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7 Tips To Bet On Your Favorite NFL Team

It’s no secret that the NFL is one of the world’s most beloved sporting events, by spectators and bettors alike. In fact, it offers a competitive betting market that is truly unlike any other.

The thing that makes it so difficult to make a successful wager on an NFL game is the sheer number of wagers that go into every single game. With the increasing presence of the NFL, making winning wagers requires some serious strategy, experience, and know-how.

If you’re new to betting or simply want to brush up on your skills, this article contains 7 tips you can use to bet on your favorite NFL team.

Let’s get started!

1. Take A Glance At Different Odds

Our first tip when it comes to betting on your favorite NFL team is all about using your common sense and putting in some serious effort.

It’s not difficult and simply involves looking around at NFL spreads to find the best odds before you settle. This is because having easy access to multiple books will do wonders for improving your edge.

Don’t just stick to betting on the first book you see, or the one that you are already logged in to. Winning at NFL betting is hard enough and there’s no reason to make it even harder for yourself!

2. In Doubt? Don’t Bet!

This tip is more practical than anything else: do not make a bet if you’re in any doubt! Just because you have a favorite team in the NFL and have an inkling of how they’re going to perform in a game, it doesn’t mean that you have to bet on them at any point.

Let’s say that your chosen team’s performance is a little all over the place, and there’s no clear strategy. In this instance, the bet may stand a pretty strong chance of being lost before you even place it.

Your best move? Not placing the bet at all. You may feel that you “know” how they’ll play, or at least think that you can anticipate it (especially if you’re a long-time fan of a team), but that’s not always the case.

3. Avoid Parlay Bets

Parlay betting in the NFL involves combining multiple wagers into a single bet to create one huge payout for a wager. This can include totals, games, and props. Because of the payout, they’re often deemed as a very attractive bet, but you’d be wrong to think this.

A 12-1 parlay wager will be extremely attractive for the casual NFL bettor, but you’ll be giving the house a huge edge of 18.75% if you assume all games are coin flips. 

Simply put, while parlays can be great ways for professional or experienced NFL bettors to improve their edge, these bets tend to always take advantage of less advanced bettors.

You can use parlay betting as a casual thing but it should never be the bet you make if you want to understand more about betting on your favorite NFL team. 

4. Consider Home Field Advantages

This tip is all about using local information to your advantage when it comes to making bets.

When it comes time to work out sports odds, the home team generally always has some form of advantage – especially when it comes to the NFL.

These players are typically motivated to outperform their opponents thanks to the home crowd enthusiastically cheering them on, not having to travel, and also playing in familiar surroundings.

Although it can work in the home team’s favor, you must remember that a home-field advantage doesn’t always guarantee a better performance! 

5. Factor in the Weather

The weather conditions can also have a huge impact when betting on your favorite NFL team, resulting in a disadvantage in team scoring and overall performance. This is especially true with extreme temperatures and wind. 

It’s the high wind that has the biggest impact on NFL betting as passing metrics can take a huge hit. 

So, if your favorite NFL team is playing in an open stadium and operating at career-high levels, their performance could take a huge hit if the weather is not in their favor, which will severely impact betting odds and change the betting outcome.

6. Check Injury Reports

For fantasy owners and bettors alike, the NFL injury reports should be seriously looked at due to the updated performance information that they provide. 

For example, an injury sustained by a starting quarterback will have a significant negative impact on the way that the game is played, and the predicted success of the team. That’s not to say that they will fail, but rather not perform as well as hoped.

Stay up-to-date with the Friday and Sunday injury reports as the last thing you want to happen when placing bets on your favorite team is realizing that a key player is missing from the lineup!

7. Pay Attention to the NFL Betting Market

This is the final tip on this list but is no less important than the others!

Always try to keep your eye on the NFL betting market regardless of whether you’re a casual or more experienced bettor. If you do this for a considerable period, you’ll quickly start to pick up on some significant trends that will help you to improve your overall betting skills.

For instance, if there is a suspension or an injury that you do not know about, or a respected group of bettors made the wrong decision and lost out on a sizable sum, you should not ignore these moves.

Track the market trends and ask questions whenever you need some clarification. After all, it’s your money on the line, and it’s important to make sure you’re making the most informed decisions about your favorite team.


Betting on your favorite NFL team can be tricky at times due to the sheer number of available wagers. By using the above tips and implementing them into your strategy, you’re far more likely to make successful bets.

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