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NBA Playoffs: Best Betting Opportunities And Tips

When it comes to the big four North American sports, betting on the NBA is one of the most difficult sports to wager on. With the number of games, players, teams, and various prop bets available, winning money on NBA wagers is not always a surefire thing.

With only eight teams left, the cream has risen to the top with the top three seeds in the Western Conference still alive along with the fifth-seeded Dallas Mavericks. Over in the East, the Celtics have appeared to be a runaway favorite to represent the Eastern Conference, but one should not overlook the feisty New York Knicks.

Unlike the regular season marathon, the chess-like matchup in the playoffs creates a more focused, high-stakes environment for casual fans and betters.

Series Betting

Straight up the easiest way (if there is such a thing) of winning money from betting on the NBA playoffs, Picking the higher seed seems to be a given as they by record are the better team, but history has shown that the favored seed is not always the victor. While you may want to consider the head-to-head record between the two teams, everyone knows that the game and stakes change in the postseason.

Whereas the regular season is a marathon, the playoffs are akin to a 400-meter sprint. At this point in the race, the NBA is in the midst of the second 100 meters.

Home Sweet Home

Home court definitely has its advantages, just ask the Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, and Oklahoma City Thunder who have all done well to take control in their series thanks in part to playing in the comfortable confines of their own arena and in front of their own fans.

As for the Denver Nuggets, which traditionally is one of the toughest places to play due to the altitude, they surprisingly struggled in their first two games against the Minnesota Timberwolves. If Nikola Jokic and the defending champs have any hope of repeating as champions, they will have to win at least two games in enemy territory. You can use ClutchBet promo code for Colorado to bet on the Denver Nuggets.

Prop Bets

If the playoffs weren’t entertaining enough, adding some fun prop bets to the games adds another layer of excitement. Whether it is points, assists, rebounds, or any other major statistical total, placing an over/under bet is one of the more popular options.

Will Jokic record a triple-double? Will Jayson Tatum hit for forty? How many blocks will Rudy Gobert finish the game with?

When it comes to superstar-level players, consider whether they struggle against a particular defensive matchup or how well they produce on the road as opposed to at home. As for role players, their output could easily change based on injuries, fouls, or if the game is a blowout.

Or you could go with the team prop bet options such as how many total rebounds or assists they will combine for or what the end-of-quarter or half score will be.

Not all prop bets are serious and confined to the court as some sportsbooks get creative offering options such as which team wins the opening jump ball.

Mismatched Matchups

They say that defense wins championships, but scoring or contributing to the scoring will likely win you a couple of wagers. Take into consideration who your favorite team or player is matched up against. Despite having an elite defender in Anthony Davis, the Lakers struggled to stop the Nuggets basket attack.

Now facing a four-time Defensive Player of the Year as well as lockdown wing players, the Nuggets have not been able to get to the hoop as easy.  This could easily impact how many three-pointers the team takes as they alter their offensive strategy.


The grind of the playoffs and the extended season can be easily impacted by an untimely injury one way or another. Losing a star player to an injury can not only have implications on the game at hand but more importantly the series. For example, Knicks forward Mitchell Robinson, who statistically might not dominate the box scores, but his presence or lack of it on the defensive end of the court could determine how far New York goes in the playoffs.

Losing a key player puts the rest of the roster in a “next man up” position. Keep an eye out for how a coach alters their rotation and who benefits from the extra playing time and opportunities to contribute.

Make sure that you keep up with the latest news regarding injuries. Most fans are well aware that today’s players are more likely to be sat out, either on their own accord or by direction of the team for even the most minor aches and pains, unlike players of the older generations. Placing a bet too early can be offset by a team/player making a last-minute roster change due to injury.

Check The Schedule

Depending on booking arrangements for arenas, there are some teams / series that benefit from an extra day or two off, whereas others are given just 48 hours rest. Case in point the Cleveland Cavaliers / Boston Celtics and the Dallas Mavericks / Oklahoma City Thunder who played on Tuesday and Thursday, and the Knicks / Indiana Pacers who played Wednesday and Friday. Yet the Denver Nuggets and Minnesota Timberwolves have had the benefit of having three days’ rest, playing on Monday and Friday.

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