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Sports Betting Trends in 2021

The betting industry is ever-changing. Sports betting trends come and go. Sports will raise in prominence and fade, whether through publicity or just the cycle of the sporting calendar.

What was popular in 2018 is not the same in 2020, and that evolution can be expected in 2021. Will the desire to bet with friends increase further? How will bookmakers adapt to the pandemic which has changed the sports betting landscape at the start of this decade?

Nothing is certain heading into 2021, but there are some notable sports betting trends to keep an eye on.

5 Sports Betting Trends in 2021

Growth of eSports

How much bigger can eSports become? There are already millions of dollars available for the best in the world. Betting on eSports has grown over the last few years, but we are likely a while away from seeing an eSports event feature in our biggest sports betting shocks.

Esports flourished through the lockdown days of 2020. When stadia are empty or other leagues were shut down, the sport that can be played from home was perfect. A whole new foundation of eSports fans has been built as a result.

Anything new is met with skepticism, but those that question its validity are matched by the people excited by this relatively fresh concept.

Esports are a major part of the sports betting landscape as 2021 approaches. Only time will tell how much room there is for growth, but the viewing figures for the biggest tournaments in 2020 suggest next year could be massive for esports.

More live streams

Instead of trawling through pop-up-riddled websites to find a dodgy stream, bettors can now head to a bookmakers’ website and stream a lot of events. From horse racing to lacrosse, bookies have been in the live streaming business for years, but they are seemingly expanding that part of their offering.

Live betting continues to grow, too. Providing a stream is a way for bookmakers to entice bettors to get involved with in-plays.

If you can’t find somewhere to watch sport, always check if bookmakers have a stream.

Wary of COVID

While positive news about a vaccine gives hope that the sports world can return to some sort of normality in the not-too-distant future, the presence of COVID-19 is a factor that bettors must still consider in 2021.

With betting apps improving every year, bettors can leave their bets later and later. The threat of positive COVID tests makes it worthwhile to hold off as late as possible. We continue to see players test positive, ruling them out from games. Knowing the availability of a star quarterback or All-NBA-level player is important.

Data, data, data

Good bettors will use data to their advantage. Whether player tracking or expected metrics, there is more data available to gamblers than ever before.

Interpreting and using data correctly can go a long way to placing a winning wager. Studying form and trends has always been a staple of sports betting, but the depth to which bettors can go continues to grow.

Free sites or sports betting tips apps offer sufficient information for most gamblers ans, though there are paid services like Cleaning The Glass which some may opt to sign up for.

Big events

After so many postponements in 2020, 2021 is stacked with headline events. The Tokyo Olympics will take place in the summer of 2021, and soccer’s European Championships are scheduled for the 2021 offseason.

After a shortened break, the NBA returns in December 2020 ahead of an intense season. Of course, the Super Bowl takes place in February as usual and the MLB season is expected to get underway on time.

This is a big year for sports bettors.