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Different Types of Office Football Pools

Football is more than just about the games played. Communities rally behind teams. People take pride in the results on the field. But for most people, the enjoyment of football is woven together with the interest of having some action on the game.

But gambling on football doesn’t have to be something done in the back alley with a bookie. There are plenty of ways to get some extra skin in the game or to make an extra few dollars betting on the sport. Many people working in office jobs have found ways to keep watching games interesting and give people something interesting to do.

Below we showcase some of the different types of office football pools.

Office Pools Can Help Make Football Season More Fun

Everyone has different ways of wagering on sports. The office pool concept has helped make things accessible to average people who may not be interested in the sport.

Staying Alive in Survivor

Picking winners and losers on a week-to-week basis can be difficult with football. Because of how many leagues are structured, there is a certain amount of parity baked in to help keep all of the teams in the league competitive. Survivor pools can be a way to play into the chaos.

When competing in a survivor pool, participants are asked to pick one team that they think will win a week. While each pool may have different rules, they boil down to the pressure of trying to make the right pick every week. A typical survivor pool will have participants pick one winner every weekend.

Once the contestant picks a team, they can’t choose that team again. If the person’s team loses, that contestant is eliminated from the pool. This continues every week until there is only one person left. Sometimes, people split the prize pool between the top few participants. Others are winners-take-all.

Block Pools are Simple and Easy

One of the more popular pools in the office revolves around the block pool. What makes block pools accessible is how easy they are to understand and how many people can participate. All participants write their names in random blocks on a grid.

Every person who participates will then be given a number on the grid from 0 to 9 based on where their name is written for both teams playing. For example, someone may get a “3” for Team A and a “0” for Team B.

As the football game goes along, most block pools take the score at the end of each quarter and pay out winners. In the example above, if the score is Team A 13, Team B 0 at the end of the first quarter, that person would be a winner. 

The numbers drawn represent the last number of the score for each team at the end of the quarter. These block pools provide 100 squares for people to participate in. People aren’t limited to buying one square, depending on how many people want to be involved.

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Fantasy Football Has Exploded

Fantasy football has created an entire subculture. People buy magazines, listen to podcasts, and pour through plenty of media, trying to get an edge on their friends and family. Fantasy football can be done in many formats. 

The traditional format is that people draft an entire team of players before the season. These drafts can be done online or in person. Each league has a slightly different requirement, but many leagues are required to draft a quarterback, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends.

Once teams are drafted, the players earn points based on different statistical thresholds when the games are played. Each week, two players are pitted against each other, and the team with the most points wins. All of the players in the league are put into standings like a real football league and qualify for the playoffs or championship.

There is also daily fantasy sports, but that may be harder to pull off with an office. That requires too much involvement, whereas a season-long league only has one draft and not too much maintenance, so it is an easier option.

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Pick ‘em Can Be a Season-Long Competition

Picking the winners and losers of games each weekend can be for an office that is much more engaged with the sport. Many people will do a mix of college and professional games to challenge pool members. This doesn’t have to be a competition where people pick games against the spread.

This could just be picking games for straight up who is going to win each week. Typically, all of the points are tallied together, and people can get weekly prizes in addition to one at the end of the season. 

Doing a Bracket Challenge Can Work

College basketball has the ultimate bracket. Over the years, the NCAA Tournament has provided the blueprint for people who like doing picks on the playoffs for leagues. Many football leagues have a playoff system that allows for people to fill out a bracket.

This is an opportunity for everyone in the office to grab bragging rights. Sometimes, the people who are the most invested in the sport and know the most about what is going on are the worst at picking games. That sometimes ends up being because they can’t see past their biases.

Some people just end up picking teams based on their favorite colors or what mascot is better. When those people win, watch the die-hard sports fans try to cope with the results.

Betting on the Big Game

One thing that can be fun when betting on football is the big game. Usually, many offices will have their own pool. Most of it, however, is beyond just who wins and loses the game. There are many creative and silly prop bets that people come up with to make things more interesting.

For example, people may want to guess what color of sports drink the winning team will pour over the coach’s head, while others may want to do over/unders on what will be shown on TV. The possibilities for this are endless. It encourages creativity when looking for things to make predictions on.