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Best Sports Betting Apps

The best sports betting apps are easy to use and reliable. A range of markets is important too – potential bettors don’t want to be wasting their time trawling through pages that are no use to them.

Bettors are looking for versatility, bonuses and in-play. A wide array of sports is a must. It’s becoming a crowded market place, stacked with companies trying to prove their app is superior, trying to offer something new. It can be a difficult choice to find a preferred sports betting app.

5 of the Best Sports Betting Apps

We have compiled a few of the best sports betting apps in the market.

William Hill

William Hill is a sports betting juggernaut. Massive around the world, William Hill USA gives bettors the opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars in bonuses and free bets.

For those experienced with lots of sports betting apps, William Hill’s offering frequently ranks among the best to use. It loads quickly, its bets are easy to find, and it has a depth of betting markets that others cannot compete with.

Want to bet on the home run leader in 2021? Want to wager on the NBA’s Most Improved Player? William Hill has you covered – a quick search can find deposit bonuses of up to $500 for new players, too.

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Download: William Hill Google Play | William Hill App Store


No credit card required, no cash necessary. WagerLab is unlike other sports betting apps – it brings the thrill of betting without the financial risk.

WagerLab is the sports betting app to use to bet against friends or play for fun against the house. Rookie and experienced bettors alike enjoy using WagerLab to challenge their friends and keep track of their bets. Weekly cash prizes are on offer, too.

100% free, WagerLab is the home of friendly bets on any sport, any market you can imagine.

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Download:Google Play Sports Betting App | App Store Sports Betting App


Like the sound of Odds Boosters, Parlay Insurance, Local Locks and Risk-Free Bets? FanDuel’s sports betting app is the one for you.

FanDuel’s app is smart in appearance and just as efficient. Odds are updated quickly and frequently, and payouts are hastily processed.

Customer satisfaction is the main aim for FanDuel and it’s abundantly clear for any regular customer. Their customer service is second to none, a factor of particular importance given the poor response times of some of their competitors. Get Fandual refer a friend!

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Download: FanDuel Android | FanDuel App Store


Fantasy sports are the first thing that comes to mind with DraftKings. Having ventured into sports betting, DraftKings has quickly become one of the best sportsbook apps around.

New customers are eligible for plenty of free bets and according to American Gambler, they can see their first bet of up to $200 matched.

Their reputation may have been built elsewhere, but DraftKings provide one of the best sports betting apps in the business.

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Download: DraftKings Google Play | DraftKings App Store


Bet365 have dominated the sports betting landscape in Europe. They are of increasing relevance in the US too.

The app is a must-have for any regular sports gambler. Bet365 have competitive odds, they cover every sport one could hope for, and they often offer streaming of live events.

Like every sports betting app trying to develop a market share in the US, Bet365 have codes available for free bets and bonuses.

Best Fake Sports Bettings Apps

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Download: Bet365 Google Play | Bet365 App Store

There you have it. Some of the best sports betting apps that are secure, easy to use and reliable.

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