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5 of the Best Football Pool Apps

Football(NFL) remains one of the most beloved sports in the world. The sport is loved by people of all ages and genders, with 81% of American adults mentioning their preference for football. With so much success, it’s no wonder lots of individuals get into social football betting.

Despite the risks associated with this activity, many football fans still do it and there’s are ways to get into gambling without having to spend real money, respectively by using football pool apps. With these programs, you can bet purely for fun without worrying about ruining your finances.

In this article, we will explore 5 different football pool applications that will keep you entertained.

How Do Football Pool Apps Work?

Football pools are applications that let you try a wide range of betting options and simulate the real-world gambling experience. Similar to real gambling programs, pool apps require registering with a new account and creating or joining existing pools, then competing with other football fans. These pools can be hosted around certain football events, like the Super Bowl. Depending on the app, you can join a pool by paying or receiving a point amount that can later go to your bets. The person hosting the pool chooses the event and duration.

Football pool applications make gambling risk-free by allowing you to experience the fun of betting without requiring real-money deposits. This activity has become increasingly popular, allowing football fans to connect with others in the community. Furthermore, pool apps make perfect practice for those who eventually want to move to real betting.

The main advantage is that you can use these programs anywhere, so you never miss gambling fun, even if you’re away from home. Once you install a football pool app on your smartphone, joining a new pool is only a few taps away.

Best Football Pool Apps

You can find many apps that require no real-money deposit to start betting, but there are also a few options that let you use your funds and have an experience closer to that of actual bookmakers. Not every program is suitable for your needs, though, and choosing the wrong one may lead to difficulties in setting up pools or even participating in gambling competitions.

Let’s look at some football pool apps that are compatible with Android and iOS phones and can be easily set up so you can get straight to betting.

1.      WagerLab

Wagerlab shines among football pool applications due to requiring no money deposits. You don’t have to exchange your hard-earned funds to start betting because the app uses coins or fake coins, focusing on the experience rather than winnings.

WagerLab is compatible with iOS and Android devices, making it easy to create pools or join someone else’s. Then, you start betting for free against other users or the house. Pools focus on events such as the Super Bowl, NFL playoffs, NFL seasons and more. The application tracks your balance and bets.

This app is ideal for football fans as it’s free, intuitive, and easy to practice. It makes the social betting process fun by providing a wide range of games, and it is legal everywhere in the U.S.

2.      Run Your Pools

If you’re ready to make easy bets on your favorite events and teams, RunYouPools is a good option. It lets you bet on the NFL without any trouble, not to mention how effortlessly you can start your own pools. You can set your own pool rules through a private message board and talk to your friends and other participants. When the first week of the season unfolds, running your pool doesn’t cost anything.

There are 8 different types of NFL pool formats to choose from. Once you start playing on RYP, you can access detailed reports and real-time updates. The app lets you manage all matches in one place, and you can even get paid to run your games. RunYourPools has more than 1 million users, and it’s not hard to see why.

3.      Office Football Polls

With the Office Football Pools service, you do not have to worry about collecting fees and paying out winners when you host a pool – the platform’s team will do that for you. This app lets you choose or run contests for cash prizes on NFL Survivor, tiers, pick-x, and more. If you’re a beginner and have questions or curiosities, you can always reach out to customer service. Despite having over 2 million fans, the team ensures that all users are having a good time.

The app makes it easy to manage your pools from anywhere. You will pay $1-$3 fees to start your pool. Despite the entrance fee, this program is purely for entertainment and doesn’t focus on making money.

4.      GridKings

GrindKings makes the pool-creation process pretty straightforward. Once you download the app, you can effortlessly join a pool or make your own. And do you know what makes this better? You do not need an account. The app’s simple implementation lets you bet without registering on the site.

You can choose from 4 different grid sizes, and payouts are custom. Also, GrindKings makes it easy to manage your players and see who gets paid.

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5.      Pool Tracker

Pool Tracker is great if you’re looking for good customer support and prompt score updates. This app lets you make pools for the NFL playoffs, NFL Pick’ems, College Top 25, and more. All pools are free, and you can see what everyone picked after the deadline.

The advantage is that the app can be installed not only on Android and iOS phones but also on your Desktop computer.

Final Thoughts – The Best Football Pool Applications

There are various football pool apps that offer an unforgettable experience. WagerLab is the top choice thanks to being free and perfect for beginners to practice, but apps like Pool Tracker, GrindKings, Office Football Pools, and Run Your Pool can be just as entertaining. Make sure to compare their benefits and settle on the right one for your needs.