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7 Best Android Betting Apps

Sports betting apps are a must for any sports fan. Whether you’re an NFL devotee or a lover of all things NBA, betting is a growing part of sports life. Even if placing wagers to make money isn’t your thing, odds and their movement are an increasing component in sports discourse.

The best android betting apps will provide streaming options and plenty of deals for customers to find the best value.

Best Android Betting Apps

Looking to bet with friends? Want the place with the most comprehensive odds? Here are seven of the top sports betting apps for Android which, between them, should tick all the boxes.

Bet 365

A true juggernaut of sports betting, Bet 365’s Android Betting App is one of the most popular in the world. Bettors get the added benefit of over 140,000 events streamed live every year, a growing betting trend.

Any ranking of sports betting apps will include Bet 365’s offerings, and their Android app is no different. Bet 365 pride themselves on useability – their Android app is one of the smoothest on the market.

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Download: Bet365 Google Play


One of the prominent names in daily fantasy sports, FanDuel’s Android betting app hasn’t been universally loved by gamblers (only an average rating of four stars), but that hasn’t done much to dampen its popularity.

FanDuel offer a complete sportsbook on top of their array of daily fantasy games. As sports gambling has been legalized, FanDuel has swallowed up a major chunk of the market.

Betting apps for andriod

Download: FanDuel Android


Sitting at four and a half stars, DraftKings’ primary betting app for android is easy to use and doesn’t harass bettors for reviews like some of its competitors. A search on the Google Play store also unearths DK Live, a far less successful app which has been widely criticized for crashing.

Daily Fantasy Football is the headline act for DraftKings. Fantasy sports are a great way to bet with friends – DraftKings is arguably the best place on the market for a daily fantasy contest to win money and prove you can build a better squad than your friends.

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Download: DraftKings Google Play

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WagerLab stands out from the pack. It leads the way for sports fans looking to gamble without the financial risk, for gamblers trying to track their bets, and for friends wanting to take each other on.

WagerLab android betting app offers betting markets on everything you could hope for. Bettors have the option to place the bet against a friend or to take on the house – can you beat the bookie?

Download: WagerLab Google Play

William Hill

Not many companies go out of their way to lure new customers like William Hill. First-time users of their Android betting app will be welcomed by boosted odds, free bets and a well-functioning service.

William Hill’s customer service is helpful and timely – that’s not the case for every bookie. Their app itself is simple to navigate and loads quickly, which is particularly important for those looking to jump into the world of in-play.

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Download: William Hill Google Play

Paddy Power

Their unique approach to marketing has seen Paddy Power become one of the biggest bookies in the UK. It’s only a matter of time before they make a real impact on the US market, too. Bettors are given a risk-free welcome offer and thousands of streams across the year.

Paddy Power’s Android betting app does the job. It’s nothing fancy, but sports bettors don’t need fancy, they need speed and functionality. Paddy Power’s app is as reliable as they come.

Download: Paddy Power Google Play


BetMGM has everything a sports bettor needs. All the standard markets are there (moneyline, spread, points totals etc.) and they provide a fair few props to get stuck into.

The android betting app is set up nicely, too. The buttons you need are all along the bottom of the screen, and loading times are impressive.

android sports betting apps

Download: BetMGM Android

Don’t be surprised to see BetMGM’s users grow significantly over the years.

There you have it, some of the best android betting apps that you can download.

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