, many bettors will delve into the Super Bowl MVP market looking for betting value.

Super Bowl odds will move throughout the season. Finding the best Super Bowl betting value does not necessarily mean backing a team at the start of the year. If they’ve got a tough start, maybe wait for them to lose a couple and back them when their odds lengthen.

NFL betting strategy

The strategy of betting on the NFL is similar to many other sports. Before placing a wager, keeping an eye out for injury news is obviously a priority, particularly quarterbacks. If Patrick Mahomes is playing through pain, his availability is a factor to consider as you weigh up your bets for the following week’s game.

With the season taking place through the depths of winter, a glance at the weather forecast is useful, too. A high-scoring game is much less likely with rain pouring down or in freezing temperatures.

Previous matchups between two teams and specific stats are important. How teams defend the run and pass can show weaknesses that their opponent can exploit. Sometimes it will suggest they can nullify their opposition’s greatest threat.

Recent performances of each team should be considered, but a couple of losses to two of the best teams in the NFL is not necessarily an indicator of future performance. Bettors must look a wide range of information before placing their wagers.

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