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The Best Atlanta Falcons Quarterbacks of All Time

The Atlanta Falcons are a strong team, and just 10 years ago they were considered the best on the field. Now the Atlanta Falcons odds are shockingly low, but if you’re creating a fantasy team you can still create a solid collection by picking up individual players.

Some of the best players to ever grace the field are still in the game today. Let’s take a look at who they are!

Matt Ryan – Quarterback – 2008 till 2021

Although Ryan hasn’t secured a career award since 2016, but the number of highlights he has received is immense.

In 2016 he won the Most Valuable Player award, the Offensive Player of the Year, became the Passer Rating Leader, and entered into his first First-Team All-Pro.

That year is known as his elite season, and since then Ryan has dominated the field. In 2021, Ryan left the Falcons and joined the Indianapolis Colts. Although the change was heartbreaking for the Falcons, he will always be part of Atlanta.

If you need a strong quarterback on your Fantasy NFL team, Ryan would be an excellent pick.


Julio Jones – Wide Receiver – 2011 till 2020

Jones played for the Falcons between 2011 and 2020, before swapping to the Tennessee Titans for one year and jumping over to Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he seems to be settling.

All of Jones’ accomplishments come from his years as a Falcon. He received awards for the following:

  • NFL Receptions Co-Leader, 
  • 2-time Receiving Yards Leader, 
  • 7-time Pro Bowl player, 
  • 2-time All-Pro First Team player.

In 2018, Jones earned the title of Fastest Player in NFL history, and in 2020, he became the All-Time Career Receptions Leader in Falcon history. These are amazing accomplishments to receive, and hopefully his records will last for years to come.

As of 2022, Jones reached a career average of 87.9 yards per game, the second-highest receiving yards in NFL history, making him one of the best wide receivers in the NFL . He also tied for 3rd place for the most 100-yard receiving in a career. 

Jones is constantly reaching for bigger heights so make sure you put him on your fantasy team.

Michael Vick – Quarterback – 2001 till 2008

Vicks’ time on the team was relatively short, spending 7 years with the Falcons before spending another 4 years with the Eagles and jumping to the Jets and finally the Steelers before retiring. 

Although Vick didn’t earn any career highlights during his time with Atlanta, he was the constant presence needed to keep the team stable.

In 2004, Vick’s rushing total for a single season was the third-highest in NFL history. He played so fantastically, that he was almost voted Most Valuable Player. He was one point off the win, meaning Peyton Manning didn’t receive a unanimous vote.

Deion Sanders – Cornerback – 1989 till 1993

Sanders is currently the head coach for the Colorado Buffaloes, but his first 4 years as a professional were playing for the Atlanta Falcons.

Sanders is considered the best Cornerback in NFL history, and this was while he starred in Major League Baseball too.

Sanders was an all-round athlete, dominating in every sport he participated in.

In his first-ever NFL game, Sanders ran for a touchdown on his second attempt.

During his time on the team, Sanders received the Unanimous All-American award twice, the Jim Thorpe Award, the Atlanta Falcons Ring of Honor, and the title of Kickoff Return Yards Leader.

Steve Bartkowski – Quarterback – 1975 till 1985

Despite retiring from the NFL in 1986, Bartkowski still holds a top 10 spot for the most consecutive 30-touchdown passing seasons.

He even set the record for the most consecutive games with at least three touchdown passes. He held that record from 1980 until 2004!

Tommy Nobis – Linebacker – 1966 till 1976

Many people believe Nobis’s career was worthy of the Hall of Fame title, and in Georgia, the award was granted to him.

However, the Pro Football Hall of Fame hasn’t allowed the transaction to happen, mostly because the Falcons did poorly during this time, despite Nobis’s efforts.

Nobis’ number 60 was retired when he left the team. It was the first time the Falcons gave the honor to anyone.

Although he didn’t receive the Hall of Fame Award, he received the Atlanta Falcons Ring of Honor, the Rookie of the Year award, and entered into the Pro Bowl 5 times.

Roddy White – Wide Receiver – 2005 till 2015

Lastly, White spent his entire career with the Atlanta Falcons. In that time he was honored with the Atlanta Falcons Ring of Honor, 4 Pro Bowl games, and 1 First Team All-Pro. In 2010, White was named the NFL Receptions Leader.

In 2014, White became the 42nd player to achieve 10,000 receiving yards in his career, while in 2012, the Falcons made it to the playoffs due to White’s 5 receptions creating 76 yards and a touchdown. White is considered 


The Falcons don’t have a massive track record of wins and achievements. However, they have had some outstanding players on their team. Some were not recognized in their time, while others still dominate conversions.

This year Atlanta isn’t looking great, and seeing as they’ve lost some top players due to team changes, we don’t expect big things from the Falcons.

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