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5 of the Best Virtual Sport Betting Apps in 2023

The growing popularity of virtual sports betting has been remarkable in the last couple of years. Although virtual sports betting is not an entirely new phenomenon in the gambling industry, there has been a recent explosion in the adoption of this sort of sports betting. 

Much of this is attributed to the worldwide break in sporting events in 2020 due to the pandemic. That year alone, virtual sports betting pulled in about $15 billion in revenue. Likewise, software innovations and the marketing tenacity of the top betting apps towards virtual sports betting have also contributed massively.

All top online bookmakers offer virtual sports betting markets, and in this article, we discuss the best of these virtual sports betting apps to try in 2023. To arrive at this list, we conducted countless hours of research considering the user interface of these apps, their betting options, realism in the presentation of virtual sporting events, bonuses, and user experience. 

But before diving into the best virtual sports betting apps in 2023, let’s look at what virtual sports and virtual sports betting entail in the first place.

What is Virtual Sports Betting?

Virtual sports betting is the act of placing bets on specific virtual sports outcomes. Virtual sports are designed to provide a similar experience to what real sports give you, with similar rules, gameplay, and statistical analysis. 

So you’ll find that similar betting options are available in virtual and real sports betting, although the number of options is greatly reduced. You can place bets such as winner bets, over/under, total goals scored, points spread, trifecta bets in virtual racing, etc. 

If you’re already familiar with regular sports betting, delving into the virtual domain should be fairly straightforward. 


Regarding the fairness of betting on virtual sports, it is not uncommon for bettors to be wary of its legitimacy. After all, online bookmakers are in charge of the software hosting these games; of course, they can manipulate the outcomes as they please from behind the scenes, right?


The answer is ‘No’ because that’s not how it works. Like casino slots, virtual sports betting outcomes are determined by random number generators (RNG). This guarantees that the results are entirely random and impossible to fix. 


Additionally, online bookmakers are subject to regular technology audits from gambling regulatory bodies intended to deter any foul play by the house. So as long as you’re betting on a licensed and regulated virtual sports betting app, you can be assured of the fairness of the results.


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5 of the Best Virtual Sports Betting Apps

  • BetWay 

BetWay is a popular online bookmaker with a top reputation among bettors. Living up to its reputation, BetWay offers a virtual sports betting section that is available on its mobile apps and embedded within the website version of the online sportsbook. The virtual sports section on BetWay is easy to find at the top menu of the app’s crisp homepage.

BetWay gives you a proper introduction to the world of virtual sports betting. Thrilling, rapidly concluding games across several virtual sports are presented in HD video streams that give you the impression of watching and betting on actual sporting events. 

BetWay offers multiple betting categories and markets on all the virtual sports in its over 60 scheduled and instant virtual leagues/events across football, horse racing, greyhound racing, cycling, trotting, and virtual speedway. 

BetWay clearly takes its virtual sports betting section seriously. However, unlike in its casino, live casino, sports betting, and esports sections, there are no bonuses or promotions for virtual sports bettors to enjoy. 

  • Bet365 

Bet365 is a long-time favorite platform among online sports betting fans. Its easy-to-navigate user interface makes it easy for newcomers to the site to explore various gambling markets. For players looking to bet on virtual sports, you can find the virtual sports betting category by clicking on the Sports tab on the left side of the app’s homepage and scrolling down. 

The featured sports in Bet365 virtual sports betting app section include football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, greyhound racing, horse racing, cycling, cricket, tennis, American football, motor racing, darts, trotting, and speedway. 

In each virtual sport betting apps on bet365, users have several options of leagues and betting markets within them to choose from. While the crisp layout graphics, straightforward presentation, realistic audio tracks, and competitive odds make virtual sports betting on bet365 thoroughly enjoyable, the quality of its video streams of virtual sports events can be improved. 

  • Unibet

Unibet is one of the top online bookmakers, and it’s been around for many years. Unibet was one of the first bookmakers to go online, so it’s no surprise that it quickly introduced a virtual sports betting section on its website and mobile apps. 

The Unibet app has a clear and detailed layout that makes it easy to find the virtual sports betting section. Each virtual sport name and icon is presented on the top of your screen as a single category that can easily be switched over to another. 

Unibet has the traditional markets you can bet on in this section. However, the selection of virtual sports is limited as it features only football, NBA basketball, tennis, horse racing, and greyhounds. 

The streaming graphics and audio of Unibet’s virtual sports betting section are video game-like and captivating, and you can turn it off if you want no distractions while making your bets. 

  • Betfred 

Betfred is one of the most recognizable names in gambling, and the online bookmaker offers a virtual sports betting section that equally stands out. Carrying over its website’s bold layout and excellent responsiveness, BetFred has a mobile app designed specifically for virtual sports betting.

Betfred’s virtuals have two different categories: Scheduled events and On-Demand events. Scheduled events operate like real-life sports games and competitions where matches and races are arranged to start at fixed times. You must place your bets before the clock runs down to signify the start of an event. 

On-Demand events, as the name suggests, let you determine when you want the events you’re betting on to kick off. This increased variety allows Betfred to cater to the needs of different types of virtual sports bettors.  Events across virtual sports, like football, horse racing, greyhounds, boxing, and darts, are presented in advanced animation and have standardized betting markets for this category. On top of that, Betfred offers generous bonuses for its virtual sports gamblers, including welcome and boosted odds bonuses. 

  • WagerLab 

WagerLab is a revolutionary platform on this list of virtual sports betting apps to try in 2023. It is the ultimate beginner-friendly betting app for newcomers. Large fonts, icons, and different pictures on the homepage help users quickly find what sports to bet on or what section to go to.  And it is entirely free to start betting on WagerLab.

 The ability to place wagers on the standard betting markets for sports and virtual sports using fake money makes WagerLab the perfect app for learning the ropes of betting.

 It has over 40 leagues to choose from in various sports like soccer, tennis, basketball, NFL football, MMA, and baseball. 

Being a social betting app, WagerLab allows you can bet against your friends or join public or private pools to compete against other bettors for a spot at the top of the leaderboards. 

Although WagerLab is yet to implement a live streaming feature on its app, the combination of a user-friendly user interface, standard betting markets, outstanding social betting features, and real cash prizes, all available for FREE, undoubtedly makes it one of the virtual sport betting apps to try in 2023.

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Virtual betting occupies a huge section of the online betting market and has significantly picked on steam in recent years due to its overwhelming pros and underwhelming cons. The traditional virtuals market is getting saturated.

Thankfully innovative apps like the WagerLab app, available as an iOS betting app and Android betting app, offer an exciting twist to virtual betting by letting users place bets on real-life sports competitions with virtual currency.

This new approach will definitely foster stronger bonds in the betting community and improve the cutthroat image that traditional betting is identified by.