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Top 5 Prospects For Houston Texans In NFL Draft 2023

The Houston Texans have the second overall pick in the whole 2023 NFL Draft and look to have tightened their focus on two quarterbacks. They may face stiff competition from the Carolina Panthers yet the Texans are not too worried about which one gets selected first. This could be a crucial draft for the Houston Texans, specifically due to their major organizational shift that could have repercussions for their draft philosophy. If you want to put a bet on which picks the Houston Texans go for then check out our NFL draft odds.


The obvious requirement from the NFL Draft is to hone in on a quarterback, a franchise quarterback yet the Texans know what they want. Those two quarterbacks are C.J. Stroud from Ohio State and Bryce Young from Alabama.


C.J. Stroud (Ohio State) And Bryce Young (Alabama)

The consensus is that Stroud and Young are the two leading quarterbacks in the draft so, understandably, the Texans are out for one of them. For the Texans, both match their desired profile for on-field performance and off-field behavior making them ideal NFL draft picks.



Both have noted experience in big, important games. Young has demonstrated crucial leadership skills which is a trait that Head Coach, DeMeco Ryans, has praised publicly. Stroud may have the edge on an innate desire to win as well as with competitiveness. Ryan has even taken inspiration from the signal callers in the Super Bowl, namely the two dynamic quarterbacks in Jalen Hurts of the Eagles and Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs. Ideally, the Texans need a mobile quarterback, who can unlock a defense by forcing 11-on-11 football, and get outside of the pocket.

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Anthony Richardson (Florida)

There is another name that has entered the picture for an ideal quarterback and that’s Anthony Richardson from Florida. Not only does he force defenses to play 11-on-11 football with his athleticism but he’s a force multiplier. Few quarterbacks can closely match the description that Ryans has set out yet Richardson has that rocket arm and a creation capacity that makes him an appealing pick. While he does have those physical attributes, his interviews may give him the edge on whether the Texans go out to make him their priority.

Wide Receivers

For a team in flux, the Houston Texans have plenty of options and one of them is at wide receiver. That should mean opting for, not just one receiver, but several, each with their own attributes. One wide receiver that fits the profile is Jayden Reed from Michigan State.

Jayden Reed (Michigan State)

With so much capital, the Houston Texans should be looking at multiple receivers yet top of the list could well be Reed. That thinking is largely down to his athletic testing as well as how phenomenal he is at catching and his alignment versatility at route running. Few wide receivers can come up with such a wide range of attributes which is why Reed should be one to watch, even though the Texans can double-dip. This is a trade to look out for in the Day 2 range as Houston may look to use their next first-round pick on a crucial wide receiver.


If the Houston Texans are to protect their greatest investment at quarterback then they will need to shore up their center. The name that many have touted to fill in at center is John Michael Schmitz from Minnesota.


John Michael Schmitz (Minnesota)

At the very top of Round 2, the Houston Texans will be looking for a blocker to look out for their prized quarterback. Schmitz could well be their man having showcased his talents at the Senior Bowl. That includes a physicality combined with strength and athleticism. He’s also relatively flexible standing at 6’ 3 and ⅜” while weighing 306 pounds though there will be a numerical confirmation. Schmitz will be looking to lock in his path to top 50 capital and that could well mean registering a ten-yard split in the 40-yard dash, as long as it’s under 1.7.



There is a lot for the Houston Texans to decide on and they have close to twice the normal number of picks with 12 draft selections to choose from. That should mean plenty of choices for a rookie class that could be game-changing. Due to various trades in several rounds, including a $175,000 fine due to a reporting violation for a salary cap in round five, there is plenty of opportunity. Houston has the second overall pick in the NFL Draft and that should go in their favor.


That should mean adding a stellar quarterback and they have three to choose from including Anthony Richardson, C.J. Stroud, and Bryce Young. At center, the Texans should be looking at John Michael Schmitz from Minnesota to look after their prize investment. There are also options at wide receiver yet the lead prospect is likely to be Jayden Reed from Michigan State. The Texans have a total of six selections from the top 105 picks and that should add up to a franchise quarterback with the ability to insulate him too.

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