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5 of the Best Sports Betting Tracking Apps

For all kinds of betting enthusiasts tracking your bets can have transformational effects on your gambling experience. The world of sports betting continues to evolve, and you need the right tools to evolve. 

Whatever your reasons, whether you simply want to keep a record of your bets with friends or track your wagers so you can manage your betting activities effectively, sports betting tracking apps are an indispensable asset for gamblers everywhere. 

These apps possess features such as bet logging, live score updates, bankroll management, and performance analysis that can help enhance your overall wagering experience and help you stay on top of your game. 


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5 Betting Tracking Apps

Here are our top five picks for the best sports betting tracking apps to take your gambling to the next level:


BettingPros was originally designed to provide expert-driven sports betting advice and consensus to help users win more bets. The sports betting tracking app goes a step even further to achieve this by allowing you to sync your sportsbooks and track your bets across several platforms.

BettingPros supports syncing with up to nine online sportsbooks: DraftKings, BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook, FoxBet Sportsbook, Barstool Sports, Borgata Sports, WynnBet, and bet365. The site’s crisp user interface makes it easy for newcomers to register, connect their preferred sportsbook and start tracking all their betting activities from there. 

After you connect and sync, your bets are tracked automatically, saving the time and effort that would’ve otherwise gone into manually tracking yourself. You can track your bets for nearly twenty sports, including NFL football, NBA basketball, MLB baseball, UFC, and entertainment bets. BettingPros then reports personalized insights through charts and trends summarizing your betting activities to help you improve your betting habits over time. With its leaderboards feature, you can view how your records stack against other bettors, such as friends or random users. 



Heatr is a free-to-use sports betting tracking app designed to allow you to monitor your bets in real time. Though it doesn’t involve real money betting, this site’s unique functionality is intended to help you make projections on actual live bets. You can track different types of bets on the app, from teaser and manual bets to straight bets and parlays.

 Heatr gives users several professional and amateur league options to bet on in major sports such as NBA basketball and NCAAB basketball, NFL football, MLB Baseball, soccer, NHL hockey, MMA, and Racing. Your tracked bets are constantly updated with live scores and the current match status.

Want to know whether to hedge or double down on a bet? Make a quick forecast and track on Heatr with accurate betting odds and a parlay calculator. For long-term tracking, the app provides a summary dashboard indicating your wagering records, winnings, and history, letting you monitor your bankroll. With advanced filtering and viewing options, Heatr allows users to focus on the tracking features to suit specific needs. 



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StakeToys is designed to help you track and analyze your bet results all in one place. This analysis aims to let bettors discover the types of bets, sports, and leagues that bring you profit and those that keep eating up your bankroll. Through automatically generated user-specific reports, you can recognize patterns to help you make better gambling decisions. Alongside bets, you can monitor your deposits and withdrawals for improved bankroll management. 

The StakeToys platform is uncluttered and easy for users to navigate easily. Register for free access to basic features for as long as you want. However, full access to all features only comes with premium plan subscriptions. You track your sports betting activities on Stake Toys by manually saving bets from your favorite bookmakers. But for Betfair clients, you can automatically import your history into Stake Toys by exporting from Betfair’s Profit and Loss Reports page. 

In addition to saving and tracking bets, other major features on StakeToys include: 

  • Multiple Strategies Evaluation 
  • Target Management 
  • Betting Diary
  • Sports Reports
  • Multiple Bankrolls

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WagerLab is the standout social sports betting platform for sports betting tracking with friends. The app, which is free to use, boasts user-friendly and intuitive features that simplify tracking non-monetary bets with friends. This means you can’t bet for real money on WagerLab. But despite bets being placed with virtual units, WagerLab offers accurate betting odds and lines across several major sports, including basketball, baseball, soccer, football, tennis, and mixed martial arts. You can also place interesting prop bets on fun social topics like award events, the stock market, TV shows, and politics. 

As a sports betting tracking app, WagerLab is the complete package. Track your entire betting history with summarized dashboards, public and private pools, betting leaderboards highlighting how your prediction skills compare to other users, and balance trackers to help you stay on top of your bankroll. For iOS and Android users, WagerLab lets you share your bets with friends and invite them to join you in friendly competition. And although it’s completely free to get started, and you don’t deposit real money to place bets, you stand a chance to win real cash by entering weekly sweepstakes. 


Action Network

Action Network is a well-known platform in the world of sports betting for providing bettors with gambling resources and insight to help improve your gambling knowledge and experience. Receiving feedback by tracking and analyzing your bets is essential for improvement, and the Action Network goes a step even further to achieve that. With its BetSync feature, you can now automatically sync all your bets across four major online sportsbooks, namely PointsBet, Barstool Sports, WynnBet, and DraftKings Sportsbook

To use the BetSync feature, Action Network provides separate links for your preferred sportsbook. Once you log in/create an account with the sportsbook, you can connect to BetSync. Then all you have to do is place your bets on any of the numerous options offered by the sportsbook, and they become automatically synced back to the Action Network app, where you can track them and subsequently view detailed performance analysis report. 



So there you have it: our list of five of the best sports betting tracking apps to try, whether you are a casual bettor looking to stay organized and track your friendly wagers or you’re more ambitious and seeking in-depth analysis and performance tracking to improve your results. 

These top sports betting tracking apps provide the tools and features you can utilize to record your betting history, manage your bankroll, and test and optimize your wagering strategies. Utilizing these apps can elevate your overall betting experience and learn to gamble responsibly.