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Funny Bets for Office Soccer Pools

What is a more exciting bonding experience than discussing the outcomes of the latest soccer pool bets at the office’s end-of-the-year party? 

Discussing how a hot-headed soccer star got sent off, to Sharon’s dismay, when she was so close to winning the office cup!

Office bets do not have to be stern. With a little comic twist here and there, they often turn out to be hilarious affairs. It’s even better when office members do not need significant ball knowledge to participate. In this article, we will discuss:

  • What are Office Soccer Pools?
  • 10 Funny Office Soccer Pool Bets.

What are Office Soccer Pools?

Office Soccer Pools

Office soccer pools are betting pools made by office members where they put a fixed value, usually an amount of money, into a pool and wager based on soccer outcomes. At the end of a specified period, the pool winners are selected according to their picks and rewarded with either money or a designated trophy.

It is not uncommon for vigs to be taken out of a soccer pool. A “vig” is an amount paid to the pool’s organizers for organizing and maintaining the pool. This is usually a negligible amount.

8 Funny Office Soccer Pool Bets

Picking a fun bet that will interest people is a challenging task. The stress of working in an office space might make people not very interested in following up with a bet. Getting them to find the pool funny is a more challenging task as people have different quirks they may find funny or offensive.

So it is crucial to know your audience so you don’t suggest something they may find inappropriate. Here is a list of relatively appropriate funny office pool bets to enjoy with friends.

1. Most Cards.

Whether it be the most cards in a game or a season, a player accumulating the most cards in a season is fun to bet on. 

Although it’s been a while since we’ve got hot-headed pranksters like Luis Suarez or Mario Balotelli in the tabs, predicting who the next Roy Keane is always entertaining. 

In this pool bettors make bets on players who they believe will end up in the most cards. Anyone can participate in this pool all that it requires is a bit of luck and some research.

2.  Least Cards

Alternatively, having the least cards in a game or a season is equally hilarious. This bet will have you praying for your player to avoid cards so that both of you will not get ruthlessly bantered come Monday morning.

Similar to having the most cards, bettor make bets on players in a selection of players who are likely to get carded often and make guesses on which players end up with the least cards.

3. Most nutmegs given

Soccer has many funny aspects, including nutmegs, which are some of its silliest aspects. Nutmegging is when a player skillfully passes a ball between another player’s legs.

Soccer is a game that relies heavily on a player’s ability to move his legs, so where a player can pass the ball through a professional player’s legs unobstructed, it often sends fans roaring with glee. 

A bet like this is funny and keeps mischievous pranksters like Neymar and Marcus Rashford in discussions. 

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4. Most goals conceded

Whether it be a goalkeeper notorious for butter fingers (Ahem! Karius) or a team notorious for heavy drubbings, It is always a fun time for teasing and banter to figure out which team or players are most prone to conceding goals. 

Interestingly, in this bet, you go off on rumors alone, and therefore, anyone with a pedestrian knowledge of soccer and some idea of analytics can quickly get the job done.

5. Most times dribbled past

Similar to nutmegs, seeing dribbles are simply iconic. Messi v Boateng and Di Marie v Puyol quickly come to mind. 

Players hate getting dribbled past. Conversely, it is an absolute delight for fans to guess which players are most susceptible to tricksters during a match or throughout an entire season.

6. Most team defeats

Some teams are simply incapable of stringing together wins. However, they seem to welcome “L” s with glee. 

A few things are more joyfully hilarious than predicting a team’s downfall. Imagine if one of the notorious teams in this category is one of your buddy Clark’s home teams. You and the rest of the gang can occasionally have a good laugh or two at his expense. Try to keep it mild, though.

7. Relegated teams

At the end of most leagues, a certain number of teams get relegated yearly. Having your office members bet on which teams will likely be relegated in a season is a funny office pool bet idea.

Bonus points if office members popularly support any of the teams.

Office Soccer Pools

8. Turncoat

Ah, the infamous turncoats. In soccer, there are rivalries between clubs. For instance, Manchester United and Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea, and Real Madrid and Barcelona. Few things can be more disappointing than learning that one of your favorite teams is backed by Fabrizio Romano to host a turncoat over the summer. 

However, you do not have to lose all the way. You can bet with some of your buddies on whether your club’s legend will re-sign for your team or join a rival team instead. But you must be prepared for the pain of losing money and being the butt of jokes in your office for some time.

9. Scandal

Soccer is home to some hilarious scandals. After reaching your peak monetary value when you’re only just entering a similar peak of youthful exuberance, we can excuse you if you decide to be a bit wayward in your decisions, can we not?

Soccer is riddled with impulsive players waiting to do something hilarious or iconic. This can be a long-term pool that keeps running for years, spurning jokes and regrets while it lasts.

10. Most likely to get in a fight

Bust-ups happen anywhere in the office, but also on the pitch; some players are notorious for getting into bust-ups in almost every match. 

They just can’t seem to resist. We can’t either. Making their pain into your win is a very funny approach to the entire scenario. Why not create a soccer betting pool to decide who gets into a scrap with an opponent next?


Generally, betting as a concept is an enjoyable and entertaining leisure to explore with friends. But do you know something that can sometimes make it less fun? Money! Yes, the big root of all evil can sometimes come around to spark intense arguments. 

That is why you should bet with Wagerlab to avoid unnecessary bust-ups with your sensitive colleagues. Sign up in the Wagerlab app on Android betting app or iOS betting app today to place soccer pool bets using virtual cash.