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5 Fantasy Football Side Bets

Are you looking for some fantasy football side bets?

Maybe you want to add a little bit of excitement to the game, and you know that having a few side bets or prop bets will undoubtedly make things a little more interesting.

You can make a side bet for money or even add a few funny forfeits for the loser of the bet — Either way, side bets are a great way to add an extra kick to fantasy football.

This short guide will share five fantasy football side bets that you can use with your friends, family, and work colleagues.

Let’s get to it.

What is Fantasy football?

Fantasy football is an exciting online game where you earn points per game for a team you have chosen to represent you in the league.

You score points when a player makes an assist, scores goals, touchdowns, gets man of the match, and various other point-scoring situations.

In addition to scoring points, you can also lose points by being sin-binned, sent off, or simply not playing.

Your team is placed into a league against every player who has entered the competition, but you can also have private leagues to compete against your friends or work colleagues.

The team with the most points at the end of the season is the overall winner.

Five Football Side Bets For Fantasy Football

Below are five easy-to-understand side bets to use on fantasy football. They are easy to organize, and you can keep track of them on apps like Wagerlab.

The fantasy football side bets can be made with as many people as you want, but you will need at least two people to make a bet.

Here are the side bets:

Best Scoring Defender (For The Month)

You all choose a defender you think will be the highest scoring for the calendar month with this side bet. The player whose defender scores the most points wins the bet.

You can choose which month to concentrate on and also make changes before the month’s starting date. However, no other defensive changes are allowed once you reach the first day of your chosen month.

The trick with this side bet is to choose defenders who are not injury-prone, high-scoring, and not liable to do anything silly.

Weekly Highest Scoring Team Side Bets

This side bet is to run over one week, and the team who scores the most points for the week wins the bet.

Again, another simple side bet to track and play with your friends.

A small tip for this bet is to choose an attacking team and go for it. Try not to worry about defensive points and throw caution to the wind with an attacking team.

Bench Included Side Bets

Unless you have a bonus chip when playing fantasy football, your substitute bench will only score points if they play in your first team.

However, you can score points for all your players on the bench this weekend with this side bet.

So the team with the most points for all players will win the bet.

You need to make sure your bench players are starters in the teams they play for with this one. There’s no point having them if they never play because you want all your players to score points for this week.

Highest Scores Per Month

Another self-explanatory side bet that is super easy to make and keep track of. 

The team with the highest scoring points for the month will be the winner of the side bet, so be sure to have players who will not be injured.

Also, look at the upcoming fixtures and see who has the kinder fixtures; this way, you can choose the players who are playing for those teams and, hopefully, score more points during the month.

Handicap Points Bet

Football Side Bets

This side bet will be between two people and will be offered by a player who feels confident that they are more skilled and a much better fantasy football player than the other.

The cocky player will offer their friend or colleague a bet with a handicap in their favor.

For example:

Dave is a cocky little git who thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread in fantasy football. So he says to his buddy, “I’ll make you a side bet that I finish the season with 100 points more than you.”

His buddy sees this as an excellent opportunity to shut his friend up and takes the bet.

Side tip. If you’re the cocky guy, make sure you can back it up, and if you’re the guy accepting the bet, make sure you’re confident of making changes every week and not neglecting the game — you won’t want to lose this one!

Side Bet Prizes Or Forfeits?

The only decision you have now is whether to make these bets more interesting by adding money or a forfeit to the challenge.

You can stump up the money, and the winner gets it all, or you could suggest a forfeit to the loser. 

Some of the best punishments for losing a bet can range from paying for lunch to getting a tattoo or even wearing an adult diaper on a night out.

The choice is yours.

Fantasty Football Team Names

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  2. The Hail Mary Hoes
  3. Balls Deep Fantasy
  4. Gridiron Gonads
  5. Landrey’s Nutz

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Fantasy football league bet punishments are a fun way to keep players engaged throughout the season.

Here are 9 Best Punishments for Last Place

1. Picking up the tab
2. Rivals Jersey
3. Laundry
4. Car Wash
5. Free Labor
6. Donate to a charity
7. Last place trophy
8. Chaining Day
9. Spin a wheel

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Decision Time — Which Fantasy Football Side Bet Will You Choose?

I have just provided you with five simple fantasy football side bets to have with your friends, family, or co-workers. All of them are easy, trackable, and will add another layer of fun to the fantastic fantasy football game.

Your only decision now is which one are you going to choose?

If you’re betting against a close friend, then the handicap scoring points option could be exciting and add a competitive edge to things. In contrast, the other four side bets are probably more suited for multiple players and can make for an exciting weekend, week, month, or season.

Maybe you could have multiple side bets throughout the season with numerous prizes or forfeits  — now that could be interesting.

The choice is yours.

WagerLab is available as an Android betting app and iOS betting app, and players can sign in, create bets, join fantasy football pools or bet on live events without spending real money.