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5 Office Football Pool Apps

Office football pool apps are social sports betting platforms that allow coworkers to create and join pools for football games, like fantasy and NFL games. The aim is to create bonding, friendship, banter, and healthy competitions over football predictions without using real money. Pick your teams for each game or week, and compete with friends and coworkers you invite to your pool. While a corporate punt pool usually involves no real money wagering, participants can earn points or cash if the pool’s rules and settings permit it.


There are several office football pool apps out there for football fans who love to compete with friends and coworkers willing to predict the results of each NFL game. Each of these apps comes with distinct software, gaming modes, and functionalities. To help you and your colleagues make the perfect choice, this article explores five of the best office football pool apps that you can try out. Regardless of your taste, there’s sure to be an app that will enhance your social NFL betting experience on this list.


WagerLab is a top social betting app where you can place group wagers on various events, including sports events, TV shows, political events, and more. You can easily create a corporate pool and wager on popular sports leagues like the NFL, MLB, NBA, and UEFA Champions League on this app. That’s not all, as you can also create an office pool to wager on the stock market, the Oscars, the US presidential elections, and more on this hosting platform.

WagerLab boasts a highly efficient software for social sports betting, through which you can place, monitor, and resolve your wagers using virtual units. Check out some of the features of WagerLab that contribute to its status as a top-notch social betting platform for workplace football pool games below:

  • Virtual Currency: WagerLab requires no deposit, so you can start betting without using real money. The app uses a virtual “units” system, and no real money is exchanged.
  • Winning Trackers: With WagerLab, you may monitor your profits (and losses). The payout method for bets is entirely up to you and your companions. You can choose to have your tab reset whenever you deem fit.
  • Easy Setup: You can download the app for free on the App Store or Google Play. Once you install, proceed to register, and start betting immediately.

WagerLab makes sports betting pools fun and easy.

Download: Android Pools Betting app and iOS Pools Betting App.


FanDuel is a trusted platform for daily fantasy sports and online sports betting in the US. You can play fantasy contests for cash prizes and bet on your favorite sports for free on FanDuel. One beautiful thing about this app is that you can access it from any device, anytime, anywhere.

FanDuel lets you choose a fresh lineup whenever you want. Select a star from your favorite list every week and participate in an open tournament or form a private league to compete against friends. Then, you can receive your weekly cash prize payouts immediately after the tournament.

FanDuel also makes social betting on different sports very easy. There are daily and weekly tournaments on the platform that you will love as a football fan. Additionally, you can choose from various contests, including the very popular ones and those specifically designed for beginners. This means there is something for everyone.

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If you’re looking for an office football app that lets you wager on free bets with real-time odds, you might want to try out BetUp. Playing with BetUp is risk-free since you can use their virtual currency, Betcoins, instead of real money. One exciting feature of this app is the ability to get real-time odds updates as the games are taking place.

Compete with pals/tipsters from around the globe to see who is the best tipster. Apart from football, you can wager on several sporting events and esports. Once you download the app, you can start betting and enjoying all the available features.

The final score and the aggregate number of goals scored are among the many variables you can bet on. The good news is that it’s completely free to download BetUp from the App Store or Google Play.

Run Your Pool

Run Your Pool is well known in the sports betting pool space, having offered office pools through their website. Recently they have launched an app that allows you to run office pools.  Like the other apps they automatically calculate scores based on the predictions made by participants and updates leaderboards accordingly. You can also join public pools and play legally for cash, just make sure you in a state or country where online betting is legal.

Website: https://www.runyourpool.com/ 

DraftKings Fantasy Sports

DraftKings allows you and your colleagues to play fantasy football contests for cash prizes. Every day, users can participate in any of the hundreds of fantasy contests on the hosting platform. Players in your corporate football pool can participate in as many matches as possible on a given day, building unique fantasy lineups for each, as well as sprinkling their wagers across different sports.

You can choose from a variety of contest formats as well. Some matches are part of tournaments, matchups that pay out to the top half of the field, and matches that are just head-to-head battles.

More than half of the contests hosted by DraftKings also have cash prizes. The number of participants and their final scores determine the payment for certain tournaments. Interestingly, there are tournaments that allow any number of players to participate, and these contests boast guaranteed prize pools that can reach millions of dollars.


On PaperBet, users may wager virtual currency on actual sporting events, including football, the UFC, the AFL, and more. You and your team can track your victories and defeats, and test your luck against the odds.

You can challenge friends or random opponents at any moment on PaperBet, and you can create many scorecards to try out different techniques for success. You can even challenge your friends to tournaments where the goal is to win (or lose) the most virtual currency. For quick access, enter as a guest, and you can sign up for a free account if you want to save your progress.

Register on Paperbet

Office football pool apps allow you to enjoy the thrills of sports betting with your friends and colleagues without risking any money. These apps permit you to bet with virtual and fake money, while offering you the chance to win actual cash awards, and have fun at the workplace.

While there are several of these apps out there for now, the ones listed in this article are the best options to use as hosting platforms for your office NFL pools. These platforms have been verified and confirmed to be the best among the rest by experts and players. Take advantage of them to have an amazing social betting experience at your workplace.