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Best Sports Bets With Friends

We’ve already covered the best bets to make with friends. This time round the focus is on the sports betting universe. Sports betting has been legalized in the US, and the industry continues to flourish in Europe.

It’s not all about trying to beat the bookie, though. Sports betting with friends is increasing in popularity. Apps like WagerLab allow bettors to place bets against their friends, to keep track of who’s picks are the most accurate through the year.

5 of the Best Sports Bets to make with Friends

Here are five of the best sports bets to make with friends…

Win Totals

Betting win totals is a popular pre-season hobby for sports fans. It’s a straightforward bet to organize with a friend, too.

Either using a line from a bookmaker or agreeing on your own number, friends can bet the over or under on a win total.

This is one of the easiest bets to make. Pre-season projections are a common point of disagreement between sports fans. Placing a wager on the over or under of a win total is a good way to provide more intrigue into the results of a given team throughout the season.

Tournament Winner

Is your friend confident the Chiefs will repeat as Super Bowl winners? Do you view the Lakers as a banker to make it back-to-back NBA titles?

Futures bets are popular between friends. This works best with a favorite and a simple yes/no bet. One wagers that X will win competition and the other wagers that they will not.

Have you got a friend who throws around overly confident predictions? Placing a wager with them when they declare a certain team as locks to win it all is a good way to spice up the season.

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Individual Games

Settling down for the game and all throwing your predictions in.

We’ve all been there – there’s some disagreement, and someone suggests a wager.

Individual game bets are a quicker bet than the previous two (obviously) and can be a fun way to give you a team to get behind in a game that you might have been on the fence about.

Betting with friends on individual games can provoke a bit of rivalry, particularly if one of you ends up on the winning side more often than not.

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Award Winner

These are another futures bet, and work similarly to tournament winner bets. Whether it’s MVP, Defensive Player of the Year or Rookie of the Year, speculating about the potential award winners before and during the season is a common topic among sports fans.

As the debate flows from which teams you are high on, it’s inevitable that individual awards pop up. The friend that fancies the over on the Browns’ win total is likely to be high on Baker Mayfield as a surprise MVP candidate, too.

Maybe you have confidence in the White Sox and expect Michael Kopech to win Rookie of the Year. Or could Juan Soto lead the Nationals back to the playoffs and win MVP?

Award winner betting markets are always interesting, and they can provide some big returns if you get your wager in at the right time.

Player Props

Again focussing on the player rather than the team, player props can be season-long or for a one-off game.

The pre-game chat could unearth conflicting opinions on James Harden, leading to a bet on how many points he scores that night. Maybe that bet runs on his scoring average for the season.

Player props are an easy market to bet on whatever the sport. It can be passing yards, touchdowns, home runs, goals scored or anything you can think of.

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