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Best Super Bowl Comebacks

Any Super Bowl is historic. Some, though, just mean more than others. It can be a particularly significant moment in the career of an all-time great or maybe it features an all-time Super Bowl comeback.

Giving up a significant lead in a Super Bowl can live in the nightmares of NFL fans for decades. Even the most successful NFL franchises will go long periods without a Super Bowl appearance. Missing a chance, coughing up a lead, is painful for any fanbase.

5 of the Best Super Bowl Comebacks

Big Super Bowl upsets can result in some healthy sports betting wins. Here are the five greatest comebacks in Super Bowl history.


Super Bowl XLVI: Eli Manning does the double over Tom Brady

The New York Giants had beaten the New England Patriots a few years before. Eli Manning had a 1-0 record against Tom Brady in the Super Bowl, but the Giants were up against it when they fell eight points behind in Super Bowl XLVI.

The Giants grinded their way back into it. A brace of field goals brought them to 17-15 and the Giants forced the Patriots to punt it with under four minutes remaining. The ball in Manning’s hands, he marched the Giants down the field for an 88-yard drive. New York’s touchdown gave them the lead and Brady was unable to answer.

Manning joined an elite group of quarterbacks to have started, and won, two Super Bowls.

Super Bowl XXII: Broncos meltdown vs Washington

John Elway had taken the Denver Broncos to a 10-0 lead after the first quarter. All was looking rosy for Denver, but the second quarter was about as bad as it could have been.

Elway was picked off twice. The Washington Redskins scored 35 unanswered points and the game was all but over by the half.

Washington added a second half touchdown for good measure. Doug Williams recorded 340 yards and four touchdowns – the Broncos suffered one of the heaviest losses in Super Bowl history.

Super Bowl XLIV: Brees outduels Manning

Peyton Manning’s Indianapolis Colts had a 10-0 lead over Drew Brees and the Saints. New Orleans fought back, getting it to 13-10 just after half-time.

The teams exchanged scores in the second half, with the Saints moving to 24-17 up. Manning was doing what seemed inevitable late in the fourth as he took the Colts down the field to potentially tie the game.

A pick-six from Tracy Porter stunned Colts fans worldwide. Manning was dejected. The Saints had their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

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Super Bowl XLIX: Brady’s best halts Seahawks

The Patriots’ in-game NFL betting odds were long when Doug Baldwin’s touchdown put the Seahawks up 10 late in Super Bowl XLIX.

Seattle had the game under control. Their Legion Of Boom defense wasn’t giving up two scores, was it?

Tom Brady has a long list of spectacular postseason performances, and this is right up there. Touchdowns from Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman gave the Pats the lead late in the fourth.

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Russell Wilson so nearly won it for the Seahawks. A curious decision to pass rather than give it to Marshawn Lynch resulted in an interception and cost them the game – Brady had yet another Super Bowl to his name.

Super Bowl LI: Patriots topple Falcons

The definitive Super Bowl comeback. The New England Patriots, one of the

most successful NFL franchises, trailed the Atlanta Falcons 28-3. Columns and talk shows claiming Tom Brady’s career were over were being readied. Not so fast, said the Patriots.

New England’s comeback, and the Falcons’ meltdown, is the greatest turn around in Super Bowl history and it isn’t all that close.

With only six minutes left in the third, the Patriots faced 4th-and-3 in their own territory. Brady converted the fourth down, and New England was underway. Their five drives after half-time all resulted in scores, including a couple of two-point conversions.

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Once it went to overtime and the Patriots started with the ball, there was only one outcome.

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