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Super Bowl Betting Strategy

Here are our five keys to perfecting a winning Super Bowl betting strategy…

The Super Bowl is the biggest sports betting event of the year. It’s the culmination of months of NFL drama, it’s the opportunity for legends to be made.

A whole season of weekly picks and a slate loaded with games comes down to one game. The analysis which goes into the Super Bowl supersedes any other game in American sports – the betting markets are just as plentiful.

Finding value for the Super Bowl isn’t easy. Such betting attention means a lot of money wagered. Everyone has a season of information on the two teams involved, and they are two great teams going head-to-head. It’s very rare there is a surefire Super Bowl winner.

5 Key Super Bowl Betting Strategy

Don’t overvalue the regular season

Just as winning 100 games doesn’t guarantee a World Series, owning the better regular season record doesn’t secure a Super Bowl. It can be an indicator ahead of the Big Game, but this shouldn’t be the basis of your betting decisions.

Ultimately, the regular season is history by the time the Super Bowl rolls round. Regular season games are weeks away, teams are playing differently and they might have gained or lost players to injury since then.

With a good Super Bowl betting strategy all eyes should be on their most recent displays. How did they fare in the championship game? What went well? What did they get wrong?

This is where we can get an indication of Super Bowl performance levels.

Consider big-game pressures

Of course, even those should be taken with a grain or two of salt. The championship game is immense pressure, but it is not in the same stratosphere as the Super Bowl for intensity.

Jared Goff froze in the Super Bowl. He’s not the first and won’t be the last.

Experience is invaluable when millions of eyeballs worldwide are watching. Having been there and done it unquestionably makes a difference. Even the greatest often have to lose on the biggest stage before they win their first ring. An important Super Bowl betting strategy is to always consider how a team or star player will cope with pressure.

Matchups matter

Team performance is useful. How a quarterback has dealt with certain coverages or how they have performed against their Super Bowl opponent in the past is good to know and important to keep in mind when betting on the Super Bowl.

Big games in any sport often come down to one-on-one performances. How a star corner copes with the deep threat receiver is key, as is how well the best pass rusher has broken through this offensive line in the past.

One game can turn on a big play. It can be a punt returner, a timely sack or a wonder catch. Previous matchups between two players is useful, and there’s plenty of data to absorb about every player, but sometimes it will just come down to gut instinct.

Delve into player props

Bookies will offer more bets than usual for the Super Bowl. Some offers and ‘boosted’ odds are a trap, but it also means more markets for bettors to explore in the never-ending search for value.

Player props are a fun market to get involved with in general for NFL betting and a good part of an effective Super Bowl betting strategy. With the extra time to analyze the markets, and a season of data to work with, player props are often the best way to go with the Super Bowl.

Enjoy the game

Betting the Super Bowl should enhance the experience. It’s the finale of the NFL season – it’s one of the highlights of the sporting calendar.

Placing a few wagers on the Big Game shouldn’t take away from the spectacle itself. As always, don’t bet more than you’re comfortable with and don’t chase losses from earlier in the season.

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Make sure you can spend the final game of the NFL season relaxed rather than tense over reckless bets.

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